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  1. Sadly that is the case, the development team did an awesome job. I don't know what Eagle's policies in regards to putting a community asset in DCS, but I hope Eagle is willing to reach out to to Hawkeye and the crew, if not then I hope they will give us a 406MM gun in the game.
  2. I have the mods in question. They are awesome though I think due to API limits the big guns don't work. Everything is listed as a 130 MM which is why I think we need at least one in game battleship.
  3. I think an all the above approach works best. I was suggesting that Fleet ops and combined Arms II should be used to pay for overhauling the damage module though paying to overhaul asset models and new assets would be fine as well, as long as the changes are made to DCS core. Bundling things with maps would be great. I also believe that the people in the community who are working on mods should be willing to donate their work to Eagle so they can get in DCS core at least as AI assets. I know they can do whatever they want, they are doing great work so I am asking them.
  4. This is a good argument for more asset packs, I would love to see a Korean war asset pack.
  5. Will the type show up in the drop down menu for ships? I'm trying to get them organized. I figure I will label all the battleships battlecruisers I
  6. I keep asking for this, but we need more periods ships. of all types. I know we have an Essex class carrier on the way, but we also need some battleships as well. The United States' needs the Iowa class battleships, especially if we can get the 1980s version as well. Next we need a lot of Red army, AF and Navy assets. The I-16 is sitting there alone and they can also be reused in a Korean scenario. As I keep saying my F-86 lacks targets
  7. In real life there were 4 possible configurations of the Iowas. The World War II, which had a crane for sea planes The korean War which used a helicopter pad instsead of the sea planes The Vietnam war- which is identical to WWII except an antina at the front of the ship the Regan-Bush era with missiles. The New Jersey is the only Iowa to go through all 4 refits. As it did a single cruise off the coast of Vietnam
  8. Right now wee do have a lot of naval mods put together by the DCS community some of the authors include @Hawkeye60 , @Markindel Here is a list, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aSDR338m3m5gtuIybL8ZP1oQ_FSRPjVK/view?fbclid=IwAR0OFL6t0VzzxHOkA52Md4f99M8TzCVmgv9QEjsNH7TdxSm1FW9ytm8kNmI it appears the biggest guns DCS models is a 6 inch
  9. We need guns of this size, especially if they are attached to a 1980s Iowa-class battleship
  10. I would rather stick with the common names, and abbreviations only in rare cases. Taiwan is interesting since the Chinese government gets butt hurt and bans anything that might even hint that Taiwan is in any way independent. So we might get Nationalist China as a historical faction but unless someone from Mainland China can tell us what what official sources call the official party line is about the FCK-1 and who was fighting in the Taiwan strait Crisis I wouldn't expect anything.
  11. My bad some reason I couldn't remember if we had them or not. I get tired and I get stupid
  12. I'm guessing the historical mode is getting the years from an encrypted table some place. However if we don't have the ability, could we have parameter in a mod like gt.Startdate() and gt.enddate() so that mods will work in historical mode?
  13. I am currently playing around with the ship mods listed here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aSDR338m3m5gtuIybL8ZP1oQ_FSRPjVK/view?fbclid=IwAR0OFL6t0VzzxHOkA52Md4f99M8TzCVmgv9QEjsNH7TdxSm1FW9ytm8kNmI I'm trying to add dates and if possible ship type. Are we able to do this?
  14. I think both these nations need to be added to DCS combined with a map for both
  15. I'm playing around with the ship mods listed at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aSDR338m3m5gtuIybL8ZP1oQ_FSRPjVK/view?fbclid=IwAR0OFL6t0VzzxHOkA52Md4f99M8TzCVmgv9QEjsNH7TdxSm1FW9ytm8kNmI I was wondering how to set a unit's nation(s) also has Eagle stated how to set a ship's type (battlecruiser, curiser) or a unit's dates?
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