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  1. On a second look in open beta there is a problem, this is fixed in our internal build. thank you
  2. low priority but I have reported it, thanks
  3. as mentioned this is reported, it is correct but does need tweaking. Please watch for future updates. thanks
  4. Hi Kracicot77 we have taken a look, all seems ok for us. thank you
  5. Hi, this is reported and will be fixed in the next patch thank you
  6. I have reported this to the team for checking thanks
  7. Hi, incorrect, the whole reason we setup the ability to use the saved games liveries folder was so users did not have to mess with the core game files for liveries. thanks
  8. again keep the thread for reporting mods that have not already been added, we are well aware of the communities feelings on this issue. thanks
  9. Please provide your evidence in a PM if needed
  10. by all means add your evidence in the form of a track replay we are happy to take a look.
  11. reported already, and threads merged when we have news to share we will share it. thank you
  12. You should use the saved games livery folder for liveries, its the best option. thanks
  13. Thanks for the report, this is fixed internally and will be in the next patch if all goes to plan.
  14. We have listened and passed on a lot of feedback since the patch. Please keep this thread now for reporting mods that have not already been mentioned so we can highlight them to the team. thanks
  15. please include a track replay. thanks
  16. If possible please include a short track replay or mission example. thank you
  17. Thanks, I have highlighted this to our closed testers also who are watching out for it.
  18. We dont test unofficial mods, the open beta is a public testing build where we can get feedback from our users, which what we are doing now. Please keep this thread for reporting mods that are having problems, if you still dont understand feel free to PM me. thank you
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