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  1. Build update has hotfix for Interactive Kneeboard CASE II/III Thanks
  2. @Nickentik On the MP tab, inspect your VoIP Control slider. If it's on TX Link mode, select MP Only and restart. Alternatively select one of the other two modes with the slider. For details on the TX Link feature for VoIP see manual page 26. Grtz
  3. Hi there people Just to make you aware that the loss of some Interactive Kneeboard notations in DCS 2.7 has been flagged. ED is still making changes to 2.7 openbeta at this time. Once 2.7 moves out of beta and into stable release version, a plugin update will be planned. All Interactive Kneeboard functions work in DCS 2.5 release version. All the best Hollywood
  4. Hi guys just to add that the supercarriers all have callsign aliases in the default database. If a particular unit name gives you difficulties you may want to give them a try. For Stennis, callsign is Courage. See manual page 75.
  5. Hi everyone - all the best wishes for the new year! This week we'll be rolling out plugin update 2.5.24 with some tweaks for the Interactive Kneeboard including added support for CASE II/III carrier recovery. Also, we'll have AIRIO update 2.5.10 with improved TACAN support and new commands such as for target size selection. Stay tuned! Hollywood
  6. Good to hear! Cheers
  7. What you see is normal - you can't use a radio before it's powered on.
  8. Update with FINISH and use the corect syntax e.g. ' JTAC,... Page'. See manual. Carrier CASE I works, CASE III doesn't: known issue.
  9. Good to hear you got it working
  10. With VSPX you need to use a shortcut for calling up the kneeboard, this is known. Check the Easy Comms setting with a mission running and bear in mind the actual EC setting can be forced by mission design.
  11. CASE III is not working atm for the Interactive Kneeboard, will be addressed in next update.
  12. To see the module name, add a 'Write to log' command to one of your TX press commands using the token {TXT:vaicompro.playerdata.currentmodule.name}. Start a mission and press the TX.
  13. Each F10 command has a unique ID that is stored by VAICOM. Location of the command in the menu tree is irrelevant.
  14. Hi all Just to add that there is another elegant option to consider which uses the plugins exposed variables. Exposed variables are there to cover exactly these types of scenarios. Let's assume you already have configured a default 4-hat setup for TX/PTT on your throttle, which you use for all aircraft. But for a specific aircraft, let's say the Mig28, you want TX2 mapped to a hw button on your stick instead of the throttle. This can be achieved in two steps. Step 1 Edit the TX2 Press and Release command in the profile (which are mapped to a throttle button) Create a conditional block around the plugin call using the exposed variable for the active module name: - Go to command edit menu Other -> Advanced -> Begin a Conditional (If statement) block -> Single condition -> Text - Variable/Token {TXT:vaicompro.playerdata.currentmodule.name} Does Not Equal Mig28 - Move the 'execute external plugin 'VAICOM PRO 2.5' line down to sit between Begin and End so result looks like this Begin Text Compare {TXT:vaicompro.playerdata.currentmodule.name} Does Not Equal ' Mig28' 'execute external plugin 'VAICOM PRO 2.5' End Do this for both the Press and Release command. The effect is that the default TX2 Press/Release combo is now no longer used with this module. Step 2 Commands in the VA profile can be duplicated. Continue by making a copy of the TX2 Press command that you just edited by using right-click -> Duplicate. The command edit window opens. - In the command edit window, doubleclick on the Begin Text Compare line and change 'Does Not Equal' to 'Equals' - Tick the 'When I say' textbox and change the command name to 'Transmit TX2 press (Mig28)' - Important: after editing the name, untick the 'When I say' checkbox again! - Edit the When I Press Key/Button with the ... button and map the command to the stick hw button you want to use with the Mig28. Finish with OK/Apply/Done. Now do the exact same steps with the TX2 Release command copy. Important: when changing the button binding for Release this item must be checked: 'Shortcut is invoked only when all keys are released'. Done. If you've executed the above steps carefully, the stick hw button will now be used as TX2 press/release combo for the Mig28. For all other modules, the TX2 button on the throttle is used instead. Needless to say you can repeat this recipe for as many module/button scenarios as you want. This means you will not need multiple profiles but can handle it all in a single one. I hope this will be helpful. Grtz
  15. Can you check either one of the following - Uncheck Instant Select in preferences, - Call just "approaching for refuel" i.e. without the "Texaco", - Set PTT mode to NORM/MULTI instead of SNGL. Thanks
  16. @Chaz Noted, thanks for flagging. If there's a mismatch there we'll fix in next update.
  17. That is correct. With easy comms off you need to tune the radio before making the call to the recipient, either manually or using the Select command.
  18. @INFIDEL 1-1 It appears you have some mod interfering with kneeboard bookmarks. Suggest to run a DCS Repair and test without mods. Disable Auto Browse on the EX tab to disable the automated page switching.
  19. The plugin doesn't send any keystrokes so it looks like your problem lies somewhere outside. In any case nothing like this has been reproducible. Suggest to start with a full DCS Repair, disable all mods. Use Reset tab to reset keywords database and enable Debug Mode. Then import a fresh VAICOM PRO .vap profile in VA (using Config tab/Export button and import in VA, FINISH steps) and try again.
  20. What Hornblower says, also confirm Use Appendices is enabled in preferences.
  21. The "Kneeboard" command is not available in VSPX atm (all other IK commands are).
  22. Confirm VA and VAICOM are up to date versions, VA must be running as admin. If needed, use the Custom Path option to point to your DCS install folder. Confirm you have done the FINISH steps. Always start VA before starting DCS. Use the standard DCS keybinds to step through the kneeboards pages (VAICOM IK is the first page).
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