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    I fly mainly DCS, used to fly Falcon a lot and also FSX. Been away for several years, getting right back in
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    Flight sims & military aviation, Koi Carp, Nihonto, furniture making
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  1. Bingo, thanks, was obviously clicking everywhere but that strip.....
  2. HaHa, yes, I did try this, but seem unable to drag the thing? I can extend the edge or the top I can see but am unable to click and drag the bugger..... not sure why....
  3. Hi, I use the cubesim MFD’s and have had to change the .lua file because of issues with where DCS was projecting. My main monitor is 3840 wide and the screens 600, so my resolution in DCS is 4440 wide. In windows, the displays are arranged to the right hand side of my main monitor. Everything works great for the screens, except my kneeboard is displayed half off the main monitor. Where can I edit the position it display to please?
  4. PS, does this latest package include the spring and summer textures from before?
  5. Cool thx. I just ordered a new PC to go with it as well....Ouch...... Whats the difference between base station 1 & 2? Do I need the more expensive one?
  6. I just pre orderered one........, if I am just using for flight sims what is the minimum set up I need in terms of base stations, controllers etc please? I dont intend to use for other games.
  7. but any answer to the original question? any mod or method to make tabs permanent?
  8. OK, will try ...although ( and I could be wrong) pretty sure there used to be the option to choose in steam
  9. Yeah, as cruizzer said.....although, riddle me this, below is a picture of the files in my kneeboard folder. Despite me carefully labelling them in the numerical order I want them to scroll in, windows and DCS won’t put them in that order..... Can anyone tell why? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. So I have not altered my settings for a while and was reading another thread about running at 60hz, and thought I might try that again. However, in steam VR, I now only have the option for 90. This was not the case before, as I remember when working through all the options getting my G2 set up, I did try running at 60 before.... Has this changed in recent steam updates? Thanks
  11. Well the latest windows update seems to have remedied this issue, whatever it was....
  12. As title suggests, is there any way to make the marker tabs permanent or another way to avoid scrolling through what is a lot of pages in my kneeboard for the section I want? This seems to be a basic feature that would be extremely useful? thanks
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