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  1. could you plz tell me how you are installing it. the mod still works.
  2. yeah delete the other vsn fa-18d. you can hard install it. but when dcs has any up dates you will have to reinstall the mod again
  3. Love it!!! Question where did you get the bomb reskins?
  4. There are normal jet sounds like FC3 jet sound. What dcs have given the C model they encrypt there sounds so moders can not piggy back off but it has sounds just not the C model sound files
  5. Hello DCS Pilots. Welcome to this topic about the VSN F/A-18D that is using the F/A-18C Cockpit and EFM. This does not affect the C Model At all. You can fly both!!! The VSN Textures have been redone by Strider32 Liveries included are just RAAF Skins that all of them have been done from scratch a lot of detail has been added. Made by Strider32, Josh-109 To get this Mod to work you will need The F/A-18C Module, and JSGME. Mod Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sM0gfUQyG-F5qis4hI7ZNpy81UucOnDi/view?usp=sharing Strider32 F/A-18D Template: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1addVDeKfZgzSwIrN1wcWzTsvbzvMxIoZ?usp=sharing How to Install 1: Unzip the FA-18D.rar 2: Cope file to your JSGME _MODS Folder. OR you can copy it straight in to your main DCS game Folder but I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!!!! as when the game updates it will kill the Mod Known Issues, 1. Will not have full F/A-18C sounds like engines or any kind of APU sounds and out side sounds 2. Could be some carrier issues like landing hook may not catch wire (i don't do carrier type flying as much) 3. If flying with minors you will see two glass cockpit model 4. When canopy up a mask will show up in the cockpit view. 5. Speed brake works but will not see the model of the air brake work. but when flying MP if you see a other D hornet flying you can see there's going in and out. I would like to point out that I did not make the model just edit .lua files. Model is from the VSN Team and the original Textures. Cockpit is the DCS F/A-18C. I don't want to take credit from other Teams. Just want to make DCS more enjoyable with others.
  6. hello im after away to respawn a unit/group if they have been despawn. with out making tones of copys of the same unit and respawning the copy units?
  7. yes i am :) ive used it in the past for years but now nope
  8. yeah i have tried that but nothing happened
  9. My friends and i have noticed that every update some goes wrong normal its the BALT but now im have issue with HSEL my hornet dose not want a bar of it i get the 2 dots "eg" :HSEL on the UFC but my aircraft will not track the HDG bug when i move it or even when i set it to say 240* it will not go to it. can anyone help me?
  10. could you explain ur fix plz i really would like it to work with fc3 aircraft/mods
  11. mine works but i have found that FC3 aircraft ether on there belly flat with gear up or just blow up when i jump in it to fly
  12. Could someone do this or show me how to do this plz
  13. plz fix the memory leaks trying to run a mission with a far few AI f-18s and it just cant. runs for a little bit but u can see it slowly crashing
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