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  1. I do notice some changes and have questions about how things are working now regarding the 54. a friend and I were playing test scenarios to see how things act in a controlled environment one of the things I tested was aim 54 mk 60s as I noticed some different behavior from them. In the past when launching on targets the 54 would immediately start to maneuver towards them now it seems to fly unguided for maybe as much as 10 sec and in some cases then makes a wild correction to make up for lost time. This was most apparent when having the ACM switch cover up and attempting to
  2. LSS sounds like a really great solution. Ill see what I can dig up on this! Thanks
  3. Hello I have a question about methods used to guide a buddy to the proper target and some solutions for this. I usually fly the tomcat and a buddy will fly his f18 we both use pods but in some cases I want to lase a target for him and perhaps vice versa. Basic idea I fly a hold in the f14 and he drops GBU in CCIP running in, calls time to impact and I fire the laser from my f14... this works... pretty well. To find the correct target is the challenge. 0) simply use ground features to find target by talking him in...works not real fast or trick.
  4. Cool thanks this was helpful! -Gun
  5. What kind of sensor does the TCS use in our DCS f14B? Images and some descriptions seem to indicate that its infrared was that on later models only? The manual doesn't discuss this. I dont see a selection option "clear view / IR" and it does not appear to function at night. Thanks -Gun
  6. I enjoyed the campaign quite a bit. Here are my thoughts on a few things 1) I liked the way it started out the first 4 missions made a lot of sense to me and where building up the plot and you were never sure if you were seconds away from starting a war. Each side provoking the other trying to get someone to slip up. one of the most memorable moments was passing the mig head on ROE weapons hold not sure if hes going to fire and passing just a few feet away his frozen contrails right off the canopy and jester not sure if we just got shot at. I though that was really cool and helped
  7. I gave this a shot and I found that prerendered frames were set to 1. I set this to 4 as I think thats how I always had it. It does appear better to the point now that it might have been as good as it was before. I had some "benchmark" data but nothing super precise and it seems to be within that margin. ALSO the game no longer appears to CTD on first load unless im getting really lucky. It would in the past CTD 9/10 times so far it seems to load normally now. The CTD began when I installed a-10 II. Thanks!
  8. yes its an MSFFB2 known issue that has a known simple fix thats already been implemented. Go to settings (key bindings or whatever its called) select axis and then modify axis check the box thats says something like "invert axis" Problem solved. Will help the stick center correct as well too.
  9. Hello I have a noticeable decrease in performance and I cant seem to track down the issue. I know others have had similar issues and was hoping they could offer suggestions about what to check. 1) My over all PC performance does appear to be on point no change. 2) The last change that I can remember that seemed to be the starting point was installing and using tacview. I used it on simple missions and seemed fine. That night I then when to play syria thought the inferno with a friend online and I was like WTF happened to this thing its a total nightmare. I
  10. I got about 16.3 avg the first few times I tried. Went to figure out what was screwed up then found that you had msaa to 2x not 4x. Tried again and got a 24avg...Nice thats within 1fps of your score. So now I know there aren't any issues on my end software or hardware wise. how are you nvidia settings set to when actually playing? Default as well or do you have a custom setup running? In typical game play do you run PD at 1? what SS value? Thanks again!
  11. Thanks! The addition of nvidia settings would be useful too. DId you just run them at default?
  12. Aurelius Thank you this is the first post I have seen that can be used to actually help choose hardware thanks to having a control group that closely matches my current setup as well as controlled enviroment and settings between hardware! I have the new Intel 8086k at 5ghz (not be confused with the one from 1970) and the 2080ti with 32gb of ram (3200 maybe) and the G2. I would very much like to attempt repeat your test results but I need some clarification in testing methodology. 1) can you name the mission you used? Was it in "training" or "campaign" I t
  13. Yep. odd name choice I guess they wanted to fly that flag one more time. Ill look for any processes that I could do with out. Thanks for the input!
  14. I encountered the same problem. Make sure to do a full restart of the whole mess after you change the settings. I found that after restart it had acceptable FPS nothing like stated but my system a bit different. In my case it made a small improvement maybe.
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