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  1. I noticed that the bombay and racks in Tu-22M are done remarkably well compared to other bombers. Each bomb can be seen dropping from the rack and rack is empty once all bombs are gone. Nice work by ED. However, it would be nice if these doors can be opened by player in a mod for Tu-22M. Is it possible to do it? In current Tu-22M mod, it is just not possible to open the bombay doors, and bombs from rack drop one at a time.
  2. A bit late to the party since I found this thread when I was missing this functionality for airports/airfields. Wish, this file can be excluded from IC check
  3. After being traumatized by Wonder Woman 1984 and a twisted vision of morality and consent shoved on viewers, I believe we need a Hint video
  4. This is awesome. Thanks Imagine it evolved into AC-130 gunship at some point after a few years.
  5. created a new server. Got client tainted for this file: bazar/shaders/common/states11.hlsl No mods installed here.
  6. I spend 6 hours yesterday to learn ACLS landing after work since I'm too lazy to land manually and avoid harangue from Jester. I did everything right but ended up in water most of the time. Pulled my hairs out of frustrating and went to sleep. Today I noticed this thread and imagine my surprise with Pickachu face. Thanks IronMike for acknowledging. Now I can enjoy my beauty sleep
  7. 1. Load the aircraft with S-24 rockets. 2. Select the rockets via selector 3. Crash. If it wasn't reported before then here it is.
  8. Thanks folks for conducive responses. Should put them in practice once I'm at home
  9. Learning to kill targets in S530D. However, there are some queries, and I tried to find the answers before writing here. Either the search result didn't answer my question or they were too old. 1. How to employ S530? I understand that ideally the target should be slightly above your altitude. However, as we know ideals rarely exist, and the engagement alt is usually less than 5000m which already means reduced range of missile. What if targets decides to hit the deck? How to reacquire the lock and under which mode? SVI? 2. Speaking of SVI, which modes (SVU, BAH) are for what situation?
  10. I started with M2000C. Can line up in formation with no issues. However, putting the knob in basket is a feat to accomplish. Tanker aircraft is KC-135MPRS There were moments when I just wanted to open the canopy, grab the damn basket and shove it over the probe. :D I'll just stay with usual hit the airbase and refuel/rearm. It is safer this way, and convenient for bathroom breaks.
  11. Thanks guys for the clarification. Much appreciated \o/
  12. For some reasons, I can't see the cross when I press "magic slave/ag designate" button for bombing with GBU-12 bombs. These are the steps which I take sequentially. - Radar is on - TAS and and EL1 are selected in PCA - HUD is in A/G mode - Diamond just in front of the target and press magic slave/ag designate button - Weapon release when CCRP line shows up. The GBU-12 flies to target just fine for kaboom :gun_rifle: . It is only that I can't see the cross in HUD so there's no way to know if the designation is on or not. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Subbed to Youtube to see it later since it will be about midnight in EET zone.
  14. That's correct. I didn't consider PREP 00. Let me try this as soon as I'm at home. To all others, thank you folks for taking time to elucidate me. :thumbup:
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