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  1. I spray paint buttons (cast with epoxy) with several layers after thoroughly washing them. I mask the front and then engrave them in a fixture. I hand paint with runny white paint prior to removing masking tape. they backlight really good. I don't think I would be able to accomplish without engraver. Good luck!
  2. Thanks. I was about to start a topic with just that question ,"should I upgrade my gtx1080". Looks like there is a significant gain. Now I need to decide whether to stretch for 3090 or if 3080 will be sufficient. Expense is a factor, but mostly it's the availability that will need to be overcome. What is your take guys on 3080 vs 3090 ? 10700 is my CPU if that matters, running 3 screens
  3. Top level build, can't get better then that. Boutique builders will always charge significant sum for the service so there is that. CPUs are near identical, since budget seems to not be an issue I'd go for the 11th series. 32 GB of RAM will be plenty. To my knowledge DCS doesn't use that much. If this PC going to be used for other compute intensive tasks then 64gb may be of slight help. Storage is pletiful, Motherboard, I'd say dont go overboard, something in 250$ range will be more then sufficient. PSU, since you going for 3090 you have no option to go any less then 850W Additional charge for thermal paste seems very questionable.
  4. None of these 2 points are PC overheads. 1. Connectivity is via LAN (or wifi). You will open corresponding port on your host PC in the DCSBIOS script. I think it's ideal. 2. That is true, new hardware purchase and new (untriviall ) skillset to learn. It's your call on how you want to accomplish the faster CDU display you desire, your reservations are understandable. Good luck !
  5. I don't see how a server for RPi export has that impact.
  6. good luck on your project! i'm stlll planning on 3.5" analog screen (out of automotive rear view monitor) driven RPi for my CDU. Result was very responsive I lost the code from five years ago but I plan to revisit and recreate from the below
  7. Free + shipping: Garbage lot 1 - odd sized landing gear panel for one of my first attempt at cockpit building. all plates are acrylic. strangely enough it has usable backlight . comes with fitting flap gauge body Free + shipping: Garbage lot 2 - Flap gauge body. 3 available
  8. ARC-210 early attempt. Unfinished. FREE, just cover shipping. * copper clad PCB backplate etched for 3mm LEDs (attempt at Edge lighting). micro tact buttons soldered + fitting light plate * copper clad PCB backplates etched for SMT LED diodes (soldered) and SMT tact micro buttons + fitting lightplane * engraved face plate * clear spacer plate (fits behind backplate)
  9. Posting Bunch of stuff I will not be using. Perhaps someone will want any of that so I am offering it here before it goes to garbage. Perfect - SAS Panel - 25$ + shipping. prototypical size . can be backlit with 3mm LEDs. made with 3 layers: lasermark faceplate, .25" lightplate, .125" acrylic backplate. Aluminum tape mounted onto backplate to provide reflection since the back of lightplate wasn't painted. comes with Knob. you will need to drill the knob for shaft and a set screw and touch up the pointer with white paint. I've yet to complete the TO trim indicator Scratch and Dent - CMSP Panels. Prototypically sized. cannot be easily backlit. Engraving quality is usable but not perfect (large image under the spoiler) . translucent green screen cover. 3 lots available: Lot 1 - 20$ + shipping. made with 3 layers: lasermark faceplate, .25" lightplate, .125" Aluminum backplate . comes with painted, undrilled epoxy replica knob. Lot 2 - 20$ + shipping. made with 3 layers: lasermark faceplate, .25" lightplate, .125" Aluminum backplate. comes with unpainted, undrilled epoxy replica knob. Lot 3 - 5$ + shipping. made with 3 layers: lasermark faceplate, .25" lightplate, .125" acrylic backplate. panel edges NOT painted. comes with undrilled epoxy knob that needs paint stripped and repainted.
  10. Thank you Vinc. I will try to learn something from that resource, for one the HT16K33 chip looks like a viable alternative to drive the 8 displays. Fuel panel is built, details here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/274056-grass-device-fuel-panel Working on radios. started with Analog ARC-164 Switching units available on ebay. I am not looking towards decoding the truth table for these switches Lot's of LEDs , but it lights up nicely
  11. думаю проблема в том что тема "только юмор" а юмор как раз и отсутствует. ну разве то что у американских танкистов не оказалось под рукой "נגח חולץ" (второй по важности инструмент после 5килограмовой кувалды). так себе юмор... решение проблемы на видео нахожу вполне нормальным. у танкистов говорят "то что не идет силой пойдет с еще большей силой". на видео не велосипед ©
  12. Very good question. I'm very curious about this as well. While we at it I'm wondering if anyone tried windows 12 yet.
  13. I cast buttons with epoxy resin, paint (several layers) and then engrave. sits on top of buttons as you described. there is some freeplay but I think the outcome is indeed satisfactory .I had a good attempt propping the buttons forward with small pieces of sponge/foam to avoid rattle while not blocking the LED but don't have any pictures. Good luck!
  14. Up to you of course. I'm Using a 27 Incher for the MIP. To me it looked perfectly suitable for the hornet as well (I couldn't decide which way to go at a point). The MFDs drawn below are 6.75 inch, not the 5" thrustmasters. more then enough room. good luck on your build! my screen is a 7 footer. I would have loved to have a bigger one but this one will have to do.
  15. I'd say use a single monitor for MIP, this brings you at total of 4 devises connected to a single video card which is perfectly fine.
  16. To export viewports you will need to modify the monitors.lua file as appropriate for your setup. To make things easier Open a profile Gary linked to in Helios editor. Perform reset monitors, reposition the viewport stencils as appropriate for your setup and let helios generate the monitors.lua file. You will need to point DCS to use that Lua file in graphics config section. Good luck.
  17. I appreciate the offer Les, for now I have all the gears I will need . Eventually I will learn this subject - I prefer to have a fishing rod instead of giveaway fish as much as I can. I will be asking questions though
  18. thank you Vinc and Vlad! that is exactly the thread I was looking for. I thought I was subscribed to it.
  19. there are quite a few user profiles in https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/filter/type-is-profile/unit-is-fa-18c/apply/
  20. thank you guys. no1sonuk, yes, this is all laser cut. I am considering getting a SLA printer, would love at some point to get into helical gears but not yet sure where to begin designing these. I've been FlatCAD guy so far. found good font for the OLED display and played with DCS-BIOS code for the 3 digits . I remember there was someone on this board who accomplished animated change of digits sliding up and down to simulate the number wheels. for the life of me I cannot find this thread. I would really appreciate any assistance with that if anyone can. If not I will settle for normal digit change.
  21. thank you Deadman and Les! Les, movement is sufficiently smooth, I tested needle actuation with the "sweep" arduino example and didn't observe any jittters. I'm still working on full sketch, hope to post video of needles in motion soon.
  22. Here is a device I really wanted to build for very long time - fuel panel. Servo Driven, 0.91" OLED display, Interface via DCS-BIOS Hydraulic gauge details Front lit Front and Backlit "Visor" detail Fuel Gauge details Concentric needles Mechanisms panels Backlight test
  23. Andre, quick question. what event would trigger deactivation of your sound module expansion? no changes to PC aside of windows update. had to reactivate today for some reason.
  24. why not use Helios for this? you can start with cap's FA-18 profile, modify to use with whatever amount of monitors and than use the built in interface generator to build monitors.lua appropriate for your layout. http://www.captzeen.com/helios/f18.asp
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