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  1. thanks appreciate the support. The team will get there, but early access does take time. Also regarding flight models, its real world data that matters, other sims my be great but they are not a source we will use. thanks
  2. please remove all unofficial mods and run a verify in steam thanks
  3. Hi, I can not reproduce this one. it seems to be crashing your display driver 2021-04-16 10:22:01.168 INFO EDCORE: try to write dump information 2021-04-16 10:22:01.172 INFO EDCORE: # -------------- 20210416-102201 -------------- 2021-04-16 10:22:01.174 INFO EDCORE: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19042) 2021-04-16 10:22:01.175 INFO EDCORE: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\d3d11.dll please remove any unofficial mods if any run a full cleanup and repair or verify if steam check windows and display driver are up to date
  4. please remove all unofficial mods and run and cleanup and repair or verify if steam thank you
  5. have you posted evidence for your claims on the forum? I must have missed it.
  6. thanks I have mentioned it to the team
  7. Hi all, I can not reproduce this. Are any of you using shader mods? please keep adding short tracks showing it please let us know which drivers you are using also
  8. No problem, we will keep you all informed as soon as we have new progress. thanks
  9. its already reported but is lower priority at the moment. We have more important issues to resolve first thanks
  10. weapons devs are not flight model devs, they have separate work loads thanks
  11. thanks will let the team know please include a short track replay when reporting it makes it easier for us to reproduce quickly.
  12. Sorry all, I appreciate it is a long time, but early access can take years. Our plan is to have the hornet out of early access soon, then we can put even more resources into the viper. Our viper team are actively working on the new munitions for a future update but as with the flight model work I can give no ETA currently. your patience is appreciated during early access, we know it is a long process. thanks
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