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  1. Hollywood_315,

    This question may have been answered already but I could not find the answer. I just started using Vaicom Pro with the AIRIO plug in, will there be a future update so you can use all the different A-G weapon selections on the F-14? I am finding some weapons cannot be specifically selected, i.e MK20's, Snake eye, or Air versions of Mk bombs thru Selecting Stores. Also, will you be adding a function to select individual stations instead of grouping the stations together i.e 1 8, 3 4 5 6, this way when you have different types of bombs on the 3 4 5 6 rack you can select the specific on you want?

  2. Hi everyone - all the best wishes for the new year! This week we'll be rolling out plugin update 2.5.24 with some tweaks for the Interactive Kneeboard including added support for CASE II/III carrier recovery. Also, we'll have AIRIO update 2.5.10 with improved TACAN support and new commands such as for target size selection. Stay tuned! Hollywood
  3. Good to hear! Cheers
  4. What you see is normal - you can't use a radio before it's powered on.
  5. Update with FINISH and use the corect syntax e.g. ' JTAC,... Page'. See manual. Carrier CASE I works, CASE III doesn't: known issue.
  6. can you point me in the right direction for some answers to the kneeboard?

    I loaded it ok and it comes up but I have a red post it note Not yellow and I can only voice tab show log and show notes.

    It recognizes the command, captured the sentence, have result, identified as recipient, then [awaiting additional input} I have tried to reload it a couple of times with the same result


    Pat Longhorn Laughlin VMFA 232


    1. plaughlin7


      Hollywood since I was having so much trouble I decided to uninstall reinstall VA

      now I can not start VA at all the shortcut icon is grayed out and does nothing to start the program 

      any ideas would be much appreciated 



  7. Good to hear you got it working
  8. With VSPX you need to use a shortcut for calling up the kneeboard, this is known. Check the Easy Comms setting with a mission running and bear in mind the actual EC setting can be forced by mission design.
  9. CASE III is not working atm for the Interactive Kneeboard, will be addressed in next update.
  10. To see the module name, add a 'Write to log' command to one of your TX press commands using the token {TXT:vaicompro.playerdata.currentmodule.name}. Start a mission and press the TX.
  11. Each F10 command has a unique ID that is stored by VAICOM. Location of the command in the menu tree is irrelevant.
  12. Hi all Just to add that there is another elegant option to consider which uses the plugins exposed variables. Exposed variables are there to cover exactly these types of scenarios. Let's assume you already have configured a default 4-hat setup for TX/PTT on your throttle, which you use for all aircraft. But for a specific aircraft, let's say the Mig28, you want TX2 mapped to a hw button on your stick instead of the throttle. This can be achieved in two steps. Step 1 Edit the TX2 Press and Release command in the profile (which a
  13. Can you check either one of the following - Uncheck Instant Select in preferences, - Call just "approaching for refuel" i.e. without the "Texaco", - Set PTT mode to NORM/MULTI instead of SNGL. Thanks
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