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  1. Yaw dampers FREQUENTLY limit the available yaw authority. DCS's is clearly not, but that was my point: the raw available yaw is even too weak such that disabling the channel doesn't increase it, which otherwise could have been a way to mitigate at least the issue of weak total available yaw by just giving up the pathetic yaw damper. So the raw yaw is too weak and the yaw damping outside of the non-FD heading hold is too weak. This is too weak in Flight Director, especially in the yaw axis.
  2. Oddly wobbly and tail puffer for yaw while in a hover seems to barely work
  3. I don't understand. You're saying at the time you manually move the shkval reticle somehow and lock a target, you are NOT clicking or releasing any button at all as it's over the object and it's an automatic lock? I must hold uncage to get the shkval to slave to the HMS. I must also hold lock and release both at exactly the right moment to lock onto any target using the HMS. The only time I ever get any automatic lock is during the goofy, unpredictable automatic horizontal-only shkval scan thing when you just so happen to have the reticle near something, ground stabilize, nudge the shkval
  4. I don't know what click-lock is. You mean with a normal mouse and the HMS? No, I usually don't use my big mouse to acquire targets. Is that common that people do that in DCS with the shark? BTW, your video is 'private'.
  5. Microsoft/Microvision Hololens 2 augmented reality SU-57 assembly Source: "Visualization of montages" Video Back-up of the 3 videos: Video 1 - https://streamable.com/kneiiw Video 2 - https://streamable.com/spkiy2 Video 3 - https://streamable.com/rcnkd5
  6. I mean yawing at lower speeds, not at very high speed where you understandably have reduced effective yaw. RBS is at the limits of your helo speed. There are a lot more types of stall than just RBS and VRS. There's settling with power where you decelerate too quickly into your own underside that you just run out of power, too low a rotor RPM 'over-pitching' of the main rotor by advancing the collective too quickly (old Longbow 2 used to do this pretty well), too high a rotor RPM too quickly, coning effects on lite helos if you turn too hard, and on and on. I'm probably forgetting some.
  7. But I assume that's just for the targeting reticle purpose, not for any auto tilting the hardpoints are doing, right?
  8. So the rocket shrapnel or at least the nuanced effects from it in DCS might not be quite up to snuff. Does the ka-50 use the EO and laser system in any way when you're aiming the rockets if you're laser designating?
  9. I've had BS from the beginning, I just sometimes use auto turn to target when in non-FD mode to make up for the lack of a proper-authority yaw damper and the fact you have to keep hitting the stupid trimmer if you do want such a yaw damper in non-FD mode with auto turn off. ED's addition of the yaw trimmer is actually a late one to DCS BS, and IMO it's kinda a lame mitigation for their damper issues. I don't understand why the auto turn to target authority is properly-high, the nav AP mode yaw authorities are properly-high, the newly-added non-FD mode yaw trimmer authority is properly-high,
  10. The three of you appear to be using the aircraft trimmer in non-FD mode to do yaw trimming, right? I'm not bothering with that. Tappity tappity every time I yaw to another heading. I already stated the yaw trimmer has a reasonable amount of counter-action damping authority just as the auto turn mode exhibits, though that obviously doesn't address the fact that turning the yaw SAS/AFCS channel off isn't gaining additional raw pedal authority amplitude, which it ought to... but I digress. If I'm not in FD mode, then auto turn is on or I have the yaw channel off. I used to be mostly just in
  11. Rockets Hah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah I don't really know where even to begin with rockets in DCS BS2. A rocket will work a couple dozen feet from targets at least, practically point blank in aircraft terms. They are mildly effective against light targets if I turn on infinite weapons and lay down a massive blanket of them. Horrendously difficult to target. Practically nonexistent shrapnel effects. Just wow. Between the squirly-acting poorly-named FD mode, appalling shkval, the yaw, and now the rockets, sometimes I wonder if ED is intentio
  12. Lctrl + F1 ED please test on your end. Thanks. P.S. a flight path marker look mode would be cool, though
  13. Of course. Seems to make no difference. You usually just hit some other cockpit view and get out of it. That doesn't work. Hitting it again doesn't work, either. Only thing I can do is just try not to accidentally hit that combo during a session, and if I do, I have to exit the sim. I want to say that in BS1 at one time this natural cockpit mode was like on by default and you'd have to hit that combo to actually toggle it off first at the start of a session. Now it's off by default, but if you turn it on, you can't seem to turn it off. Sometimes I can eject and simply get another aircr
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