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  1. Looks like you may need to spend some time with keywords training. Go through MS Windows speech recognition a few times first. FAQ Section
  2. I have been in touch with the VoiceAttack guys to investigate some reports. But also with them any attempts to reproduce have come up short. Instability is consistently not reproducible on reference systems. Possible causes is guesswork ranging from dubious drivers to usb power scheme settings etc. In any case it is clear generally that some user environments are more stable than others. As a preview for plugin 2.5.20: this will have a VAICOM compagnion app that automatically restarts VA when it detects VA has exited during a mission. This is hands-free so you you can continue flying your mission uninterrupted without user action required. Grtz
  3. Thanks all for the generous comments on the Supercarrier / Realistic ATC release! Very much appreciated :thumbup: We'll be looking into some tweaks going forward. Kind reminder that we have a subforum now: for overall readability and helpfulness for other users please always check first if your topic is discussed in a sub-thread and discuss it there. If it is not listed (remember also this forum has a useful search function), launch a new subthread. Of course always check the FAQ Section first. Cheers Hollywood
  4. Many mission designers put supporting vessels of the battle group on the same frequency e.g. all on 127.500 MHz. This can lead to communication issues as described e.g. 'go to alternate' responses coming from a supporting unit instead of the carrier itself. To ensure you are contacting the actual Supercarrier unit, always use Select e.g. ' Washington, select' first. 'Inbound' command is for generic ATC: for carrier comms always use 'Marking Moms' or 'Inbound for Carrier' instead as per the reference table (page 70).
  5. The 10% load issue is covered in the FAQ section Also here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=271829
  6. Confirm Checkpoint is the normal log entry when you give the Check command.
  7. Follow the FINISH steps after the update. If needed, use the Reset tab to reset keywords database.
  8. This issue for 2.5.6 openbeta is addressed in plugin 2.5.19 update.
  9. OK well nothing changed with those. Suggest to check if your VA settings are correct e.g. unrecognized speech delay for VSPX.
  10. New words may require keyword training first if the recognition engine does not immediately catch them. This will vary per user.
  11. Depends on your install specifics, if you have issues after update run a DCS Repair, select DCS version with the sliders (Custom tab) and then set DCS World program files folder with Custom Path. Then restart VA and DCS.
  12. @impalor Has nothing to do with the extension. Use custom path (config tab), after selecting your version (standalone/STEAM and release / open beta) with the sliders. FAQ section
  13. Maybe the server is busy atm. Suggest to try again later (making sure your firewall/antivirus allows traffic). For license questions in general send an email to info@vaicompro.com
  14. +++ plugin update 2.5.19 +++ Hi all, Plugin 2.5.19 is out. For Supercarrier communications (currently as beta), get your Realistic ATC extension license from the website and activate on the About tab. https://www.vaicompro.com/get-license.html No additional file download is required for this extension. IMPORTANT: After updating the plugin, follow the FINISH steps to add new keywords. VAICOM PRO users have access to more Supercarrier communications commands than people who choose to work with menus. What's more, the EX tab has a setting to disable auto-generated player messages so you can issues these commands yourself. Carefully inspect the reference tables and additional notes on manual pages 70/71. Be mindful that responses are dependent on flow state: CASE I/II/III calls must be made in the correct order when right conditions are met. For the steps, make sure to refer to the flow descriptions in ED's Supercarrier Operations Guide https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=231740&d=1586110211 This is an Early Access / beta release, subject to change. As always, your feedback is appreciated. Have fun! Hollywood
  15. @castrum8 Try enable config option Auto import new modules
  16. You cannot change the sound yourself, but good news: in next plugin update the notification sound will be more subtle. Grtz
  17. Hi Guys Just as general reminder to all: The Release Hot function (PTT page) allows you to use daisy-chained commands with hotmic i.e. without PTT / TX6. @sobe @speed-of-heat Not sure of the details here but this is normal behavior if the pasted keyword set is the same as is already in there, i.e. when there is no change in the keywords list. @Harker "Repeat"/"Say again" will likely still work in current DCS 2.5.5 Release but since ED has changed audio structure in 2.5.6 it no longer works there atm. Looking into ways into getting it back. @Saruman @OverAlien This is by design, it was implemented the way it is now based on (VR) user feedback. Will review. Grtz
  18. VAICOM does not automate cockpit switches as hornblower says. You can use the Select command to tune your radios though, also in the Viper: ' Select One Two Seven Decimal Five', ' Vaziani,..Select'.
  19. Follow the syntax i.e. try end with 'decimal zero' instead of 'decimal zero zero'. Say the command in one go. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  20. Radio Tune is a profile command and so it is not in the keywords dropdown list. Syntax to use is 'Radio Tune One Two Five Decimal Four', etc. If you need to, you can edit the command in the VA profile and change the phrase 'Radio Tune' into something else, the command will still work.
  21. @HeathenHedgehog Hey mate - some really good thinking there, much appreciated. Perhaps it's worthwhile getting our good nextdoor neighbour @Homefries involved https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=116454 Let me get back to you on PM. Grtz
  22. Disable Garmin in DCS Module Manager FAQ section
  23. That's normal behavior. Switch on Release Hot on the PTT page if you want open mic.
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