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  1. New VR user here, I had a lot of trouble finding the sweet spot for performance and image quality with the reverb G2 and a rtx 2070. Now thanks to your guide I found it. I'm using your settings and I get 45 fps in most servers except in Syria MP maps where I usually get around 30 something while still having good image quality and crisp visuals. I miss a lot the eye candy of having everything on ultra BUT, being 'there' instead of looking to a screen is a very big plus. Let's hope vulkan and multicore increase optimization so we can crank up the quality a b
  2. It depends on your standards. For me it is quite good and you have all you need to provide CAS or strike ops on the battlefield. Some issues remain for several systems but most of the time they are not gamebreaking. It is a fun plane to fly.
  3. That's easy and works for any other plane without AB (I use it on the A10C, sabre, warbirds, harrier...) Just go to the Axle settings, go to the throttle axle, axle settings, put the axle as a slider and put the deadzone so the axis is at 100% just before you reach the detent. In my warthog is around 37.
  4. The Sabre can and will out turn any modern jet on the horizontal plane. Really low drag and light weight even for a small engine. If you want to win against a F86 with the Viper, just go on the vertical and hit the burner. But yeah, against human players that expect the F16 to outturn the good old korean warrior it is a nasty surprise. I remember I was doing some fun flying with the sabre in our own squadron server with some other guys. I was even with the large drop tanks for cruising and they wanted to test the Viper in BFM agains the old man so yeah, they
  5. It was a really fun experience. I speak also for Mustang51 and Kistoy who are also part of the same unit I'm in. We tried to coordinate with the ROSS guys and it seems that with good effect. Looking forward to the next one! hopefully, with the Hind this time By the way I think the most effective anti infantry weapon was the GUV launchers. Man I did one strafing run where I just cleaned the runway. I finished with almost 50 infantry kills. Just for you to consider for other events.
  6. Hi man, I don't know if I have bad luck or this new patch broke something in your campaign but I have another issue with the final mission. We are in Batumi waiting for the tower to clear the trucks in front of us, 3 soldiers spawn and 2 of them "mount" on the trucks in front of 1-3 and 1-4, but the one that reach the truck in front of 1-2 doesn't mount (doesn't dissapear) so when the trucks start moving nightmare 1-3 and 1-4 just leave (they don't even wait for me) and nightmare 1-2 is left behind. In case I take off something happens with the TV tower, 1-1 says "push
  7. Funny thing is that it is only a visual bug. The pods are full of rockets and you can fire them. Everytime you fire them the rocket spawn on the launcher. I found it because I used F2 view to check my rocket qty and I was sure I just fired 2 or 3 instead of the whole pod, so I kept firing and everytime I fired a rocket spawned on the launcher till I expended the amunition and I had a full pod (visual only, the pod was expended)
  8. I can confirm that was the issue. I just turned the knob and everything went smoothly. Thank you.
  9. I found this bug just by raw luck. The bug is as follows: When you start a mission on cold start and you have any kind of AA missiles installed, if you change the payload on the outboard stations to rockets, the rocket launcher appears empty but you can fire them. Every time you fire one rocket, it will "spawn" on the launcher so after firing all the rockets the launcher will look full with them. Rockets work fine, they explode and behave as they should, quantity is still 16 per launcher, it seems that for some reason once the launcher is loaded in the outboard station
  10. Mmm, might be, but I usually change frequencies turning the knob. I press the knob as well, maybe that register as an "enter". I will try it tomorrow and I will come back to you . Thank you for your reply.
  11. Hi BD, First of all, good job with all your campaigns, loving them to bits. I'm having some trouble with the second mission on the Ottoman courier campaign for the harrier. I tried it 6 times and all but one had the same problem. I do everything as fragged. Take off at 4:10, switch to frequencies, enter BT1 under 1000 ft AGL and finish the whole low level stint at W11 where I contact Batumi again, tell them I'm climbing to Angels 15 (which I do) and then push to COM 1 channel 4 which is range frequency. And then nothing happens. I see the two other harriers
  12. Do you have a dual stage trigger? maybe you have both stages binded and it fires twice in a single press. If not, check that your joystick trigger is working with a steady imput and not "twitching" I had no problem in a fresh SP mission, all missiles left the rail one by one.
  13. Same here. It is only while slewing, the DMT is actually working as intended, it is just the crosshair box dancing all around the HUD. Once you stop slewing it works fine and doesn't drift.
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