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  1. I would say you should be pretty happy with how it looks going by the video. I would recommend trying force motion reprojection always on, for me, it made it really smooth and that was the major issue, plus I cant see any real advantage of FPS over 45, I never get any noticeable issues and you are not wasting GPU power rendering the extra frames.....
  2. Try turning down shadows and terrain textures. 35 is just not right with a 3090. Apart from that ( can’t check my nvcp settings as not at my sim pc) you are running pretty much same as me and I can get a solid 45 FPS with motion re projection forced on, with a 2080ti......
  3. Sorry, not trying to be antagonistic, just pointing out the inconsistencies in what your pictures are showing. And am 100% sure you have a G2, Imacken and myself and others are just pointing out that what you are showing is not what everyone else with a G2 is seeing.....so we are curious why..... And he is correct in how the SS %ages work, one multiplies the other, so if you have 100 in general and 150 in per app, you are running 150% For THAT app.
  4. IN the OP, 182% was 2172 x 2120...now you are saying 100% is 2280 x 2224........dont understand how a smaller %age gives a larger resolution......
  5. I am confused now....in the OP, you posted much higher settings and now you are saying you cant run more than 100% SS?
  6. Well I only had one flight to test for approx 45 mins and had zero issues.....the last flight I did before the change, I had maybe 30 instances of “window out of focus” message and losing the mouse.....This weekend will give me a chance to properly test, but I generally minimise everything anyway. If it continues like this I will be a happy man as this was my major bugbear with VR......
  7. Do you have to update the beta or does auto update? I have noticed mine auto updating a couple of times, does that mean I am running the latest or do i also need to choose it from within the steam VR settings?
  8. Hi, I managed to resolve this annoying issue - it is caused as best as I can see by selecting the option "cursor confined to game window" I had this selected, thinking it was keeping the cursor within DCS....but it appears that it is the cause of losing the mouse and getting all those "window out of focus" messages and not being able to reach switches etc at the edge of the pit..... I deselected it and Voila....everything is cool..... Hope this helps.....
  9. AFAIK it is dependent on the individual hardware. I think that this is where a LOT of confusion comes in when people are posting settings, For example, when I first looked at the OP's settings I almost spat my bacon sandwich out...How does he possibly run at 182% & 124% ?????? with a 2080 card??? ( this multiplies out at 225% SS !!!!!) Then if you look at the pixels, they tell a different story. If I set 182% my pixels figure is a lot higher ( not at my sim PC until Thursday, so I cant check and give a figure, but from memory this would be a 3000 x 3000 approx number...) So I
  10. Hi , I was watching a you tube video earlier about G2 tweaks and in it he was adjusting the FOV / IPD with what seemed to be some kind of software tool and the 2 controllers......I wondered if this was part of the initial set up of the G2 I may have missed....? Can anyone point me how to do this? See the video here, from 11 minutes onwards: Secondly, when in VR, I get a non full screen rendition of the VR output on my monitor.....is this correct, as I am unable to get it to render across the whole monitor. In another thread, I was told this was the cause of losing
  11. I missed to say thanks for this useful post, cheers mate!
  12. Hi, I ordered the ""frankenfov" cushions and they came the other day, I was very keen to see if they improved anything....big disappointment - when installed, they placed the lenses way too near my eyes, so my eyelashes touched them and introduced a lot of distortion........ the standard cushion is way better in terms of fit and optics.
  13. Thanks Taz, I had already done that as part of my tweaking and optimizing for VR..... no idea why ALT + Enter does not make it full screen. Bad news about waiting for ED...we all know how long that can take......
  14. Hi, thanks, but ticking the fullscreen option in the GUI does not change this, neither does using ALT/ENTER keyboard command... This is how my main monitor displays DCS while running VR. You can see I have checked full screen option in the screenshot.
  15. Hi, I am in VR, and the screen does not appear full screen on the monitor........should it ideally?
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