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  1. Oh, then it actually could have a use on a HOTAS. Hope you get these additional bindings implemented then.
  2. is what i'd wish for any update for the Blackshark. It's very shallow right now and also unrealistic. Battery doesn't seem to drain, you can fly without any hydraulics left and you can safely RTB or even continuing attacking the enemy with the shark's behind being chopped off behind your seat (no tail, actually the most frequent visible damage I get)
  3. interesting point. Something to be tested.
  4. Multi-engined helicopters are often equipped with different sizes of feeder tanks. This is a kind of built-in life insurance for the most careless of pilots, who failed to manage their fuel correctly and eventually are even up to ignore the fuel warnings. The idea is to have the crew land within a specific amount of minutes after the low fuel warning (as will be defined in the checklist/AOM). If the crew still carries on, one tank will empty before the other, so the shutting down of one engine will be your last and final warning. The first engine shutting down would normally be the left engine (number 1) with the Blackshark, as it is fed from the front fuel tank, which has a capacity of 705 kg. The rear tank bears up to 745 kg, so you will have around 40 kg left on the right engine (number2) to bring the helo to an instant but safe landing. If the rear tank is empty first while the front is not, something has gone wrong. The applicable emergency action would be to open the crossfeed valve to keep both engines supplied from the front tank and keep an eye on the fuel meter to verify front tank fuel level isn't suddenly dropping as well. Consumption from front tank will increase now of course.
  5. May I ask how this is disappointing? It's a dial on the rear auxiliary panel which you would only ever use when rearming with a different rocket type, so not that often. You do that before taking off. Of course it's your individual choice but why would you waste a 5 way switch on a HOTAS for something you won't ever need in flight and even very rarely when on ground? Left and right will turn the dial left and right as in the real thing. To map all 5 positions onto different button signals would be unrealistic and invite wrong settings if you unintentionally hit one of these during flight.
  6. The RWR starts to deedle the moment a radar is put into the inner circle range. Especially on MP servers enemy AI radar can track you pointlessly for minutes and the RWR in the Hornet is totally annoying in this case, constantly and unbearably deedling at you. I have no idea how the designers of the RWR could come up with the idea to increase the pilots stress level so much by playing this deafening deedle tune in critical situations like these. Yeah I know I can turn it down but this defeats the whole RWR concept in some way. The "you are being tracked" RWR sounds in other aircraft are much more bearable and less occupying for your nerves. Actually the default RWR track warning sound is one of things I hate most in the Hornet.
  7. Exactly, that is why I wrote Basically the region exists on everybody's LOMAC, FC and BS1 disk. Someone take this data and transfer it to the current beauty. No need for any actual accuracy. It's clear that ED can't do this.
  8. terrain: 3rd party map of Crimea addon for Caucasus please (trailer-song: 'Football's coming home') module: MRTT multirole transport tanker, Boeing, Airbus or else, adjustable in rearm/refueling ground crew window for either transport or refueling role. Hours of endurance, player to player refueling and cargo transport for MP...
  9. - Add an option to change frequencies for radios with preset channels in the rearm/refuel window (ground crew), would help immensely on sandbox MP servers - a unified generic roundel/bort number system for Multiplayer. multitude of standardized generic liveries and paintjobs which are selectable by everone. roundels for every country selectable as decals onto the selected livery. same for the bort number.
  10. could we get an official response for this? The manual in the game files is outdated. The current RC6 manual doesn't mention BROU at all. As visible on the posted screenshot, the target is in 2 NM distance and delivering normal radar returns for a firing solution. Target data reads normally, as if there was no jamming situation. So even if BROU is telling about some jamming, why would it be displayed here when we obviously burnt through already? This could as well be a bug at this stage.
  11. Playing in I am currently learning the front seat, doing everything by the book. On page 54, the official "Mi-24P Quick Start Manual EN.pdf" provided with the module tells us to turn on OBSERVE on the operator panel. Th L3 light should then start to blink and after 10-15 seconds the L4 light should illuminate. Then the ATGM sight doors are expected to be open. When I do that, the L3 light doesn't exactly blink, it's more like a flickering as if the light bulb has to be replaced. The L4 light never goes on. The sight doors though are opened. Function of weapons emplyoment was not affected
  12. I can confirm this being an issue in
  13. Sometimes I think "need track replay" just comes in handy to not having to bother with the explained issue too soon. track attached. yawchannel.trk
  14. The Ka-50 doesn't have to be a match. As these are helos, they are not exactly meant to go at each other. It's not like nobody will fly the Hind or any other helo anymore when the Apache comes out. We don't 'need' a Ka-52 to counter the Apache. It would be big fun to have a multicrew Ka-50 with IR/E/O. The Apache doesn't matter. Certainly, people will focus on the Apache some time. Yet whoever likes the Blackshark will still continue to fly it and stay interested in a dual seated Ka-50
  15. correct, and in SRS it controls the R-800 volume
  16. The SPU-9 isn't implemented in the DCS Blackshark. These guys at SRS decided to help us out with that shortcoming.
  17. In the attached track, which lasts a few minutes, I play around with locking/undesignating a target. In several occasions, the speed tag showed thousands and inconclusive numbers. This remained some seconds before returning to Mach values. shown are examples in RWS with active LTWS target.trk
  18. This may be very much so, yet the manual doesn't exactly tell what you claim here. The manual says the SCS decides on which DDI the TDC is working. Since you don't need the TDC on the HARM page AND the HARM section in the manual also doesn't mention the need of putting SCS onto the HARM DDI, the OP has every right to be curious. Maybe you should get better at reading what the OP described. He explicitly told us that it does work UNLESS he doesn't SCS to the HARM DDI. As we all know (and that is what you correctly mentioned above) this is exactly how it works in the current state of the Hornet. Why would we need a track file to follow a description of something that you and me can confirm? We don't. A track file wouldn't have helped you understand the OP's instruction. Luckily I understood him much better and could explain it to you. The OP asks for confirmation that SCS is needed to have the HARM controls work. The answer is probably yes. Do we know if it maybe should work without SCS if there is no current active TDC role on another sensor? The answer is no.
  19. switch to another channel and check if all the DL symbols on your SA page dissappear.
  20. Rongor

    RWS - AACQ

    I can confirm this, track attached. AACQ lets the target only show up as it would in RWS. No lock. additional oddity: pressing undesignate then achieves lock. Further testing revealed that occasionally it might autolock when the target is already in the FOV of the sensor at the very moment you switch to AACQ. But never if you are in AACQ mode and steer to get the target into the sensor's FOV. Then it will remain a brick. AACQ.trk
  21. I think from the wording he used it's obvious he expected to have cycling through emitters and handoff available without directing the SCS to the respective DDI showing the HARM page before. So either the answer is, he just has to SCS to the HARM DDI before or if it is indeed a bug as expected by him. I would be curious as well as I often stumbled about not being able to designate and handoff because I forgot to SCS to the HARM DDI. Seems a bit counterintuitive and inconvenient to have this mandatory SCS input as it's unclear how the cage/uncage and the RAID/FLIR FOV buttons could possibly bound elsewhere and be misinterpreted by the system in such situation. In other words: why do we have to unlock handoff and cycling emitters by use of the SCS first? I don't understand how this can be seriously tagged with can not reproduce need track replay Simply use the HARM and you can't prevent to notice. It's impossible to miss.
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