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  1. Taz, any chance you can do anything with the water 'eruptions'? They also seem a touch over the top. Ta
  2. Is this the kind of mod I can put into Saved Games rather than OVGME? Looking fantastic by the way, cheers
  3. Check this out https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=280667&highlight=thick8+collective Looks fantastic I personally use a real Westland Lynx collective mated to a Leo Bodnar board
  4. Very nice indeed. Would there also be an option to change the background colour/ text colour to a light green for us night flyers so as not to be blinded - or is that the reason for the transparency slider? Is it also possible to change size and position? Thanks
  5. Razbam have been producing aircraft for MSFS for years and years so there's no reason why they'd not do any for MSFS 2020. Problem with MSFS takpak is the systems modelling is low quality (although I've not used it in years), which is why they probably like DCS.
  6. Luckily in the setting menu you have 3 custom save settings so if all your settings are good for the other maps then have those set to custom 1 maybe, then try different settings in one of the other two. To be honest I had exactly the same issue, I was so annoyed how badly it performed flying low and slow in a heli over cities until I tried to adjust a couple of things - the terrain textures are pretty much the cause of my fps loss so I've got them on low. I've not really tried with many ground units yet mind you but with 4 Landrover 110s I'm starting to get slight stuttering back but generally I'm at 35-37 fps
  7. For the last 12 years here we've been on 8MB/s!! We live in the oldest town/ village in Scotland so because of it's historic nature, the utility companies couldn't lift the road to put in the new cables. But now they've found a way
  8. No brilliant for me I’m afraid with my rig. Starting in Beirut airport and facing west I’m getting a steady 40 maybe, then flying over the city I’m getting 22-28. Not tried with any other aircraft yet though, but down low in the Huey I’m getting a pretty bad stutterfest. Looks very nice though
  9. Lol, so we got fibre installed today. It was just funny to watch the download for the Nvidia driver go from nothing to complete in around 40s where it would normally take 10-20mins!! And to think I have Syria to download in a couple of hours and that's 47Gb. And that would have taken at least full day!! Just thought I'd share my enjoyment.
  10. Sorry to say it happened again with the new version mate.
  11. Brilliant! lol Why can't we have armchairs in all our modules? After all we are armchair pilots are we not?!
  12. I know, it's a shame. As much as they want us to have a realistic environment, they seem to be basing their product (probably more what their professional customers want) ie aircraft systems development integration rather than a decent AI ATC and eye candy such as clouds and - all of which would make it much more immersive to us as general public.
  13. ED are working on fully remodelling the AAR physics, maybe this will be one of the additions. It would be cool, I agree.
  14. Yeah, I'm the same. I wonder if Hegykc could make a mod - something similar to his cool front adjustment screw knob that allowed you to (keeping the spring attached at the back end) and pull the knob out from the front with the spring attached to it. That would save a lot of hassle going under my sim pit to disconnect each time.
  15. So with with the main return to centre spring removed there is still a 'centre notch' and the pedals feel a bit stiff. Is there a way to address this so they can be nice and smooth without a centre?
  16. Totally stuck on mission 2, I'm afraid. I've done it over and over but get caught out at the same point. I get to about a couple of kms from Farp Paris, then I get a 'Mission over, winner is blue' message. Where am I going wrong here? Cheers
  17. I was only really joking about trying to break them! lol So the width is actually ok - they're the same width as the combat foot rests - just that with all the adjustments in the combat ones they overlap the spring, which would be cool for the Huey ones as well - in fact to get as close to the MFG side mounts as possible would be ideal. So I guess the mounting holes just need to go closer to the centre of the footrests. Cheers
  18. Ok, so I’ve had a little try out of the footplates (not in sim yet) But just fitted to the rudder. All fitting is easy. I’ve got springs adjusted to the third hole from top as I prefer the toe brakes to feel firm. My MFGs are mounted to an adjustable and heightened panel and lean them against the wall. Ok, so the Huey footrests plastic (silver) is very light and seems very strong, the grips have excellent traction with the rubber soled trainers I always wear and there is a little bit of creaking. But watching the pedal mechanism closely I’m not sure whether this is from the pedal mounting holes area or the fixing point of the parallelogram side mounts as it looks like they are slightly twisting. Presumably they are twisting due to a larger distance away from the mounting holes. I re-tried the original footplates and they don’t twist. Maybe adjusting the Huey footrests so the centre of the foot is over the mounting holes as much as possible rather than to the right of it. Alas I think they’ll always be too wide for chopper footrests (they tend to be much narrower from what I’ve seen irl) WW2 pedals (green plastic) - loads of adjustment with no creaking and less twisting of the side mounts. Very cool. The support bracket seems ok although I think it may be an idea to provide or suggest longer bolt or increasing the size and thickness to more closely match post #52 where you show a render with nuts on the backside of the support. Oh, by the way, I know you probably didn’t design those supports with the Huey pedals in mind but it may be an idea to have the supports modular in design so they all different types of pedals you design. I’ll get into the sim tomorrow and try and break them! ������������ and hopefully not my rudders!
  19. mr_mojo97

    Pilot body

    I’m sure all the current modules that have pilot bodies have the option to turn the pilot body on and off. The one for the A-10 (should it ever materialise) should be no different.
  20. Maybe you’ve never heard of PointCTRL. Better than captoglove type devices could ever really be, imho.
  21. Beautiful attention to detail you have there, young man
  22. Personally I use button 3 on left aux bank as vr zoom, not that I feel I need it in most circumstances. In fact 5 of the 6 of the aux buttons are general key bindings - time accelerate/ normal, cockpit view, external view bindings and NVGs for pretty much every DCS module I have. I take it the fcu buttons are hardcoded and can’t be changed or is that something that may be completely user customisable in the future? For instance using buttons 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 together on separate left or right fcu giving multiple options for a key bind (if required). For my issue that may be ideal as what I need it for doesn’t actually have a key bind - so I could leave it. Or maybe there is a way to use a joystick button along with an fcu button press, like a macro(?) ie joystick button + Left fcu button 1 = fcu button 2. Just an idea for a workaround for modules that don’t have key bindings. I know it’s difficult with limited buttons (and people having and not having aux button banks) and trying to get the best from everyone’s ideas!! Especially when you have ideas yourself that you want to implement. Would it maybe be an idea to sell the whole thing together as a package - PointCTRL and aux banks? Cheers
  23. Yeah, that's the gist of it Miles. So IRL you'd press the knob (wait for the flag to go), rotate and release the knob. On the the left FCU you'd press button on 1 (wait for the flag to go), then press button 2 simultaneously as button 1 then rotate and release. Used to work like that perfectly on the old firmware before the new AUX button firmware. ps there's no actual key binding assignment in game for this gauge and therefore has to be used using the mouse. I have to say that start up and flying works perfectly fine without the use of this gauge but then what's the point? I'm a sucker for procedural sims! lol I couldn't get it to work like that with this particular gauge, but thanks - I tried in the P-51 as well as the Gazelle for the same gauge. But you know the problem though - you can use left mouse button (or button 1 on FCU) and scroll the mouse wheel to uncage the ADI- this works and still does. But you used to be able to do it one handed like irl I've got a feeling you may not be using the new AUX button bank firmware? Cheers
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