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  1. This is true. But it does greatly help when learning and helps you get the timing and distances for when you do turn labels off This helped soo much when i was learning..
  2. Also really watch your airspeed... When evading missiles speed is life
  3. Fly with labels on if your not already it will help your situational awareness and makes it easier to spot inbound missiles.. It also helps you determine when or if you need to pull a last second high g maneuver to evade an in bound missile... Also fly alot like ALOT of DACT 1 vs1 1 vs 2 and 2 vs 2 bvr engements... Start with mig 23's, then mig 31's and once you can easily defeat them move on to those sneaky su 27's and mig 29's
  4. Because I got launch warning.. I'll fly it again and upload the track file so if the bandit doesn't have their radar on then he's invisible on the rwr but not on your radar?forgive my dumb questions I'm just Hella confused right now.
  5. My scope on the right hand side wasn't picking them up... Even when they close to 20 or even 10 nm the scope didn't pick them up... They must have had their radars on because they had me locked up... Didn't know that turning your radar off made you invisible on the scope..
  6. A couple things... I was playing a 1 vs 1 su27 vs f15 to test the effects of jammer reducing launch ranges and weather I used ECM or not the launch range for the SU was 30 nm.... I thought the ECM was supposed to reduce launch ranges? Secondly.. While playing the 3rd mission for the f15 campain the mission was to intercept a flight of 4 tu-25s and 4 su27... My tews does not pick up any contacts... On my rwr I could pick them up but they were using ECM... How the he'll could my tews NOT pick up any of the contacts ??
  7. Thanka for clearing that up much appreciated :)
  8. And aproximatly what is the warmup time for you ECM?
  9. Sorry let me rephrase... Does your jammer effect an inbound missles ability to maintain a lock either ARHM or SARH?
  10. Hey all, Can someone confirm this for me... When evading a ARHM such as the dreaded r-77 you do NOT turn on your ECM When evading a SARHM you DO turn on the ECM Is this correct? Thanks in advance :)
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