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  1. Beirut after being hit with multiple JSOW-C's in the same spot and Mig-21's just taxi right over the spot. This seems to be an ongoing problem, sometimes OK for awhile and then back again with no answer in sight. We bomb a runway or taxiway and right now the AI just taxi over the crater on the taxiway or take off from the runway as if there's no problem. If you're a client and you try this you'll fall in easily. It's happening on the Syria and Caucasus maps. Also, the repairs happen way to fast now. It used to take about 10 hours for a runway in Caucasus to repair, now it's an hour. Same thing in the Syria map and in PG map. I don't understand why there's so much inconsistency in the maps as far as repair and damage modeling is concerned. Also, the AI still do not respect the ownership of an airfield. Late activation enemy will spawn even though the airfield is owned by another coalition. So we essentially have to turn off all the reaction aircraft to make the scenario work. Really frustrating stuff.
  2. I goofed up on my table and had the timeline extended for both the 15 and 19. It should be closer to the actual but if it's not please let me know. This table is really mainly for mission designers. If you want to pick a specific year, then you can reference the table and restrict the equipment to what's on the list. By the way, I updated the spreadsheet file to have separate sheets and did a better job with the colors.
  3. This is a very general guideline based on public available information cross referenced with DCS World Encyclopedia information. I'm 100% certain that there are mistakes, so please don't take this as absolute, but it will at least give you a general idea of when systems were available or fielded in real life. I've included most of the military aircraft, including helicopters along with ships and SAM systems. The asterisk on the airplanes denotes client flyable. If you have any information that can be used to correct what I already have, please feel free to share it with me here. Sorry about all the different colors. I'm going to update it from time to time and make some improvements in the layout when I have time. I'll add important units if someone points it out, but I'm not going to add insignificant items like soldiers, light AAA systems or most of the ground vehicles. If it's something like a main battle tank that's important to have, I'll consider adding it. If you would like something added, please tell me and explain why. DCS Unit Era Table V2.ods DCS Unit Era Table V2.pdf
  4. Yep, I and I figured out what the problem is. I did a lot of testing this morning and if you set any advanced actions at the origin point for late activated units, they ignore them completely. So that pretty much blows any spawn in without waypoints. This is definitely on ED to fix this problem or if this is the way it's supposed to work now, make it not possible to put in any advanced actions at the origin point. This basically hoses me on tons of missions I've done in the past that this used to work fine on and the mission I've been working on is basically trash now.
  5. Sorry Flappie, but what you're saying isn't exactly correct. I've been designing missions for many years and they've always engaged in the past regardless of waypoints when configured with the proper advanced waypoint actions for their initial spawn in. I also can't do that in the mission I'm building because they have to spawn at different random locations so setting a waypoint is impossible. I'm probably going to just bag it and use MOOSE. We use that for our big missions we build and it works all the time with AI aircraft, they simply engage like they're supposed to as long as they have the munitions and you set them to weapons free. This is a real frustrating problem and I really hope that ED can fix some of this stuff because it used to work fine and it sucks to work with the basic editor now because of stupid problems like this. The AI are just a joke to work with right now without using stuff like MOOSE and CTLD.
  6. I'm continuously having problems getting late activated aircraft to engage. I put together this simple example to demonstrate the problem. The Late activated Su-27 just turns and heads home instead of engaging the F-15C. This used to work great but now it's either broken or I'm doing something wrong. Any thoughts on this issue? The Su-27 has these properties in the "Advanced Waypoints" (I've tried a bunch of different options and no difference) 1. Search And Engage - 50nm 2. ROE - Weapons Free 3. A2A Weapon Use - By Threat Type & Range 4. RTB - Bingo Fuel I've tried both "Fighter Sweep" and "CAP" and the exact same result. I've also tried it with a Russian AWACS and still the same problem. I've even gone as far as setting both to the same frequency and still get the same results. It seems like none of the advanced waypoint actions are being applied to the late activated aircraft, including the initial state of either Fighter Sweep or CAP. The Su-27 completely ignores the F-15C, and the Eagle, that is set to "Reaction To Threat-No Reaction" heads over and shoots down the AWACS. So this behavior is really frustrating now. This should be really easy to solve and it's not. It must be a bug unless someone can point out something specific I'm not doing. VAF Late Activation A2A Test.miz
  7. Hey Taz, I get what you're saying but what I did was to change the left and right to use the CMPS up and down rotary and then left the forward and aft alone. Now in manual when I push the switch down short, which used to be the JMR switch (jammer is now down long), it does the manual programs that I want. So it's a little more cumbersome in my humble opinion but there is a work around to make it more like I prefer it anyhow. You can also reassign the left/right to for/aft if you want to. The default left/right spits out 6 chaff and flare and the for/aft does one each but you can always switch them if you want more chaff and flare as a quick press. Anyhow, that's my solution and I'm back in biz.
  8. OK, I misread that term "cycled" to be that it was starting the program cycle and I get how the system works now. Pg416: Activate a Program Each program (PROG) is assigned a letter (A - Z) and they can be cycled by either pressing the CMS switch Forward or Aft Long (>0.5 seconds), or by pressing the NXT button on the CMSP. The selected program is also displayed on the CMSC below the HUD. When in MAN or SEMI modes, depress the CMS switch Z-axis to start the program. Depress the switch again to cease the program. You can also easily activate the following quick-access programs: CMS Right Short 6 chaff CMS Aft Short 1 chaff CMS Left Short 6 flares CMS Forward Short 1 flare If in AUTO mode, you do not have direct control of the program selection or activation.
  9. Something is messed up with it though. According to the manual when you do the CMS Forward Long, it should dispense using the current program selected. I changed the left and right to select the program using the rotary but the dispense isn't working for me as described in the manual. I tried switching the assignments from forward/aft to left/right and it doesn't work that way either.
  10. I have to agree this is a pretty annoying problem. It would be nice if someone replied that it's going to be fixed at some point.
  11. Will there be a new textures layer file for the A-10C II? The old ones will not work with the Pavepeny removed from the external model. We use the 23rd and the 75th custom files and nose art.
  12. Cool, glad you liked it. We've made a lot of improvements in the new version 3.2 and added another mission. Should be a lot of fun on Saturday.
  13. Thank you very much for that suggestion Grimes! I set a "once" trigger like you tried right at the beginning of the mission after about 30 seconds and it sets the Patriots to green state and everything off. Now the switched condition triggers work perfect.
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