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  1. WolfK33

    TAD "empty" ?

    A full ("slow") repair did the trick, it works now, before I only had done a quick repair. Should´ve thought about that myself, sorry. Thanks again
  2. WolfK33

    TAD "empty" ?

    Hi, thank you for testing. I recently did a repair for some other reason and had this problem before and after, but I will try again. I thought I maybe just missed pressing some button. No, no mods. Except an 80s mixed tape for Heatblur´s Walkman
  3. WolfK33

    TAD "empty" ?

    Ok, just saw the label about the track file, here is one. tad.trk
  4. Hey, probably just something stupid, but no matter if I use for example the instant action airstart "free flight" mission or if I start up the hog myself, I have nothing on my TAD, no aircraft symbol, range rings, waypoints, nothing.. Any ideas what I´m missing ? Thanks, Wolf
  5. Sooo, if I wanted to give a module as a gift and the person already owns the module, would I be warned about that fact during the purchasing process? I don´t want to ask as to not ruin the surprise, but I also don´t want to burn money in case the person then would have two licenses for the module... Thanks, Wolf
  6. Hi guys, I would really like to try this with a buddy cooperatively with the P-47, but we can´t find a way. We edited an existing spitfire into a P47, and the result is that as soon as a ground mission is started that "A2G easy is active" ( or any other a2g mission we try) is repeated over and over again but never actually starts. While troubleshooting we found that even just opning the mission in the editor and saving it without changing anything creates this behaviour. Using just the stock mission it works. Any help?
  7. In the Operations Guide, page 49 and following ;-) https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/documentation/dcs_supercarrier_operations_guide/
  8. Tanker now responds with altitude and airspeed when asking for rejoin. :thumbup:
  9. The SU-33 is part of the Supercarrier package, you can install it.
  10. Yep, same here, I always have to make sure the TrackIR "sees" the Trackclip (or something else, sometimes I just quickly hold my fingernails in front of it lol) before launching DCS.
  11. So it's indeed rather mysterious, not only for me...
  12. Hi pilots, as we know some of the new carrier atc has been already implemented for testing purposes. Does anybody know what exactly to do to trigger them/make them available ? What I always get is "Signal is charly" etc when I´m overhead. Only once, in multiplayer, and only after a bolter I had the chance to call the ball and get LSO calls. So I boltered again a few times on the following flights to get it back, but then I only got communications about weather etc and "see me at 10", but nothing more happened when I made that call... So, anybody in the know? Or is i
  13. I´m getting "502 Bad Gateway" when running the updater edit: Nevermind, works now
  14. I also tried that these days in MP and it did not work. The phrase was recognized correctly in VA, but VA said "AIRIO not available" or similar. In cockpit it was as if I hadn´t said anything at all, no message, no beep. Other AIRIO orders worked. In SP it works.
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