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  1. The "Kneeboard" command is not available in VSPX atm (all other IK commands are).
  2. Confirm VA and VAICOM are up to date versions, VA must be running as admin. If needed, use the Custom Path option to point to your DCS install folder. Confirm you have done the FINISH steps. Always start VA before starting DCS. Use the standard DCS keybinds to step through the kneeboards pages (VAICOM IK is the first page).
  3. The correct syntax uses the Page command, i.e. "JTAC,..Page", "ATC,..Page", "Darkstar,..Page", "Batumi,..Page", "Crew,..Page" etc. etc. See user manual. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  4. Easy comms ON is forced by the MP server. Sounds like it's all server-specific. Suggest to test in SP mode and with other MP servers/missions, with and without SRS.
  5. Operate Dial function works fine here during testing, nothing reproducible. 1 - Confirm the Garmin is disabled in module manager. 2 - Test with a clean profile: use Config tab / Export button to get a fresh .vap and import in VA. 3 - Screenshot shows MULTI PTT mode, try with NORM mode. 4 - Confirm Easy comms OFF 5 - Try Broadcast Parallel setting to see if behavior is different. Grtz
  6. For ICS Hotmic you now need to flip the switch in the cockpit.
  7. The Jester menu is available via the Options function i.e. 'Jester,.. Options'. Details in the user manual / AIRIO section.
  8. Thanks all for the generous comments :thumbup: Regarding additional feature requests we can't make any commitments at this time but do keep 'em coming - your user feedback is much appreciated. Cheers
  9. Thanks that's good to hear. I do like this idea, not sure yet what can be done but put on the list to investigate.
  10. Thanks, yes that's correct typically it will not update right away but a quick PTT cycle does the trick. This may be subject to some further fine-tuning.
  11. The plugin follows the hotmic switch in the pit, a quick PTT cycle is needed to activate the setting. Hotmic state should not allow radio comms without using PTT: we'll see what we can reproduce there thanks.
  12. You're right that radio communications require PTT even when ICS hotmic is switched on. You may need to cycle PTT once at the start at the mission, the ICS hotmic mode is now set with the in-cockpit switch since latest plugin update. If this behavior is persistent we may need to review, normally you would see something like a ' Use Active TX Node' message.
  13. Good to hear, thanks for posting! :thumbup:
  14. @Chaz Brilliant job, no way I could have done that better :thumbup: PM inbound and remarks noted, we'll review. Grtz
  15. Today we're rolling out a patch update that will hopefully help to address the server response issue. Thanks
  16. Hey Drac You're right there - I haven't had time to make one yet. Why don't we do a: +++ VIDEO COMPETITION +++ @All The best VAICOM PRO Interactive Kneeboard video posted on YouTube will be rewarded with a FREE DCS module of choice! :pilotfly: Make sure to post a link to your vid in this thread. Thanks again for your support. All the best, Hollywood
  17. REF is for logging ground refueling and a few other notes with ground crew. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  18. Thanks we'll have a look at the Huey to see if there's something reproducible there. EDIT: operate dial operation looks normal in the Huey, SNGL/NORM modes. Operate Dial switch on the PTT tab must be switched on of course.
  19. We are in touch with the server provider to get this resolved, apologies for any inconvenience. For now if needed simply try again: after a few retries it will accept and validate. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  20. Thanks for the generous comments, really appreciated :thumbup:
  21. Make sure your VA is up-to-date i.e. version 1.8.7. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  22. It's 4 posts up: update VA to 1.8.7. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  23. You need to make sure VA is up-to-date: update it to latest version 1.8.7. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  24. There's a note on VSPX in the manual kneeboard section (page 44). The Kneeboard toggle voice command works in standard recognition mode only at this time (i.e. non-VSPX). Planned to be added to VSPX later. Rest works mostly the same in both modes. Grtz Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  25. +++ Plugin update 2.5.23 with Interactive Kneeboard +++ Good day people, Very happy to announce that the long awaited Interactive Kneeboard extension is now available! It comes with latest plugin update 2.5.23, no additional file download needed. Get your license from the website: https://www.vaicompro.com/get-license.html Notes for version 2.5.23 - Syria ATCs added, - Various fixes and improvements. - F-14 Tomcat pilots note: ICS Hotmic is now set with the in-cockpit switch. - Make sure your VoiceAttack is up-to-date i.e. version 1.8.7. - Follow the FINISH steps after updating the plugin. - Activate your Interactive Kneeboard license on the About tab.* *) Please note that the license server has been known to behave a bit on and off lately. In Debug Mode, you may see a "Server Unavailable" message. If your license does not get accepted right away, simply try again a few times and your license should be validated. Enjoy! All the best, Hollywood
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