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  1. fixed max simultaneously tracked targets: 10 incorrect using the same limit of SA contacts in radar page.
  2. After some digging, I found the root cause. Incorrect notch behavior is the side effect of this bug. internally fixed.
  3. in TWS/SAM scan process, radar beam will not always point to hpt/spt within one full scan frame, we need predict their position when beam is not point to them. the only problem I see is: whether we should mark trackfile as MEM or not, after we had a solid ping-echo from target. in current implement, we mark it as MEM too, because in fact it's predicted when radar beam is not point to them. the reality: MOST OF TIME in TWS/SAM SCAN, trackfiles of hpt/spi are predictions. if we mark trackfile as solid/precise while in fact it's predicted after the solid ping-echo,
  4. trackfiles are not displayed only after one scan frame, radar page refresh many times per second. hpt/spt trackfile will be predicted anytime they are displayed to provide proper SA for pilot, instead of jumping around after scan finished. HUD TD box and trackfile in radar page may jump a bit while contact is in MEM mode, but it is caused by no-perfect prediction(no accelaration info), totally different reasons. anytime HUD TD box flashing, it means trackfile is predicted, not direct ping from contact, and the trackfile data is not so reliable for guidance, but it wi
  5. SP is affected too. seems like SD-10 seeker is not properly activated. we are woring on this. thanks for report.
  6. if contact is not detected by radar in one scan frame, its trackfile will go into prediction mode, and trackfile max keep time timer(8.0s) will start count down. if it's detected any time in one scan frame, trackfile updated and the timer is reset, thus, TWS/DTT contacts will not disapper immediately, and stay last known/predicted position within timeout limit(8.0s). in TWS/DTT, you are tracking a trackfile, it may or may not represent the real target, depend on when it's updated.
  7. fixed internal SP have this problem too. you can test using this SP mission, for time saving. use \ F10 command to manually set AI ECM ON/OFF AI_JAM_ONOFF-test.miz
  8. RWR in JF-17 stores signal emmiters in mem for a period of time, you are notching or not, signal symbols are displayed as last known az/range, not real time postion of emitter, unless it's in STT mode(update very fast, can be considered as real time update). scan/TWS signals have an scan interval, signal info(az/range) will not magiclly update between scan intervals, it will look like there is some lag. RWR can not detect any speed info of the signal emmiters, there is no way to predict. defender's RWR signal emmiter infos are heavily depend on offender's radar mode
  9. in a simple JF-17 vs JF-17 test, SD-10 is displayed as [10] by RWR. I think SD-10 is not added into the RWR database of your plane. If you are flying JF-17, the reason may be you did not load your DTC data, JF-17 RWR database is loaded from DTC, in DCS and in RL.
  10. AAR tricks in DCS, find a ref point on the tanker, stable your plane to this ref point. In DCS, the basket wont float around as it does in RL. You get in right position, you will connect. Never chase the basket, most of PIO are caused by chasing basket
  11. check master ARM switch, should be ON or SIM, should not be OFF. SIM will not release bombs, just mark weapon released in SMS.
  12. as far as I know, SD have no 3rd party mid-course guidance. the new missile PL-15 have it.
  13. the last radar submode WA, will have to wait new DCS cloud. it works, but not good enough for release.
  14. I'm digging into it, this may take some time. thanks for report. update: my fault, fixed!
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