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  1. Ok, so after around 4 hours flying with my new aux button banks, my thoughts are thus. Fantastic quality like PointCTRL - love that heavy click. I remember you saying I’d maybe need to reassign some keys. I’d actually had Q assigned to External view for all my modules, anyhow this is an ideal button for Aux buttons so I’ll prob assign W for cockpit and E for map on the same bank. The only minor issue I have (personal preference anyways) is I’d rather the buttons were slightly space apart by maybe 3-4mm Between each. At the moment it’s ideal spacing for the FCUs as you’re just using your thumb to press so it’s quicker to press. With the AUX buttons I’d like to feel the 3 buttons with my fingertips together and they’re just not quite on each. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Aux button banks arrived today after being held for a couple of weeks. All working good anyways. Thanks
  3. I mean how long has vr been around now, at least 3-4 years? Yet still ED didn't optimise for VR before release of OA Persion Gulf Map, The Channel map, Hornet, F-16, anything else? These modules don't have to be feature complete at OA release obviously but start as you mean to go on and have them optimised for monitor use and vr first.
  4. So where does F10 menu option fit? Still be able to use both PTT and Comms?
  5. And people in general. I know it's a fairly trivial thing, I've been flying in this sim for many, many years and have always had a yearning for some kind of life. In know we have soldiers and birds but general public to populate towns and cities would be awesome.
  6. Good to see you back, Hegykc. It's all looking awesome.
  7. Does anyone know if USPS is actually delivering internationally during this period? My tracking says ‘Shipping label created - USPS awaiting item’. This was on the 21st May. So not sure sure what’s happening here.
  8. Remember you‘all need to do it after each DCS update as well.
  9. Sorry Miles, does this mean that currently the AUX button banks are only available to those in the current group order for kits? Those who the purchased the kit in previous groups should wait until the current group is complete or until the ordering capability is up and running on the website - a little confused? If so, when would the website ordering likely happen? I think it's an excellent addon for what is already a vr game changer Cheers
  10. LCtrl, LAlt and c. Go into Config and re-point to your Eagle dynamics installation folder. Press SET. Jobs a good 'un.
  11. Just trying to have a look on the PointCTRL website and I get a Warning - potential Security Risk Ahead notification and can't get on it? Is it down? Just looking to see the new APB's are available on the site yet. Cheers
  12. Has anything happened with this mission of late. I remembered taking off at dusk, getting to Batumi at sunset then following the road using the searchlight. Now It starts in the dark so once I get passed Batumi, how on earth am i supposed navigate through mountains with the searchlight in 2.5.6? Could we ask the dev to have the mission start earlier please?
  13. Not sure then, sorry. Someone will pipe up and answer your question though
  14. As A10Yoda says, if you have Vaicom/ Voiceattack installed, it'll be that. After each update it seems to reset where it's looking for Vaicom. Simply LCtrl, LeftAlt + c and go to Config then in Use custom DCS path, point to where you release version or openbeta is and press set. Jobs a good 'un
  15. Where does it say the Fragger is working on Typhoon?
  16. If it’s happening with all your aircraft, check your roll axis in settings. It may be that your joystick axis is not centring.
  17. Not been on for a while so just wondering if the button banks are actually available now? I saw the testers photos but didn’t see if they were actually available. If they are available now how would I purchase them? Ps Miles, are you going to update the first page here with them or starting a new thread? Thanks
  18. The A-10C’s flashing white lights are the same. A tiny, tiny, tiny bit rubbish. More worried about real things at the moment.
  19. ED did say there will be a substantial discount for BS2 owners. I’m sure there is quite a substantial upgrade graphically and systems and weapons wise. Why you think it would be a rip off if it costs a over 10 dollars is beyond me
  20. Was it just a case of a little silicon sealant on the rubber boot? That creaking happened to me on my mongoose anyways and it was quite annoying. Should come pre-applied though but an easy fix.
  21. There aren’t, no. To make a terrain you need access to the SDK, which is not available for general public use.
  22. It’s being worked on. Wags said a good while ago they were implementing new AAR features. As usual no time frame given. I’m so looking forward to this too
  23. They’re working on global DCS illumination for 2.5.6 as Oceander just said. In the future (not sure if it’s for the next release or not) but they will be working on multiple light sources as well, which I’m totally looking forward to. It’ll look amazing on the ramp at night with shadows coming from different directions.
  24. I’m sure the F-14 does as well, doesn’t it?
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