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  1. Черный Дракул, dude... "just services stock market speculants in their gambling" - stock market and the market makers is the very reason things such as GPUs exist. it's not governments but venture capitalists that funded those companies state of USSR's economy and later collapse was a text book demonstration of why planned economy and government intervention never works. the fact you and I can't get a reasonably priced GPU indeed sucks. I get it, I was also planning to build a PC for my sim. but that inability is far far from "harms the society". i'd say even the opposite - a transpa
  2. This ban never prevented the thriving black market in USSR, which was used even by the very elite. this statement of yours is either shortsighted or ignorant. what on earth would give any government on this planet the right to tell me what medium of exchange I should use with those who agree to trade with me and what I shouldn't ?
  3. I I started with small K40 laser as well. I now use a. Bigger machine with true 40Watt of power output (Chinese manufacturers liberally overstate capabilities ). Both can cut through 1/4" acryl in one pass if properly aligned and focused. As to uniformity of light, true on what CC said. Needs good LED positioning . Things get significantly better with reflective back though
  4. I'm working on AHCP panel. I can't get to painting due to low temperatures in the garage . here is more images for anyone's reference. Faceplate + Lightplate assembly prior to paint. in this case i'm working with a piece without protective film. this means the front will have thicker layer of paint then usual. while this is not an issue on mechanical engravers in my case i'm most probably going to make additional pass for best clarity of engraving ( I engrave at the lowest consistent power I can get out of the machine). backplate to be painted as well.
  5. any guestimates on when things get more "normalish" ? I am thinking to buy when Intel releases their 11th series ( march-April?) , but it looks like I will not have a GPU ...
  6. tried several processes through the years and narrowed it down to the below. I use laser , you will need to do your adjustments. painting with rattle-can spray paint. For the face plate I use engraving material called lasermax. it's a white polystyrene sheet 1/16" thick (that's about ~ 1.6mm) painted black at the factory. Light plate (mid layer) is a 1/4" (~5.2mm) transparent acrylic. this thick layer provides rigidity and ability to tap thread into it if you need it. prior to cutting the lightplate it gets a coat of white spraypaint to help reflect the light. cutting the lig
  7. We have a dedicated subforum for cockpit building right here. There is also several FB groups that have this topic covered. You are welcome to contribute to either
  8. Hi Callum, great to hear from you again and thank you for kind words. Fast? Well, I guess that is relative . From my vantage point I don't get nearly as much time as I would have liked to work on these . I have extra PCBs left, I would love to have my devices as part of your build. But we will need to confirm fitment and I cannot commit to a timeframe at this point. weather is a factor, right now it's -10C so the laser coolant bucket is frozen shut . plus started new work last week and it takes pretty much remainder of the free time. All I can promise is that I eventually will get to
  9. CMSC device is alive. Based around HCMS-2973 displays. Buttons still need to be engraved.
  10. Awesome. last picture looks like a scale model for some reason
  11. good looking art, but please please please! Sand the prints or finish it at least somehow. those print marks are ruining the entire build
  12. thanks DM. I was monitoring the TK series , T4 somehow didn't come up on my radar. researched the catalog some more and verified the sizes. after some back and forth and then a painful plunge I have pair of T5 switches incoming. Right engine throttle grip is painted and ready. My warthog is getting an upgraded IFF , looks like it was pulled from a Viper . Non rectangular to fit a very specific location. First batch of knobs painted IAS, ADI and altimeter bezels Trying to make functional ELEC/PNE switch with embedded pair of 6mm tactile bu
  13. Thank you very much for the comment amido. MIP in progress CMSC Details New faceplate for the throttle is complete. lots of SMT LEDs glued into recesses ground into the backside. Backside is layered with clear insulating tape, aluminum reflective tape and self adhesive PVC light blocking old VS new. if anyone wants the original throttle faceplate let me know (it lights up with 5V. orange) And mounted. looking at this picture I think it was worth all the effort. now I need to find these OTTO directional switches. Mo
  14. if you didn't tap then the only way you could have got the screw part of that standoff in is by deforming the threads. Nylon has enough elasticity so it probably will hold but for how long? plus I don't think it's good idea to stress the acrylic. why not just tap the sheet ?
  15. don't glue anything, it has to be removable. Drill and either use a nut or tap a thread. the 2.5mm acrylic sheet can reliably hold a bolt. I usually do M3 unless specific task requires smaller. or you can use pins and headers to sandwich a device together , it holds reliably if you place them strategically. below is a sandwich of 3 boards not counting the PI
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