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    A-4C IA

    A better solution IMHO would be for Eagle to add a mod manager with a peer to peer downloader so that you can at least download the model if not the mod. There is more than one mod out there and they will have to do a fix for everything
  2. My was able to get it to work in July. I have not tried Sense
  3. your directions I will have to try it again
  4. I hope we can get a twofer
  5. Most people buy their modules on sale so this wouldn't be a bad idea
  6. The problem is the su-33 doesn't Carry anti-ship missiles while the Kuznetsov does That might be possible, I would like to know if anyone has more definitive information.
  7. The Tu-16 and H-6 are basically the same except for the payload. As for the Sovremeny it is even easier. Just add Russia, Ukraine, the USSR and whoever else to the countries list I hope they change their minds again.
  8. You are correct on the cv-16. I hope we get Russian Sovremeny destroyers and not just the Chinese ones. I also hope the tu-16 is planned I will take a look
  9. Some ideas to improve artillery select ammo type- smoke, AP, HE, and guided. On the zone radius I would like the minimal size to be the specific pieces' CEP. The line from the gun to the point being shot at, should change color to indicate if you are trying to fire something out of range. Unless it is already being done but I'm not setting it up FACS and JTACs should be able to call in artillery Next on ships- since we should get battleships and other WWII ships we need an option for a broad side.
  10. Just some thoughts. Somethings I want to see Eagle add to DCS to make the Iowas work. First would be a ship payload editor I'm not sure if they had a standard load out, but it would be good to alter it. Next for all artillery is the option to select shell type. In the case of a battleship I'd want to select the battery being used.
  11. upyr1


    I've said it before Eagle needs to work on transports. I'd love to see them improve templates I suggested something like this where you can build a table of organization, then load it on to the map or a vehicle or as you suggested use a seat editor. Also with amphibious warfare ships they would need a category like landing ship, or landing dock to denote whether they can release landing craft while at sea or if they have to beach themselves.
  12. This is why I want to see DCS Fleet ops, as I believe that will be the quickest way to get the issues resolved. Eagle's business model depends on releasing new modules. In order to do Fleet Ops right, Eagle would need to have a team sit down and overhaul every naval asset. Eagle's business model depends on releasing modules so new modules would be the best way to get improvements This is how it should be, I hope Eagle implements this then starts releasing asset packs.
  13. I think best path would be multiple variants, as well as expanding what they do modules for. I know in my thread about combined Arms II people have stated that they are interested in full fidelity tank modules and I would also love to see DCS fleet ops. I would love to see more variants of the vehicles offered. There should be enough variants of an aircraft that you can cover it's entire career in historical mode with a period correct model. As for the what-ifs, I'm a bit hesitant on those. If they were far enough along that we would have a clear idea of the weapons systems I could see that. Though right now I think Eagle's best move is to focus on the cold war. I think there are some potential top sellers there.
  14. upyr1


    I'd love to see some LCAC added to DCS along with more amphibious warfare ships.
  15. This is why I like the DCS community here it is we have the most realistic flight sim, and someone goes and suggest we have a Godzilla type asset. Awesome.
  16. Unless you want the FH Phantom there is a Phantom II on the way
  17. The distance is about 2,000 miles (about 3,000 KM). I believe most of that is ocean, so it should be easy to connect the two. Though there are a lot more islands in the Solomons so I think it would be easier to make that pay and guam free and possibly stich them together on the server if anyone thinks that would be a reasonable area A couple more ideas. Combined Arms II- bassically a total overhaul of Combined arms. I would love to see improvements made to both the tank simulator side as well as the RTS side. Fleet OPs- obviously a DCS naval sim.
  18. I'd love that. Some of us have really fast internet ---
  19. My additions F-105, the dream thud module would be a threefer pack with the D,F and G. I'm assuming the 105 and Hun would be the only flyable Wild Weasels we'd get. F-100- the Thud might not be possible thanks to a stupid CEO and a shredder. They should have donated everything to the Smithsonian. but the F-100 should be there is even one flying A-1 - Korea and Vietnam A-26 World War II, Korea and Vietnam Mirage III and V f-104 Buccaneer F2H or F9F- just some Korean war USN carrier jet any UK Korean war carrier jet Seafire IL-2 and IL-10 Yak-9 or any other Soviet WW II fighter especially one that saw service into the Korean era Zero I would add- Stalingrad - ideally this would be built on an expanded Caucuses map Kursk- We'd then have two of the largest battles. Also a large tank battle on the steppes would be awesome Any late war eastern front map that was a potiental cold war flashpoint- where I don't care. though the Black Sea might be nice. the Fulda gap- this was the main focus of cold war planning The Solomon islands- we have the F4U coming out so what would be more natural than flaming Zekes over the slot? The Philippines- if the map is done right this is a good one for WWII and the modern era. They claim they will divide the community-I do see the validity to the argument which is why I believe they need to focus on eras. I figure an asset cache or more bundles would help solve the problem though the better answer IMHO would be to factor in the cost of developing the assets into the price of modules and maps. For exasmple if I buy a warbird or a WWII map a couple bucks of that should be earmarked for WWII assets. Either way my list of asset packs Korean era/1950s- I would select assets that saw service in Korea but weren't WWII left overs, phased out by the early 1960s or had undergone a major refit. So the SBC-27 carriers, both forms of the F-84, Vampire, hunter Vietnam era/1960s- This would cover 1965 to 1975 mainly
  20. It would be an even better prank if we had something pop up on April 1.
  21. A few improvements for ships. First, the carriers. I would like to see carriers grouped by class instead of having each ship listed individually. We could then select the individual ship by the livery menu. I figure the Nimitz-class carriers could be listed as Nimitz-class (super carrier) or Nimitz-class (carrier). Next, implement an option where only one of each ship can be used in a mission. The livery/ship could be random or selected sequentially I'd like that to affect the briefing. Also could the Tawara be listed as both a carrier and an amphibious assault ship?
  22. No it wouldn't however there are two other fittings- with the Vietnam era New Jersey they need to model the pools I just wish and hope we can see more of the community AI assets make it into DCS core.
  23. I'm trying to help out some, with their other projects
  24. That is true, the escort is mission based I'd assume the large formations would be used when hunting an American CV battlegroup. I'd love to see the Russian deck crew added as well
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