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  1. That is exactly what I have said. And probably Hardcard as well. That is, it is not straightforward to add a TACAN beacon on a newly spawned unit. Whether you use Y or X does not matter. How do you spawn the group? Is it an existing group invisible on the map and you clone its parameters or you create it from scratch? Because if you do the later then the list of the parameters you may miss is quite long. Have you tried MOOSE? They have a very comprehensive functions library and I'd be surprised if they don't have a function to add a TACAN beacon on a unit.
  2. It is very difficult to make tacan work through scripting but the best way is to do it is to copy miz snippets and adapt them to your situation. These been said, I have struggled for a week to make a beacon activate via scripting for a tanker. I ended up copying the relevant code after I added a ghost tanker on the map with all parameters set. What you will need though is full parameter list:
  3. There was a time when I played MP more than SP but unfortunately best servers are closed ones. I know because I played closed and open ones. In the open ones you can't escape the Quake Arena feeling especially when you enter alone. Which is not something I hold against DCS. It is mostly how the mission is designed and how many planes are available for achieving the objective. But then if you limit the plane set then not many people will join. Is a fine balance. I would like to see missions being won when you actually hold objectives for a certain period and then regenerated. Number for people playing SP is not a surprise, in fact I thought SP will be 2/3 compared with MP. That would probably make a stronger case for some kind of offline campaign engine which I understand ED is working on. Time will tell. SP is for me these days (when I do play)
  4. If you want, I can post the mission our group (Merc Inc.) uses for training. It is for blue side only. All targets are spawned at your request through F10. You can call tankers, awacs to help you. The portion with EWR can be done quite easy but the easiest by far is to create a trigger zone which overlaps EWR detection ring. There is one problem though with the interceptors coming back to base and scramble again multiple times. Same group will do Refuel and take off just once so you will probably have to spawn new groups every time but at one point you may have a group coming home after you left restricted airspace and a second one taking off to intercept you. You may need to adjust your expectations and/or make some compromises.
  5. I have seen many times this but it usually works. Vec2 gets expanded into x,y while templateID is optional. More interesting is the example given: local target = {} target.x = trigger.misc.getZone('killzone').point.x target.y = trigger.misc.getZone('killzone').point.z target.radius = trigger.misc.getZone('killzone').radius target.expendQty = 20 target.expendQtyEnabled = true local fire = {id = 'FireAtPoint', params = target} Group.getByName('arty'):getController():pushTask(fire) There's no Vec2 directly defined but separate x,y coordinates which makes me think that point Vec2 is split into point.x, point.y in the implementation. EDIT: come to think of it, just to be on the safe side I would use x,y coordinates as in the mission file. Not sure why it looks better to me. Also, worth a shot to check with a Vec2 and see if any difference.
  6. That would be fine if you wouldn't have to assign suppliers manually for that particular airbase. But maybe it works if you are close enough, it works for FARPS if you cycle an ammo truck around it. If the truck is not close enough from the FARP then ground will be unable to comply, if it is within 100m you will hear "Copy" when you request rearm.
  7. Site is down anyway. Plenty of info on hoggit though
  8. Does "Go To Waypoint" is a valid action for aircrafts? I know it works for helis and ground units though.
  9. Your best bet would be to actually parse the mission debrief and count every hit on the targets.
  10. Not a chance for AI to land anywhere else except marked airdromes or FARPs. A heli would land pretty much anywhere and I would hope the AV8 as well but the rest of them will not do it.
  11. Have a trigger which will activate only if a certain unit enters a zone around the SAM. You will have to drive as Tact.Cmdr using only that vehicle to that specific zone and once this is done the SAM site will activate. Up to that moment your SAM will be inactive even if visible.
  12. Asking money to play the game you love? How low have we sunk. End of the 90's there were 5 people showing me the ropes on Falcon 4. Enjoying it while doing it just to see another guy playing with them. I must be old.
  13. Try to print on the screen or in the log the target name. That will tell you if you use the right one.
  14. You are not saying anything different than what I have said. I did not said it was not working but merely stating that I don't know if category 4 (BASE) is seen as runway only or anything within the circle defining the airfield.
  15. I am not saying you came with an arbitrary decision. My thoughts were that a runway can't be dead from one MK-83 hit. You can hit it at the end and a human player will take off unhindered. Probably the AI will not. I am still not sure what category BASE consists of. Is it the runway only or is the VOR, TACAN, Tower etc installations as well. If it is the later then by damaging the runway will not trigger the dead event. If it is not then asking if category 4 is dead it will return true if runway is dead. But again, a human player will not bother if the hits were near the ends of the runway as it can take off easily in 1/2 of the runway length. AI is another issue and most probably will not touch the runway if there are hits on it. By looking at the log, category 4 is the BLOCK_WALL object and that makes me think that if one of them is dead then the runway is seen as unusable by the engine. Again, AI only because I could not care if there is a hole in the middle of the runway and I have an AV8 under my arse. Again, it is just a matter of approach. I would have used the method I would think it's best in my opinion. It is always good when there are multiple solutions to a problem.
  16. Well, there you go then. The hit is not recorded by the BASE object itself (Batumi or whatever base you may get from calling Airfield object) (as expected) but by either a SceneryObject or a StaticObject. That's why I said I am not sure how Base works, is it the airstrip only? Is it anything within the circle around the base? Not sure. That is why I said your best bet would be to record when a weapon was used, pick that object, add it to another event handler which checks if its position is within the zone defined by you and is not in the air (meaning impact). Sure, you will have a realism issue when you drop an unarmed bomb but this is the way I see it. Maybe someone else can come with an idea here.
  17. I can't answer whether runway dying true because I don't know if category BASE refers to the runway only. Sure, whatever works, that's also my approach.
  18. There's no event for damage unfortunately. The only thing coming close to it is getLife function but this is applied only to Unit, StaticObject and SceneryObject. The events are as following : world.event = { S_EVENT_INVALID = 0, S_EVENT_SHOT = 1, S_EVENT_HIT = 2, S_EVENT_TAKEOFF = 3, S_EVENT_LAND = 4, S_EVENT_CRASH = 5, S_EVENT_EJECTION = 6, S_EVENT_REFUELING = 7, S_EVENT_DEAD = 8, S_EVENT_PILOT_DEAD = 9, S_EVENT_BASE_CAPTURED = 10, S_EVENT_MISSION_START = 11, S_EVENT_MISSION_END = 12, S_EVENT_TOOK_CONTROL = 13, S_EVENT_REFUELING_STOP = 14, S_EVENT_BIRTH = 15, S_EVENT_HUMAN_FAILURE = 16, S_EVENT_ENGINE_STARTUP = 17, S_EVENT_ENGINE_SHUTDOWN = 18, S_EVENT_PLAYER_ENTER_UNIT = 19, S_EVENT_PLAYER_LEAVE_UNIT = 20, S_EVENT_PLAYER_COMMENT = 21, S_EVENT_SHOOTING_START = 22, S_EVENT_SHOOTING_END = 23, S_EVENT_MARK_ADDED = 24, S_EVENT_MARK_CHANGE = 25, S_EVENT_MARK_REMOVED =26, S_EVENT_MAX = 27 }
  19. It is not working because InitiatorCategory 4 is BASE. This doesn't die which means Event.id 8 (DEAD) will not behave as expected. Furthermore, a hit on the BASE can return TRUE if you hit anything in the BASE zone which means that this may happen even if you don't hit the runway. Your first try may work if you try to hit exactly in the zone from a higher altitude but you will need to bomb along the runway to make sure impact will be on the runway itself even if the bomb just overflies your zone. Your best bet is to get the Weapon Object through S_EVENT_SHOT handler: local weaponFired = Event.weapon Then you will have to make sure that two conditions apply: weapon is NOT in the air and weapon is in zone(s) you define along the runway. It is definitely possible to do that by using SSE but I would suggest Mist or Moose because most probably they have functions to check if an object is in zone(s)
  20. Mate, you really don't need the intro to lua coding (unless you learn it to do scripting in future) to achieve what you want with my instructions. But hey, to each his/her own. Good luck.
  21. Yep, that's a piece of lua code. You copy it and paste as per my post. Create a trigger in which if flag 777 is on then Tu's are activated. I am not entirely sure what you mean by other objects though.
  22. All of what I said is to be done in ME.
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