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  1. Yes expected, unfortunately older links and youtube tags are broken, I have been fixing important ones first but we wont be able to get them all.
  2. Hi Jak525, Thanks for the PM, however we do not see any evidence for this, if you have a doc reference please PM me.
  3. A livery is a simpler issue, please don't confuse it with adding a weapon system and the avionics code needed for implementation. We have to draw the line somewhere. thanks
  4. Please do not derail the thread. thank you
  5. I have asked the team to take a closer look. thanks for the messages
  6. Thanks for the track, I am asking the team if this is intended behaviour for the Su-25 laser, I will let you know once I have some info. thank you
  7. Thank you for the data in a PM, replied to you in discord DM, I am seeing the missing units when I replay the track.
  8. Hi TinTin I have also ordered and waiting at the moment VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Grip [Back-Order] VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base [Back-Order] Will let you know when I see movement on the order.
  9. Hi, We are planning to improve the laser beam effect, I don't have an ETA at the moment, but it is on the to do list. thank you
  10. Only reason I ask is the team are pretty busy at the moment and to have them look at this is in detail will take time away from development, they are bound to ask me your testing environment and for track replays. thanks
  11. I have reported the master switch, and made some notes about the other switches, however as I read they can be set as desired in the notes. thanks
  12. Difficult to say, sometimes windows updates create issues, sometimes driver updates. It would be a good idea to delete your metashader2 and fxo folder in your saved games DCS folder, DCS will create new ones when it restarts, first load maybe slower while shaders are created, best done in single player first. check no other programs are running in the back ground that were not running before, if you use wingwing HOTAS check their forum section there is an issue creating fps issues. if you still have problems attach a short track replay showing an example of a fram
  13. Strange, try having at least one other window open and see if alt tab works? Seems to be working for me.
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