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  1. Hello everyone, please keep the discussion civil, we all have points of views and are passionate, but lets keep it friendly here. thank you
  2. you have many SECURITYCONTROL: Manifest check failed errors in the log. Check antivirus is not creating a problem, remove all unofficial mods if any and run a full cleanup and repair. see if it helps
  3. We do have this reported already, there will be some changes made to how the AIM-9 Seeker works with cage uncage in future patches. I can not say when yet however. thank you
  4. Thank you for the feedback and comments, although ranting is not appreciated, I have already had to moderate this thread, delete posts that were against the rules or quoted deleted posts. Regarding the undo feature it is already requested internally. Next time please keep the feedback constructive.
  5. great to hear, thanks for letting us know.
  6. Thanks for the track I have reported it to the team, it looks like an icing issue to me, but the team will know for sure.
  7. Hi Shadow so partially related to this report I have already made
  8. strange that it is creating an integrity check, and you have any unofficial mods in the saved games location and not the dcs install correct?
  9. yours looks like integrity check failures WARNING SECURITYCONTROL: IC fail: textures/land_rover_101_fc_accessories_normal @ coremods/tech/techweaponpack/textures/land_rover_101_fc.zip which antivirus are you using? try excluding DCS from its real time scan
  10. We plan to update many of the old models. Just finding the time to fit them all in is the challenge. The team are working hard now on lots of tasks. thanks
  11. If you are making hardware changes it is best to logout, then make your upgrades. Also ensure you are not in off line mode. Restart DCS login and you will be good to go. if you are on a new pc and dont intend to use the old one, it is best to logout of the old one, then login on the new one and continue. any problems contact support directly and we will assist you thanks
  12. Most of the Belsimtek team is still here with us at ED, the plans for the F-4 is on hold / not in our near term plans currently. But that's not to say it wont happen at all, it is an iconic aircraft after all.
  13. I have reported to the team, as soon as I have some answers I will post.
  14. It seems odd that it would crash every 30 minutes, like something specific is happening. I would think temps or RAM, Net time it crashes it should produce a zip folder and maybe a track replay, if it does please attach it we will take another look. thanks
  15. Yes OBS, capturing the windows for each application I want to show.
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