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  1. Can you check either one of the following - Uncheck Instant Select in preferences, - Call just "approaching for refuel" i.e. without the "Texaco", - Set PTT mode to NORM/MULTI instead of SNGL. Thanks
  2. @Chaz Noted, thanks for flagging. If there's a mismatch there we'll fix in next update.
  3. That is correct. With easy comms off you need to tune the radio before making the call to the recipient, either manually or using the Select command.
  4. Disable Garmin in DCS Module Manager.
  5. @INFIDEL 1-1 It appears you have some mod interfering with kneeboard bookmarks. Suggest to run a DCS Repair and test without mods. Disable Auto Browse on the EX tab to disable the automated page switching.
  6. The plugin doesn't send any keystrokes so it looks like your problem lies somewhere outside. In any case nothing like this has been reproducible. Suggest to start with a full DCS Repair, disable all mods. Use Reset tab to reset keywords database and enable Debug Mode. Then import a fresh VAICOM PRO .vap profile in VA (using Config tab/Export button and import in VA, FINISH steps) and try again.
  7. What Hornblower says, also confirm Use Appendices is enabled in preferences.
  8. The "Kneeboard" command is not available in VSPX atm (all other IK commands are).
  9. Confirm VA and VAICOM are up to date versions, VA must be running as admin. If needed, use the Custom Path option to point to your DCS install folder. Confirm you have done the FINISH steps. Always start VA before starting DCS. Use the standard DCS keybinds to step through the kneeboards pages (VAICOM IK is the first page).
  10. The correct syntax uses the Page command, i.e. "JTAC,..Page", "ATC,..Page", "Darkstar,..Page", "Batumi,..Page", "Crew,..Page" etc. etc. See user manual. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  11. Easy comms ON is forced by the MP server. Sounds like it's all server-specific. Suggest to test in SP mode and with other MP servers/missions, with and without SRS.
  12. Operate Dial function works fine here during testing, nothing reproducible. 1 - Confirm the Garmin is disabled in module manager. 2 - Test with a clean profile: use Config tab / Export button to get a fresh .vap and import in VA. 3 - Screenshot shows MULTI PTT mode, try with NORM mode. 4 - Confirm Easy comms OFF 5 - Try Broadcast Parallel setting to see if behavior is different. Grtz
  13. For ICS Hotmic you now need to flip the switch in the cockpit.
  14. The Jester menu is available via the Options function i.e. 'Jester,.. Options'. Details in the user manual / AIRIO section.
  15. Thanks all for the generous comments :thumbup: Regarding additional feature requests we can't make any commitments at this time but do keep 'em coming - your user feedback is much appreciated. Cheers
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