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  1. I use VRK with an Oculus Quest and Link. It's… finicky and I am too looking forward to the G2. The application however is a total game changer for me. Thanks Rider! For learning aircraft I would like to import the manuals or even Chucks guides into VRK. The manual actually work because the aspect ratio is compatible. Could you add an option to jump to a specific page? Importing the table of contents of a pdf is probably a bit more work, but that would solve the problem, too.
  2. Very nice! An additional nice-to-have feature would be to be able to have a delay for TacView that is directly connected to the DCS World server, maybe on a different port with a different password or just without a password. This would allow users who watch a livestream (on Twitch for example) to see the full TacView, but with the same delay as the Twitch stream. This would be super nice for live streamed events. So I've got 2 use cases: Real-time TacView with no delay, directly connected to the server with a password TacView with a delay, directly connected to the server (without a p
  3. I really like the cutscenes though. Maybe, as a workaround, include the cutscenes at the beginning as an extra mission. Thankfully I still knew how to operate the ABRIS blindly :D
  4. Nice, I'll replay the mission then! I really didn't want to dissappoint my wingman ;)
  5. In Mission 16 the cockpit and ABRIS is in russian, which is not what I selected in the DCS settings.
  6. "Rainbow" asks me to destroy the jammers, but when I decide to accept the task in the F10 comms menu with F2, the pilot acutally rejects the tasks and my wingman is very disappointed in me. I returned to Skala and just before landing, the FARP turned off all lights, which made the landing a bit harder than it should me.
  7. There are too many targets in this mission. My wingman tried to attack but he was shot down on his first run. I killed the AAA first and 2 tanks that remained after the missile strike. This meant, that I did not have enough Vikhrs for the tank platoon and I had to abort the mission after I tried to kill them with the gun. For the next try I probably have to ignore the air defenses and focus only on the platoon of tanks on the street, killing one tank with each missile. This is not fun or "challenging", this is absurd.
  8. The Mi-24 got stuck in the mountains and crashed long before I arrived at the landing zone. Also, I still got only 4 rocket pods and my gunner is drunk. On my next try I got shot down by 2 stingers, right after dropping of the troops, hovering over the landing zone. I think those stingers were meant for the Hind, which already crashed in the mountains.
  9. I want to set a password for real time telemetry. This is my config from the options.lua: ["plugins"] = { ["Tacview"] = { ["tacviewBookmarkShortcut"] = 0, ["tacviewClientTelemetryPassword"] = "password", ["tacviewCompressionLevel"] = 0, ["tacviewDataRecordingEnabled"] = true, ["tacviewDebugModeEnabled"] = false, ["tacviewHostTelemetryPassword"] = "password", ["tacviewPlaybackDelay"] = 0, ["tacviewProfilingPeriod"] = 600, ["tacviewRealTimeTelemetryPort"] = "12345", ["tacviewRecordClientsSessionsEnabled"] = false, ["tacviewRemoteControlPassword"] = "password", ["tacviewRemoteControlPort"
  10. Thank you for this, you just solved my problem! I had te NS 430 bound to my MFD 1 and had priority over per-aircraft bindings.
  11. I don't think this is the right time to buy a 1080 Ti if you can wait a few weeks for an RTX 3070 or an RTX 3080. Your motherboard does matter for Intel CPUs, it should support XMP Profiles for memory "overclocking", so you don't just run your memory at 2133Mhz, but at it's actual speed of maybe 3200Mhz or more. That does make a difference for DCS.
  12. Thank you for testing this! I almost thought that I was suddenly too dumb to read an HSI.
  13. Although not optimal, you can work around this by reducing the gain of the map. Right click on the gain rocker of the MFCD a bunch of times until the map itself becomes darker. Then increase the contrast of the map by right clicking the contrast rocker of the MFCD.
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