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  1. Thank you,guys,now it figures!
  2. Hi! Have 2 problems here: 1.Noticed that when take off or pitching abruptly during mission some warning appears as a female russian voice,something like"Azgazan ghenerator".What does this means and how can be avoided,because it shuts down the pitch,yaw and roll dampeners+ the aiming reticle 2.How can I remove the red and blue indicatives of the items of a mission,it is annoying seeing it. Thank you for help!
  3. lost WWII Assets Pack Hi! Currently running a 2.5.2 ver on DCS World Open Beta and a 2.5.2 (more exactly on DCS world.After last update cannot find Normandy map ,nor the WWII vehicles or artillery on mission editor.Can anyone help, please? Thank you!
  4. Thanks mate! I have Combined Arms and still cannot go around. But if can't shoot it's worthless anyway.
  5. Hi! Would like to know if WW II tanks can be player controlled or are just AI controlled? Every time I hit Alt+ J to controll a WW II tank the image goes blank and game freezes .Modern tanks vs old tanks is no problem.Thanks!
  6. any napalm canisters, plllease?
  7. it works now..you have to wait a little even after the alignment is done until CBU 105 says "RDY"
  8. :doh: I knew them..forgot it all means SAS:music_whistling:
  9. still blurry:cry: how do you engage it?
  10. Ok , will do that..one more question I forgot what SAS stands for...:cry:
  11. followed the indications but "ALN UNS" still shows-although the EAC is working now...another thing -before even the GBU 38 was reading "ALN UNS", now at least the GBU 38 is working, but CBU 105 is still not...
  12. Hi! Have a problem when start up the plane. Everyhing is ok, except the EAC. It stays on (the warning light) and all the CBU 107 in the DSMS show a text saying "ALN UNS"-when flying it can't be deployed. What am I missing? Thanks
  13. Yes, but in the game the missile exists...So it can't be launched?
  14. Hi! What is the procedure in order to fire the big anti ship missile(can't remember it's name)? thanks
  15. Ok, different opinions, but IS there,in the game, some chart regarding destructive power of shells that can be altered-like the "warheads" chart for missiles(DCS World>Config>Weapons)?
  16. ALL the hits were shot from 50 to 100 meters and ALL hit the Mustang! seen the explosions on the replay and were counted and displayed on the debriefing table at the end of the mission! Any way you look at it 38 shots hitting even the most non critical parts of a plane still do a lot of damage-but that guy was flying like at parade! and were at least 5 hits on the belly radiator...
  17. 30 mm shell stopping power Hi ! I'm a little bit confused about the stopping power of 30 mm (and 20 mm as well) shell. In a mission I fired on a Mustang( and hit it) with no less than 38 shells! after that it flew like nothing happened(although it was pouring white and black smoke from engine, retaining speed and manoeuvrability of a untouched fighter). In WW II a study showed an average of 3 to 5 30 mm shell or a 20 20 mm shells needed to destroy a Mustang sized fighter. I wonder that is any chart in game that can be altered in order to increase the power of fighter shells?-Like is "warheads" chart for missiles warheads found in DCS>DCS World>Config>Weapons Thanks!
  18. Hi! Have a question The TGP can be used at night(like IR vision)? and if so, what is the procedure to enter "night mode targeting"? Thanks!
  19. Hi guys! have a odd problem: can't find my MIG 21 liveries folder. Tried to search it but it doesn't appear in bazar -liveries folder anymore. Repaired also the DCS and the same result. Any help please?
  20. yes, but how do I open the tutorial? Meaning, with what program? Now it appears like an unknown extension
  21. you can attach cargo to a Mi 8 also...and it's much easier to attach it(hovering above it)
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