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  1. Try though I did, I've never found any news on how the Sung Ho vs. Heron's AI fight went. Mover made noises like it'd be streamed or broadcast elsehow. Did that ever happen? Who won? Can we watch it somewhere?
  2. Is ED teasing a new game via the sunset? ;)
  3. A couple rules questions - 1. If one pilot crashes is that a victory for the other guy or a draw? 2. If you say "draw" to #1 what happens if one pilot in a losing fight crashes deliberately to force a draw? 3. If you splash the other guy, run out of fuel, but still stick the landing, is that a victory?
  4. Squadron Name: N/A Teamspeak/Discord: N/A Contact person Discord ID: datenight #0161 Aircraft Selection. F-16C Pilots: USA - FiveWire
  5. Suppose you had a friend you're trying to get into DCS, and this friend has VR (Vive) and a HOTAS, but his machine just doesn't have the horsepower for a smooth-enough DCS VR experience, and TrackIR seems to be out of stock. Might'n it be possible to render the game in VR in 2D for a dramatic increase in framerate at the cost of 3D? Any way to do this? (I half-ass googled it but couldn't find anything. Nor did I see any obvious way to do this in the SteamVR settings) Stay healthy all.
  6. The rotaries on my throttle have gradually gotten more ratty over the years. By ratty, I mean there's a decent about of noise in the signal and on my zoom access it's now driving me crazy. Around center I use a dead zone to solve it. I'm thinking what needs to happen is I need to take the thing apart and clean out the rheostat slash potentiometer slash whatever is in there. Anyone taken one of these apart? Any words of caution? Anyone have a better fix idea? Anyone think my fix won't work? (I'd really like it if you could just low-pass filter the signal coming from the rotaries,
  7. I'd just like to add my voice to the choir by saying I'm willing to pay extra if DCS supports Oculus Rift. That is all.
  8. Although I would personally enjoy a simulator built around something other than a fighter aircraft or attack helicopter (both of which I feel like have been done to death), I don't feel like market for such a product is very large. I think it needs to be something that's very "maneuvery", and probably it needs to be able to pew-pew. This rules out things like the SR-71 (challenging, but not very "maneuvery" flying) or SAR helicopters (not pew-pewy), which would be great fun for some of us, but not many others. With that in mind, I'd like to humbly suggest the B-1B might make an excellen
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