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  1. I really wish they would allow us to map joystick inputs to the f1 -f12 radio commands. Just add binding options in the UI layer for 'radio response 1' through to radio response 12' sure it's another 12 bindings most people might ignore but anyone who has any form of button box could then have radio answering buttons. The Fkeys are the only thing I ever have to reach for the keyboard for!
  2. Could you use a zone/zones and use the trigger action 'remove scenery' to take out the original tanks then replace them with new static objects-structures-chemical tank (or whatever it's called). I think there are a quite a few buildings in the list.
  3. There seems to be a few of us getting CTD from the mission editor since the last round of updates, is yours only crashing out when trying to set up the carrier? I cant even put an aircraft on an airfield.
  4. I'm having withdrawal symptoms from my rift, well simming in general actually, I lost my game room to the new baby in May. New house next week tho :) I agree that complex aircraft like the A10 are tricky to read the instruments. Rift is also very poorly implemented in the civvy sims like fsx p3d and trying to fly anything with complicated avionics sucks. although I cant wait to try xplane11. Rift is awesome for simple seat of the pants flying like the Huey, I never get nausea except that one time where I entered vortex ring state and dropped like a stone, my stomach fair lurched!
  5. Rift is amazing. VR is absolutely amazing, I can still remember my first day with it, played about with the demo software at my sisters house (thats where my rift was delivered) so I'd had got a feel for it and the initial wow had died down a bit. THEN I got home and fired up DCS World, loaded up the f15 and boom, I must've sat there gazing around quivering and muttering "funk me!" for at least 5 minutes. I could never get the hang of the Huey before, but with VR you can sense when your drifting about so much better. I find most things readable in the a10 cockpit, I use radio helpers which takes out that chore and I know what most of the switches do without reading the labels anyway. The HUD and MFDs are pretty clear and the mouse interaction with everything is the best effort of any sim so far (If P3D 4 gets to this standard, I'll be happy) Having most of your essential controls mapped to your stick is also helpful. I just have my mouse in reach, its not hard to find without seeing it, it's always where you left it :)
  6. So I've knocked together a couple of high resolution normal maps based on the template. The only way I know how to use them is by replacing the normal maps in the default huey textures folder (C:\Flightsims\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Bazar\Textures\uh-1) in my case. This of course means that If I use any of the default liveries I have a miss match again. Is there a line I can add to the description.lua for any custom livery so that I can specify the custom Normal map, that way I can leave the default Normal map alone for the default liveries. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjTzvds8mlNQg1gMKzv9qw9tgLcP https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjTzvds8mlNQg1k04QYPxY9_RHjL these are .dds files rather than .bmp but they work straight off, remember to backup originals if you try these, I guess updates and repairs will over write these with original too.
  7. Anyone else noticing that the detail layers in this template don't match the original liveries, It causes a miss match with the normal map (bump map) on custom skins. Sorry for being picky :) I might have a go fixing it but can't promise much (only moderate Photoshop skills!)
  8. I have a system. You can bind keys/joystick buttons to toggle gunner doors open and shut. Closing a gunner door also sets that gunner to HOLD fire, so from there you know what state you're in. From that point one tap of the gunner ROE key will set him to RETURN fire and another tap will set him to FREE fire. (these also open the door)For the co-pilot/operator as you toggle through his ROI, you will see his flex sight go up when he's is set to HOLD fire, from there one push for RETURN fire and another for FREE fire. Also if you enable the AI status panel in the options menu you can see it when you hit ESC to pause. (I'm running DCS 2.03 only)
  9. I'd like it if they implemented that option too, for now tho I use a similar idea to NielWillis. On my desktop I have 2 shortcuts for dcs. in one of them I have added a command line modifier to the target to make it load without vr, I can leave VR set to on in the settings menu.
  10. Yep another here, I'm running my rift on a modest GTX970. It is a case of, the experience outweighs the graphics, sure I've had to turn down some settings to get decent textures in the cockpit. But honestly I got goose bumps and just sat there repeating "f**k me" when I first sat IN the f15. On a practical note, I switched mouse control on so i can move my pointer rather than look at switches. did a cold start in the a10 with no problems, it is a good system.
  11. Starwars Hawk in the desert Sun Not the greatest screenshots but I'm proud of this skin even if it is pure fantasy.
  12. shame on me, I actually read the manual and realised I'd made an ass of myself with the nose wheel steering comment :)
  13. I haven't played with the Hawk for a while but had a go this morning. Also had an issue taking off, control surfaces moving but no authority to get off the ground. on further attempts I noticed that my HYD2 warning light was on so I pressed the HYD2 reset button then waited for the Pressure gauge to go up and the light to go out. bingo now my elevators give lift. Still having issues finding a nose wheel steering button tho.
  14. within the track IR profile there is a keybinding for pause, perhaps this will then allow the in game keybindings to work as you require. I havent played with the flexi sight yet but i've always used the pause function of track IR to stop my viewpoint from wandering when trying to click small switches in any cockpit
  15. would you beleive that it was truck sim that tipped me over the edge to buy a wheel, all the racing games i usually play are quite content with the joypad. a 900degree wheel makes truck sim a better game. The physics are passable but the management side lets it down. Addictive for a couple of weeks, far from the worst game i've ever bought!
  16. in the in-game control settings have you deleted all keyboard controls for control surfaces. if the ailerons are still controled by the keyboard cursor keys and the joystick is sending keystrokes then this will happen.
  17. "can take more punishment than an entire farm full of disobedient donkeys" "missiles shaped like those giant oversized boxing gloves from the cartoons which give enemy commanders the middle finger before punching them in the balls and then detonating with enough force to create a volcanic eruption on Mars." these lines crippled me, tooo funny!
  18. only by using programming software. eg set the ingame slew commands to the cursor keys then in the programming software map the the 8 positions of the hat switch accordingly ie hat diagonally up left = up arrow key and left arrow key. I think in some programing software you can tell the 8 way hats to behave like a 4way.
  19. Yep as above, ctrl f11 to turn any view you are in to a stationary free cam. You can use your mouse wheel to set this free cam in motion or use the keypad * and / to move it back and forward. As Iron hand said use rctrl * or / to zoom in or out. An extra helpfull tip is after you have postitioned your stationary cam wherever you want, you can the push ctrl f3 to turn it into a flyby cam where it is.
  20. ah yeh. i just sent you a reply via pm but it was more based on my p51 efforts. If you've allready done the jet i guess a lot of what i was saying was old news to you. Is it the A10 you're doing?
  21. how will the Caucauses (I know that's spelt wrong) region work with edge? will the game use a different terrain engine depending on which theatre you are playing or is the edge engine able to work with the legacy terrain albeit with out some of the new features (whatever those might be).
  22. well given that the control stick and throttle move in the cockpit directly linked with your joystick on your desk, pilot head movement could indeed be linked with your track ir or whatever method you use to look around. (may look a bit robotic if you use keys, and maybe some freaky Omen moments if pan past realistic neck range.) The pilot head would just have to be animated in the same way as the control surfaces and cockpit controls of the aircraft. Maybe easier if this was done initially with upcoming aircraft than re-animating the more or less finished ones. Having your virtual pilot mimic your own head movement coupled with some hand gestures like Rise of Flight would be cool in multiplayer. Imagine looking across at your wingman, virtual eyecontact from one plane to the other while chatting on the VHF (teamspeak) Emotes in a flight sim, well i never!
  23. Yes i admit that it is a only a minor annoyance, if the ED and thier software ws a steaming pile of you know what, i would not even mention these little things. But because ED are generaly great and i have much respect for thier products that i'd like these things ironed out. If you're gonna be the best might as well be the best by a country mile. And yeh i do believe that with the new update system we wont have to do this very often.
  24. i've even tried to look at stuff off screen when watching tv. nobody has ever noticed or at least they've been polite enough not to say anything.
  25. I find myself in a familiar situation (along with many others i'd guess) I will have to install BS1 purely for the purpose of activating the new version of the BS2module. Is there no way that we owners of BS1 who bought the BS2upgrade can submit the serial numbers from both BS1 and BS2upgrade so that we could be re-issued a full BS2 key and the previous two made invalid. I could then throw my boxed copy of BS1 away (no valid key anymore) and move on. Either that or on the BS2upgrade installer just have a second field to enter the BS1 key. Or another way, provide us with a miniscule downloadable BS1 which contains no actual game data, simply to make the required registry changes and ask for the Serial. (actually, if I installed and activated BS1 but then deleted all the files would that work? the game would be installed as far as the registry is concerned but i'd have my drive space back, might be a workaround) I hear it is a similar thing with FC3, requiring a previous version of FC or the original lockon. Seems weird to me to be installing ancient games which contain 0% of the code needed by the sequel just for the purposes of activation.
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