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  1. If it is standard practice in real life it should be in the game. I guess this could be done by giving you a limited ground crew menu when you land outside of an airbase or farp. You would just need some check to make sure you don't end up with infinite ammo
  2. upyr1


  3. Anything in the century series would be awesome-
  4. upyr1


    Cuban Ace is working on a YAk-38 I believe it wants to make it an official mod
  5. upyr1

    model kits

    This is kind of random- but if eagle and the fighter collection names were licensed out for model kits- would you buy them? I would
  6. The F-4 Phantom II is an obvious choice- I would like at least three versions of the F-4. B, D, E. Phantom Mk 2, and if possible the G. A-1 Skyraider, Fh2 Banchee, FJ Fury, A-6. F4F, F6F, TBF and SBD Some AI assets I want to see added first we need the A-3 Skywarior as well as the B-66, A-4 and while it is a bit OT for the tread, some more ships.
  7. This might be a good idea when flying with the bois on a private server but on a public server this is going to be a nightmare.
  8. I'd love a training campaign, start out with some basic airmanship then add ground and air targets.
  9. I don't think people are triggered, they simply want a pilot avatar that represents them.
  10. THis would be a good option in the player set up- then AI could be based on nation and a random generator.
  11. I know Bejing gets but hurt over any hint that Taiwan is independent, however my two questions are who dose the PRC claim they were fighting in the Civil War and what term would they describe the Taiwanese military? If there is any localization then this could solve the issue. In China Taiwan could be called the Rebles or what ever the CPC wants to label them
  12. When we get the dynamic campaign- I'd like to have options to set both the intencity and mixing time periods so you might have a low intencity campaign with a warbird flying attack or a final countdown campaign where you are opreating an F-14 from a modern carrier in World War II.
  13. I understand the Bejienge might get a bit miffed about the idea. However historically there was the Chinese civil war and there are still tensions between PRC and ROC. Anyhow I'd love to have a dog fight between a JF-17 and an F-CK-1
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