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  1. BIGNEWY's post in MFD FCR Text alignment and symbols. was marked as the answer   
    Reported already.
  2. BIGNEWY's post in Viper A-G Gun Ranging Not Working was marked as the answer   
    On a second look in open beta there is a problem, this is fixed in our internal build. 
    thank you
  3. BIGNEWY's post in Refuelling fuel tanks F16 was marked as the answer   
    you need to remove the tanks using the rearm and add them again, this is the only work around.
    We are planning to add refuel sliders to the rearm menu for the tanks but I have no ETA currently. 
  4. BIGNEWY's post in DCS Crashing After Upgrading PC was marked as the answer   
    it looks like a display driver crash, are you overclocking? 
    also you may want to increase your pagefile size it should helps 
  5. BIGNEWY's post in Cluster munition extremely inaccuracy in auto (CCRP) release was marked as the answer   
    the setting in the mfd is a work around currently while we can not set them on the ground. 
    your deliveries are very low, often with the break X in the HUD, when I take control and do the release all seems fine to me
  6. BIGNEWY's post in Help with constant crashing after playing for 10-15 minutes per client restart was marked as the answer   
    the crash is display driver related. 
    Please ensure your windows is up to date, try reinstalling the latest graphics driver. 
    If you overclock reduce the overclock. 
  7. BIGNEWY's post in Can't install the Hind (Does not appear in modules page even though i have newest open beta verision) was marked as the answer   
    you are on the Latest stable version
    Current openbeta is
    you can switch to open beta if you wish to it should help
  8. BIGNEWY's post in CBU-105 question was marked as the answer   
    Please use the BrU-57 smart rack to load two on STA 3 and 7
  9. BIGNEWY's post in MP: Petrovich goes blind and doppler nav readings way off. was marked as the answer   
    I have marked this report w.i.p as we have more Petrovitch tweaks coming
  10. BIGNEWY's post in Viper INS Alignment stuck at 10 was marked as the answer   
    This is correct as is at the moment. 
    Status 10 is the minimum it will reach, there is not enough detailed information on how to reach status 6. 
  11. BIGNEWY's post in New HARM codes after today patch? was marked as the answer   
    Reported and the team will update the manual. 
    CVN-75 SS 413
  12. BIGNEWY's post in US Aggressor Liveries Not Under AUSAF was marked as the answer   
    I do have this reported already, but I do not have an ETA at the moment. 
    thank you
  13. BIGNEWY's post in Updated english Early Access Guide ( July 14 ) ??? was marked as the answer   
    the website download is separate from the install location for the guide. 
    you can always find the latest one in your  DCS World\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Doc folder
    I will ask the team to update the website one
  14. BIGNEWY's post in Unknown module MARIANAISLANDS_terrain? error on DL with todays stable update was marked as the answer   
    should be fixed now 
  15. BIGNEWY's post in Unable to change FOV of TPOD using HOTAS when Maverick screen is on other DDI was marked as the answer   
    this is correct as is the TPOD FOV is overridden by the weapon.
  16. BIGNEWY's post in 9K113? was marked as the answer   
    this is correct as is, 9K113 is designation of whole ATGM complex system in Mi-24, 9M114 is the missile.
  17. BIGNEWY's post in signal flares dont rearm after rearming was marked as the answer   
    already reported
  18. BIGNEWY's post in Cant activate Petrovych UI was marked as the answer   
    Some missions disable Petrovich. 
    Instant action missions will be corrected
  19. BIGNEWY's post in Mi-24P Indestructible Rotor. was marked as the answer   
    this is known and will be addressed during early access 
    From the known issues list at the top of this forum section.
    Damage model is W.I.P but present.
  20. BIGNEWY's post in Multiplayer Countermeasure Sync was marked as the answer   
    this is in the known issues list at the top of this forum. 
    Petrovich countermeasures are W.I.P - you can set them from the Operator cockpit or with keybinds.
    In a future patch Petrovich will enable the counter measures 
  21. BIGNEWY's post in HSI/SA page ownplane misaligned was marked as the answer   
    this is already reported but not fixed yet
  22. BIGNEWY's post in AIM-120C and HARM to friendly SAM site in AA mode will be fired at once was marked as the answer   
    I can not reproduce, when I use the trigger it fires the AMRAAM, the HARM fires when you use the weapon release button.
    can you check you dont have double inputs?
  23. BIGNEWY's post in New HOTAS commands for A/A radar was marked as the answer   
    correct as is based on the information we have.
  24. BIGNEWY's post in ground units - go to waypoint was marked as the answer   
    Hi all, 
    this is working as intended, the unit will take the shortest route to the waypoint you have told it to go to. 
    If you want it to patrol set the sp and dp waypoint close to each other then use goto waypoint. 
    example below
  25. BIGNEWY's post in Aircraft & Fuel tank skin issue was marked as the answer   
    It is the way it is in DCS, same for an empty fuel tank currently, it needs to be removed and added to refuel it. 
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