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    A-10c 2

    Solid research there @hornblower thanks for confirming @senna That's quite interesting. We'll dive into it to see what we can find out. Cheers Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks - this hasn't been reproducible though and there' s been no change in this function for ages. So no not much to go on atm. Perhaps check if behavior is different with DCS running or not, and between different modules. Grtz BTW I'm assuming you are mouse-clicking the up/dn arrow buttons i.e. this is not about keyboard up/down keys.
  3. Hollywood_315

    A-10c 2

    What @hornblower says, although during testing so far all seems to work fine out of the box with the TankKiller. Perhaps try again with disabling SRS mode.
  4. Hi For slot up/down selection with SNGL, disable SRS mode. Grtz
  5. Hey NEWY Thanks for checking this, appreciated. Understood that clarifies. Bit of a bummer though: SOP for VAICOM PRO users is to do a radio check with AI wingmen on the ground before departure. They cannot do that anymore now. Cheers
  6. @Nanolab Try disabling your HOTAS MIC keybinds in DCS config.
  7. Perhaps check that in DCS config you have disabled the HOTAS MIC keybinds (as per the user manual).
  8. Hi Just to note this problem still persists in Wingman does not respond until airborne. Worked OK before. Acknowledgment of the bug would be appreciated thanks.
  9. Be mindful of syntax and use moderate pacing. Call "Select Two Five Three Decimal Zero" in one go but not too fast. Also do not for example end above phrase with "Zero Zero Zero". In any case first re-confirm that the radio control commands are in your profile in the first place. Use of modulation ("FM" "AM") is optional. Grtz Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. The Hornet radio requires manual modulation selection, confirm it is not set to FM. Also 071.000 MHz is out of range for some radios, try tuning to 142.000 MHz instead and then call AOCS. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  11. Hey mate As you know VAICOM PRO works directly with the aircraft radio devices for sending/receiving AI communications. The Garmin does its own re-arranging behind the scenes on radio devices and introduces a non-radio FM device along the way. This throws a spanner in the works for the plugin integration with DCS. Not at all easy to address in its current state and would likely require dev work not just for VAICOM PRO. So for now you'll need to disable the Garmin to use the plugin. Hope that clarifies somewhat. Cheers
  12. Confirm the settings on User Manual page 43 / AIRIO section, specifically that Radio Menu setting in DCS options/Special/F14 is set to Default.
  13. We're still a couple of weeks away folks. Thanks for your patience, appreciate the comments :thumbup:
  14. Apply pause between recipient and command or use VSPX, User Manual page 16.
  15. Just as a little preview, next VAICOM PRO plugin update will feature a new option: the Interactive Kneeboard extension. This powerful tool will allow you to use the standard DCS kneeboard to have automatically scribbled down tactical data such as AWACS directives and JTAC 9-lines and remarks, review Air Tasking Order data such as unit callsigns, frequencies, mission briefs and AOCS data, to add your own notes with voice using Dictation Mode, and to have an on-paper keywords reference to your personalized keywords database, relevant for the category you're talking to. Stay tuned! :joystick:
  16. Some technical hurdles for this one but noted for the wishlist thanks.
  17. Syria ATCs are added to the default database in next plugin update. In the meantime you can use the 'Import New Theatres' option to add them, apply FINISH steps to update your profile. To improve recognition you can edit ATC names in the editor and/or record speech in the MS Speech Dictionary. Grtz
  18. P-47 is a recent addition: SRS mapping is to be added in next plugin update. As noted in the manual, single radios are always mapped to TX2.
  19. This is a core DCS limitation: FC3 modules do not have radio devices modelled. Thanks
  20. There are no know issues with TACAN Tune and Link Tune functions at this time. Make sure you are running latest plugin and AIRIO versions, while testing confirm correct recognition in the log window.
  21. MP servers must at minimum have the Allow Player Export setting enabled. Perhaps check the PTT window to see if the F-14 module is recognized there for these servers.
  22. Can you switch off SRS mode (button next to the selector dial). If a module has just a single physical PTT key, it will map to a single TX in NORM mode, i.e. no separate TX6 node is active in that case. If you require TX6 to be available as a separate node at all times, use MULTI instead of NORM.
  23. This sounds more like radio messages generated by DCS itself, not the plugin. You can try switching off allied messages in DCS options.
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