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  1. That explains SO MUCH about the MP experience of me and my friends over the last week...
  2. For example: These are the situations why... If there is override for it on the real jet so be it, of course I wouldn't want one in DCS either then. He was just asking whether there is a way, which I would be interested to know as well :D
  3. I get you Alpenwolf, you are doing a great job tending to everyone's wishes and complaints. Using the R-60M to help Su-25 and L-39 Pilots some is understandable. I'm not sure if there is a good way to prevent 21 players to take away the R-60Ms though. As an idea: Maybe a zone around the base where a 21 player going below 1kn is removed from his slot could work? As he would be landed already anyway it wouldn't be too terrible, he'd just have to reslot and take off from his original base.
  4. Why is the R-60M back in the RED arsenal? Today on "Fight Island" I got shot by Mig-21 frontally, without radar lock. https://i.imgur.com/vYJKcph.png Tacview showed it to be R-60M.
  5. We had a really nice and even fight for hours yesterday, it was amazing. I really have no words for this...
  6. Well, guess that is a clear case of broken physics. That 500lb crate alone will solve the energy crisis! On a more serious note, this is a big issue especially for MP servers with CTLD. More than once have I seen others and tried myself (just to fail) carrying the 500lb crates. This needs fixing! So +1
  7. Can confirm, missile hits are not doing nearly enough damage since the new patch. We need a Hotfix!
  8. Yea, this is definitely a bug, just had dogfights on the Cold war server an hit a guy with a sidewinder and dozens of 20mm, still had a turnfight with him like nothing happened, and he was on fire with half a wing missing on my screen.
  9. Since the worst bugs are gone since the last patch (DL, RWR in MP) this little thing has grown on me even more, amazing work Deka!
  10. I have better frames than in the Tomcat, comparable to Hornet I'd say.
  11. So there seriously is no way to eject spent fuel tanks currently?
  12. Lol, hilariously at 15:10 in the video he tries to get the radar antenna elevation down and it's stuck, so it looks like he cycles the radar off and on: "...he might be low so I can run the antenna down... Hmm seems like it's frozen right now, let me see if I can unlock it..." I'd never have thought the bug with the elevation stuck in the Hornet could actually be a real thing (although this is the Viper, I know)
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