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  1. The MiG-23 is the only plane module I'm really looking forward to. I love the 21 but the total lack of BVR capabilities makes it very hard to use in many scenarios. Soviet 60-80's fighterplane design is a wonderful thing.
  2. So are these bugs in SP as well or are they just MP bugs?
  3. How do you know this? Might happen where you live but here in semi-socialist-capitalistland prices are basically fixed between the biggest online retailers it most certainly won't. Oh wait! I just read up on it. AMD is probably only slashing the Ryzen 7 line so they can position the new threadripper at a very competitive price against the upcoming equivalent Intel monster-chips. I wish AMD would reduce the price a little bit for the Ryzen 5 line too, Intel would then be forced to price adjust their whole i5 line and probably the i3 and i7 lines too.
  4. This is exactly the problem, it probably wouldn't have been a year or two ago but now with the Ryzen 5 line poised against the i5's within the same price range, it is hard to justify the premium Intel commands for a quad-core CPU however good the single-threaded performance may be. Even I have a hard time now to choose which upgrade path to take, sure the games I play today are mostly heavily single-threaded (FSX etc.) but it just feels wrong to pay more for less. I think Intel can kill of their i3 line because they basically killed it themselves with the 67€ Pentium G4560 with HT and just put the whole i5 line under 200€ if they want to put some real pressure on AMD because as it stands, within time, people will upgrade and the Intel path isn't that obvious any more.
  5. IMO, the Ryzen 5 1600 is the golden chip of the day. Unless you do heavy video editing, rendering and stuff the Ryzen 7 line is beyond diminishing returns. Sure, DCS, like many other applications and games of today are still very single-thread dependant but buying an i5 today is not like buying an i5 a couple of years ago. It will most likely age much faster, especially considering most mainstream games are on console where multi-threading is the standard. So that leaves the i7's, problem with that is that you can get moar threads for a lower price with the AMD Ryzens. Remember, even the lowest end Ryzen 5 has 4 physical cores and 8 threads, just like an i7. AMD has positioned themselves very smartly with the Ryzen line at an almost perfect point in time. Lest not also forget, if you want to overclock an i5k/i7k then you need Z-line motherboard which cost extra and is Intels way of milking the last drop out of their product line. You don't need that with the Ryzen motherboards. Another thing to consider is, how many times are you willing to spend money upgrading your motherboard, after all the 1151 socket will probably not extend beyond Kaby-X whilst AMD has promised that at least the next gen Ryzen line will be compatible with their current AM4 socket. Personally, I wouldn't invest in an i5 because it will age poorly and the i7 just isn't enough for the demanded price-point any more. Soon Intel won't be able to get away with just good IPC performance, they need to start stacking them cores and removing artificial paywalls, i.e Z-line motherboards and frequent socket upgrades, to be able to compete. If they don't, they will loose considerable market share within a few years.
  6. Why would one need to nerf the MiG-21 anyway? Isn't it's obsolescence enough of a default nerfing? I don't think for a minute that LN have nerfed it, I do think though that it was released earlier than what they would have liked. Remember how many times they stated that they wanted it to be released in an almost bug-free state? It's not even near bug-free, although it can -and is being- be enjoyed in it's current state, which indicates to me that it was released maybe earlier than they would've wished? Who knows! patch is coming, as always when it is ready. Dates are arbitrary and only lead to disappointments.
  7. Well that explains it, cheers!:D
  8. Or maybe I should ask, does it work? I've tried to click on that little sliding-button on top of the flightstick but it doesn't seem to do anything. Trimming switch is set to on in the top RH panel. I've probably missed something, please, enlighten me.:)
  9. I don't know why you would think that. That prel. fix log looks pretty comprehensive. I'd say no earlier and than next week and maybe liveries one or a couple of weeks later. Don't worry though, it's coming.:)
  10. Yup, really hope they're making the MiG-23 or the Su-22.
  11. Although you are correct that the jet exhaust is a handicap in multiplayer, it still is realistic. A lot of old turbojet engines had similar exhaust trails back in the day, civilian and military alike DC-8/9 and many more. I prefer realism over balancing, especially when it comes to studysim-modules like the DCS series of modules. It can never be balanced when you pitch a cold-war dinosaur like the MiG-21 versus newer planes like the F-15/MiG-29/Su-27 etc. If you don't want disadvantage, pitch aircraft from the same era against each other or something.
  12. I have no idea, think I read it in the manual, oh! here it is: "The delta wing, while excellent for fast acceleration and supersonic speeds, was not the best option for low speed flying and close air-to-air (AA) combat. This was partially improved with the introduction of an emergency afterburner, which improved thrust/weight ratio at altitudes up to 4000m, enabling the plane to fly at low speeds while performing sharp maneuvers and to quickly recover from low speed stall conditions." manual page 12
  13. Maximum altitude for emergency afterburner is 4000 meters.
  14. swe_badger

    Gun cam

    I think it's a good thing that it is so easy to remove. I never turn it on and I'd hate having to go through the mission editor to turn it on or off. IF I turn it on, I simply look down when I flip the switch and just pretend the cam was there all along.:D
  15. I have the Sibwings Antonov AN-2 for FSX and it uses a very similar pneumatic system to power the breaking and turning.
  16. Some Finnish MiG-21's had a mix of 3(!) languages in the cockpit: Finnish, Russian and some English.
  17. Also, being a father of two small children doesn't help. No way I have time to learn and fly more than one aircraft at a time these days. Because of the complexity and the sometimes huge difference between different modules I find myself struggling to even maintain my knowledge in the aircraft I CURRENTLY fly. If I were to jump in the A-10C cockpit today, I probably wouldn't even get it started tbh. I am relegated to the late evening hours, tired and worn out, trying to enjoy what little time I have with my modules. Life is grand, isn't it?:)
  18. lol! Yeah, boy did I click all over the place before I found that.
  19. I'm having real difficulties landing, I try to come in fast and smooth but as soon as the landing gear touches the ground it's like "BOING!" and up in the air again.
  20. At least Dolphin said he wasn't satisfied with how the suspension works and they will tweak it.
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