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  1. This is one of these quality of life features that seems like it would be easy to implement. I cannot understand why this is not an option yet.
  2. Without any mods installed, I did not have that file in my folder and had to create it. You may have to do the same.
  3. Disable track recordings. Add disable_write_track = true to your autoexec.cfg in Users\<name>\Saved Games\DCS\Config
  4. Holy crap, I just deleted 74 gigs worth of track files dating back to when I built my PC in 2019. I totally forgot that tracks were written for multiplayer. This should be a setting in the menus to disable or at least indicate somewhere how much space track files are using up as it could be easily overlooked.
  5. I just upgraded from 32 to 64 and it was worth it. In Syria on a heavily populated server, I’m seeing up to 49 gigs being used. All my settings are maxed out. I would like to know if it is expected/normal for DCS to use almost 50 gigs of RAM. Was looking at Riva Tuner overlay which is total system usage, not specific to apps.
  6. Yeah this happened to my original R3. I had to send it back to real simulator. I forgot what it cost to fix it. I can’t live without the FSSB so I ordered an R3 Lighting while they were repairing it. Now I have a backup in case it happens again.
  7. I second this. Just reformatted PC and need this mission again. Also would be nice to get this on the PG map. The Caucasus map gets really old.
  8. I have this problem and what solves it for me is clean installing Nvidia drivers and not rebooting. Once the system reboots, my Oculus will have the issue. I have no idea why but that is what happens.
  9. Hmm, didn’t think about that. I will test that out. Thanks. Still wish I didn’t have to do stuff like that in VR though.
  10. I have but I find it to be extremely disorienting. That’s not to say the OP will but I’m just relaying my experience.
  11. OP, here are my two cents. I have the Oculus and the Vive. I prefer the Oculus for a variety of reasons. VR is a game changer for sims and the immersion cannot be beat, I think everybody agrees on that. With that said, I use it maybe 20% of the time and my 1440p monitor the remaining 80%. I cannot acceptably make out certain gauges and objects in VR, unless PD is set extremely high. My personal preference is clarity over immersion. Flight sims are all about sacrifices, from within the sim and how things are simulated to your actual physical setup. At the present, I am not willing to make the visual sacrifices in VR for immersion’s sake. Still, VR is an amazing experience. I hate going back to TrackIR after using my Oculus for a while. At the same time, it is a relief that I’m back to the 2D clarity. It’s also nice to be able to watch TV in the background, which I can’t do with a VR headset. Ultimately, you should experience VR but whether or not you think the trade-offs are worth it (if you think there are any), are up to you. Anyways, those are my thoughts. Also, you should have a powerful rig to enjoy VR if you go that route.
  12. The Obutto cockpit is one of the best purchases I've ever made. If you have the space, I'd recommend it. In my 700 square foot apartment, it takes up a lot of space. Worth it though. I set it up so I can watch TV in the background while on long flights. It took me a ridiculous 14 hours to put it together when I got it but that is because I'm not good at building things other than computers. It can take a while though.
  13. You can also upgrade the WH stick to a force sensing stick. The less moving parts the better. I had the stiction problem among other issues with the one I got in 2011, that’s why I own a couple warthogs. Anyways, once I upgraded my WH stick to force sensing so there is no movement, the stick has worked wonders. So that is an option. It’s pretty expensive though.
  14. I use it for all aircraft. I feel a side stick is the modern cockpit configuration. I have it setup as a side stick on my Obutto cockpit and have an arm rest like in an aircraft with a side stick. It was odd at first getting used to flying helicopters but then it becomes natural. As I mentioned before, the stick doesn’t really move at all so there is almost no wear on parts. No worrying about having to lubricate a moving gimbal.
  15. This is exciting. I have an FSSB R3 and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. Fewer moving parts the better. I just received the angle adapter and it made a surprising difference in the feel of the stick. Much better and natural feeling. Anyways, Real Simulator puts out solid products and I’ll buy almost anything they sell. I just wish they would hire a dedicated translator. It’s hard to understand them sometimes.
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