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  1. Good news this feature is in the next update. Grtz
  2. It works as intended i.e. the plugin allows you to issue these player calls at the appropriate time instead of having the sim auto-generate them. The overall flow state still progresses though even if you do not make the call, that's the way ED have designed it.
  3. @Oldfox Hotmic support is on the todo-list.
  4. To confirm back-up wheel behavior is by design: - You do not see the menu wheel in cockpit view, but key commands (and VA key sequences) still work. This should be improving the experience when using custom keysequences for the wheel that you programmed yourself in VA. - You see the back-up wheel by calling ' Jester,... Options' and keeping PTT key pressed. Use 'Take' commands to select options, alternatively use standard wheel keyboard cmds Ctrl-1 etc. - Releasing PTT key closes the back-up wheel and returns to standard cockpit view. - Also you can manually bring up the back-up wheel by switching to HUD-only view (Alt-F1) and then press A to bring up the wheel. Grtz
  5. Confirmed for VSPX: hotfix will be rolling out. Thanks for flagging.
  6. Well yes, but you can actually do both :D
  7. +++ Release 2.5.22 with AIRIO 2.5.9 +++ Hi guys Plugin 2.5.22 with AIRIO 2.5.9 is out! This includes P-47 support, various fixes, and for AIRIO backup access to the Jester wheel with the Options command ("Jester,.. Options"). Grtz
  8. Should be fixed in the auto-update rolling out today. Grtz
  9. Absolutely. Good stuff cheers mate :thumbup:
  10. Can't be sure but if you get plugin 2.5.22 with AIRIO 2.5.9 from the website you will have access to the Jester wheel (use 'Jester,... Options'). Grtz
  11. Make sure your profile is up-to-date i.e. contains Radio Control commands. Use Config/export to get a fresh .vap file. PTT mode NORM or MULTI. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  12. "Select Channel 5". Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. Hi there Your log shows a few very strange audio inputs of fish off of offf off off off off This suggests some major audio input problem. Couple of recommended steps: - Check your mic routing disabling any driver enhancements and things like banana voicemeter - Disable options: Import F10 Menu, Import new theaters, Import new modules - Reset keywords database with Reset page - Use Config/Export to get a fresh VAICOM PRO for DCS World.vap profile and import Then test again. Grtz
  14. @lxsapper You may have gotten a bit of an unintentional preview there: upcoming AIRIO update will have backup access to the menuwheel.
  15. The standard procedure consists of closing DCS, restarting VA, and then starting DCS again. Some people using Custom Path reportedly re-apply the path after a DCS update. More should not be needed normally.
  16. @marcost Not planned at this time but may be considered in the future. @Lazy-1962 When supporting vessel units are on the same freq. you need to select the specific Supercarrier unit with the select command first: 'Washington,...Select'. Then proceed with calling Marking Moms. See manual page 72.
  17. @oz555 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=275595
  18. No worries thanks for updating. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  19. Resetting your desktop theme to default should do the trick. Be aware though that Win7/8 is no longer officially supported for the plugin.
  20. - Update your keywords with the FINISH steps. - Say the command in one go and in the right order e.g. "Link Host Lincoln". Hope that helps grtz Also manual DL Tune works. Make sure your plugin is 2.5.21 and AIRIO.dll is 2.5.8.
  21. +++ plugin update 2.5.21 with AIRIO 2.5.8 +++ Plugin 2.5.21 is updated to host AIRIO 2.5.8, it includes new ATCs for the Channel map and has various fixes. AIRIO 2.5.8 has a range of compatibility fixes for DCS 2.5.6 and includes Supercarrier support. Enjoy!
  22. So, the following was tested again: TACAN Tune: " TACAN Tune X-Ray zero eight five" etc. Works without problems. Link Tune: "Link Tune two five decimal zero" etc. Works without problems. Radio Tune: "Radio Tune three one zero decimal five", ".. decimal one two five" etc. Works without problems. The problem is not with plugin functioning. As recommended earlier, do a hard reset by removing Database and Config subfolfders to exclude any snags. Get a fresh profile via Config/Export, Import in VA, restart and follow the FINISH steps. Invest time in improving your recognition rates following the manual syntax, practice speech pacing, use voice training. Also suggest to check out VSPX: some people get best results with that. Grtz
  23. @Zetrocker In SRS Client there's a setting Allow VAICOM TX Inhibit, make sure it's set to ON.
  24. Clearly a MS Windows issue. You could try resetting your desktop theme.
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