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  1. New F-16C 176th Fighter Squadron Livery Mega-Pack available. 28 individual liveries representing the 115th Fighter Wing of the Wisconsin Air National Guard from 1993 to present, together in one pack! In addition to the regular squadron tails from various eras, the pack includes 3 colorful Anniversary schemes as well as the latest Have Glass V paint. Link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318102/
  2. You're welcome - now, thanks to Bankler, we have the official update! My pleasure - great stuff Bankler - thanks for the update! :thumbup:
  3. Hey, no problem Bankler - and thanks for the update! :thumbup:
  4. Ah, easily done! Glad you're back up and running.
  5. Yes, this is the error that we have been talking about - did you... 1) Change the two triggers from "Once" to "Mission Start" in the Mission Editor as I outlined in my instructions a few posts back? 2) If so, did you save the mission with a different name as in step "9"? 3) If so, when you got the error, did you load the mission you edited (as opposed to the original unedited mission)?
  6. You get to the Mission Editor from the DCS Main Menu - the button is on on the right hand menu just above the "Exit" button.
  7. Great stuff - glad it helped - Thanks to Sedlo for figuring out the fix Hey NP - Glad you're up and running
  8. So to make the temporary fix for DCS 2.5.6... 1) Open Bankler's mission v05.10 in the mission editor 2) Click the 6th button down on the left column where it says "Set Rules For Trigger" to open up the available triggers (see pic) 3) Click the top trigger called "ONCE (Moose Run, ON MISSION START)" 4) Click the drop down box next to "Type" to see type options 1 through 4. 5) In my case, I changed it from "Once" to Mission Start" 6) Click the second trigger called "ONCE (Mission Script Run, ON MISSION START)" 7) In the drop down box change that from "ONCE" to "MISSION START" 8.) Optional... I use this as a single player mission rather than for multiplayer as this was designed for, so I have to change the first airborne "Client" F-18 to a "Player" F-18 9) Save Mission with a different name so that you still have the original if this doesn't work. 10 Fly good, don't suck!
  9. There is no "fixed" mission as such. You have to fix that yourself in the mission editor like Sedlo posted (instructions in the next post) - Bankler said he's not going to fix the mission until DCS is stable again
  10. The download link is in the first post of this thread
  11. Great find Sedlo! I was also able to get the F-18 air start to work with 2.5.6, but for me the first 2 triggers were already set to "Once", and I had to change them to "Mission Start". I haven't been able to get the F-14 air start to score me around the pattern yet though. But at least the errors are gone from the last time I tried it with 2.5.6
  12. Good advice. Things are a bit too volatile now with current open beta. Mr Bankler updated from 5.00 to 5.10 on account of this issues and now some more heckups going to 5.10. Let things settle somewhat. Actually, since we don't know what is causing the issue. I would leave it up to Bankler to decide whether it is too much trouble to fix now or not. If it is one simple thing, then fixing it a couple times and uploading the mission each time may not be too much to ask. I, for one, use this mission most days to keep my skills up around the boat. I also find it fun just trying to get to 75/75. It may be months before this latest patch is fixed. Or, it may be that whatever ED has done that causes this mission to break is done now, and will remain this way from here on out. Waiting to see if they change something else could take months too. If it means a complete re-write, then maybe it is too much. Either way, it's not our call to make. I'm sure Bankler will take a look, and will decide the best course of action. Just my 2 cents!
  13. I'm seeing "Main:" in the top left, and "Static1" in the top right all the time, both airborne and on the ground in the F-18.
  14. Hi Bankler - Thanks for making this awesome mission - it has really improved my flying around the boat! Unfortunately, since this latest version "DCS Openbeta", I am now getting error messages and no scoring/text of any kind. The messages are "Mission Script Error"s - the first one is "string DleayedMissionStart", and the subsequent errors are "String Init: attempt to call global init". None of that means anything to me - perhaps it makes sense toy you! I have tried your missions versions 04-02 (I changed the KC-130 to a C-130 so it would work), and the latest 05-10. Both were working with the big update earlier this week "DCS World open beta", but neither work with today's update "43872". Assuming this is not just on my install, I wanted to give you a heads-up. Thanks again for the great work!
  15. Same here, but only when the KC-130 is tasked with refueling. When a C-130 is tasked with transport, it is visible. Update: Yep, already reported
  16. Yes, attempting to torrent updates has always been much slower for me too. I always have to choose HTTP.
  17. Thanks for the update. In the mean time, if you can't wait for the update, I have a solution that works for my setup to get rid of the mis-alignment on my HP Reverb here... https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4051963&postcount=26
  18. I have found a workaround for this issue on my system. I can now use the Reverb in DCS without eyestrain. At least I'd say it is 90% of the way there. Update: Actually, it's 100% fixed for me. tl;dr - open DCS through Revive Long version: The "normal" way of manually injecting Revive into a game by right clicking the "Revive Dashboard" icon in the Windows task bar menu, then clicking "inject" didn't work for me to start DCS. When I started up Steam VR and clicked "Revive", DCS was not available in that library, so I had to move files manually as follows... 1) Go to your x64 Revive folder e.g. C:\Program Files\Revive\Revive\x64 2) Copy all 6 files from the x64 folder into your DCS\bin folder e.g. C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin (not sure if you have to copy all 6, but that's what I did). These files include the ReviveInjector.exe file. 3) In the DCS\bin folder, drag the DCS.exe file on top of the ReviveInjector.exe file you just copied. There is also no need to have "Windows mixed reality for Steam VR" or Steam VR open before you do step 3. They will start up automatically. 4) DCS will open in VR without the eye strain issue. I saw immediately that most of the mis-alignment had gone from the menu page, and it remained almost completely aligned once I got into the sim. If all that works for you, then make a shortcut on your desktop to save dragging the DCS.exe file onto the "ReviveInjector.exe file" every time you want to start DCS... 5) i) Right click "ReviveInjector.exe" in your DCS\bin folder ii) Click "Create Shortcut", and put the shortcut on your Desktop iii) Right click the shortcut, and click "Properties" iv) Copy everything in the "Tartget" box e.g. "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\ReviveInjector.exe" v) Click at the end of the Target box, and type a space. vi) Paste the text you just copied at the end of the original text, so you have it twice e.g. "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\ReviveInjector.exe" "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\ReviveInjector.exe" vii) Change the 2nd "ReviveInjector.exe" to DCS.exe, so it looks like this... "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\ReviveInjector.exe" "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS.exe" viii) Click OK, and use the new shortcut to start DCS in VR. Issues: 1) Doesn't work if you use DCS_updater.exe instead of DCS.exe, so you will have to manually check for updates. 2) Doesn't work if you create a bin folder in "Saved Games" for the ReviveInjector.exe, so updates may delete the Revive files you copied over. (Will have to wait and see when we get the next update). Update: So far the DCS update has not erased the Revive files in the "Bin" folder. Be interesting to hear if this works for anyone else.
  19. I have this same issue in DCS with my HP Reverb. Very bad eye strain caused by mis-aligned left vs. right eye views. There is a definite up down mis-alignment which I would say is the worst issue. Your eyes can compensate for the mismatch, but the result is severe eye strain. You can see it right on the front menu screen as well as in the simulation itself. For reference, I have the stand-alone, non Steam version of DCS, although I have tried running DCS through Steam as a non Steam app, and that makes no difference. The length of time it takes for my eyes to "return to normal" after using the Reverb in DCS is proportional to the time spent in DCS e.g. spend 5 minutes in DCS, it takes 5 minutes for my eyes to "uncross" after I take the headset off. I spent 45 minutes in game, and it took about the same amount of time for my eyes to readjust after that session. I also have a Rift S, and that works perfectly with the same install of DCS as I am using with the Reverb. Unfortunately, the resolution is much lower with the Rift S. Also, the Reverb works fine with every other game I have. As with many other people, I bought the Reverb specifically for the higher resolution in DCS. It does work great from that perspective, but it is unusable due to the eye strain issue from the mis-aligned views. I have tried everything I can think of to correct the issue myself, but nothing has made even the slightest change to the mis-alignment. I saw the Samsung Odyssey thread on what seems to be a similar issue, and I hope that this will be looked into for the Reverb as well. Thanks.
  20. Very sorry to hear this sad news. My deepest sympathies to Igor's family and the Eagle Dynamics team.
  21. Not exactly - TLDR: the Pimax has 3DOF, and does track pitch, yaw and roll head movements 1 to 1. However, it does not track up/down (DCS z-axis), left/right (DCS y-axis), or forward back (DCS x-axis). The Pimax has an internal gyro for head position, but does not have base stations to track position away from the original place that you spawn into the cockpit. So, I can move my head 180 degrees to the left and see the aircraft tail just as if I were in an actual aircraft (1 to 1). I can also look all the way up and down 1 to 1, and roll works wherever I'm looking. I cannot move horizontally left/right (e.g. to see around the HUD) or forward/back (e.g. to look around the canopy bow), nor vertically up/down (e.g. to get a better view over the nose). You could use the Rt-Ctrl + Rt-Shift + Keypad keys for those axes, but obviously that's not activated by head movement. If you want all 6DOF, you would need to use the TrackIR with it, but as you say, it cannot turn 180 degrees to look directly behind 1 to 1. I imagine you can get 6DOF with the Vive and Oculus because they have base stations, but since I don't have either of those, I can't confirm that. I have used it with the Track IR over-riding the Pimax gyros, but again, looking left/right is not 1 to 1. I briefly tried to use the left/right/up/down/forwards/back of the TrackIR in combination with the pitch, yaw, and roll of the Pimax, but had no luck. I gave up when I remembered that the TrackIR would not continue to work when I turned my head to look directly behind with the Pimax. Also, if your main task in life is trying to spot bad guys as far away as possible with labels turned off, I don't believe any headset would be optimal for that, and you might want to stick with a good monitor.
  22. Hi lefuneste - If you use the Pimax in extended mode (now called "Video Mode" in the latest software update), I got the same bad effects you talk about with TrackIR. If you use the Pimax in "Pimax Mode", and stop SteamVR from staring like I mentioned here https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3088944&postcount=39 there are no such bad effects, and it moves exactly like it does when you are looking at the monitor with no headset. To try and translate these terms, with the Pimax in "Video Mode" (extended mode), you can see a second "display" in the Windows 10 Display Settings at 2560 x 1440 resolution which is the headset. To use this, you have to move the program over to the new window to see it in the HMD. This is the mode that gives the bad effects you mentioned. If you have the Pimax in "Pimax Mode", there will be no extra display in "Display Settings", and the program is seen on both your monitor screen and in your headset at the same time. This is the mode I need to be in to get TrackIR working properly with no bad effects using the instructions in that link above. I did not change any TrackIR settings from when I use it with my monitor. I am afraid I am not familiar with the OSVR HDK2, so I don't know if it works the same way. As I mentioned in my long review earlier in this thread, you cannot always see all of the A-10C HUD clearly. I believe this is due to the font that is being used for the A-10C, since the HUD is perfectly readable on the other jet aircraft I have tried.
  23. You're welcome - yea, will I get something for sending money was my first concern! Go right ahead - I have tried it in pCars1, and it worked straight out of the box in that sim. Slight caveat... I didn't have my steering wheel hooked up at the time, so I couldn't steer, and only got as far as turn 2 at the Nurburgring - But it looked really good! Also, make sure you adjust the eye height off the floor correctly in the SteamVR setup, or your head will be sticking out of the roof, or you won't be able to see over the steering wheel. There is a minor screen door effect in some circumstances, but I haven't noticed it much in DCS. Regarding the pixels, I would not say it is like looking at a monitor, but it is so immersive, you forget you are not actually in that sim world anyway! One thing I would add to that is that even with the IPD set correctly, the focus is sharp directly ahead, but a little blurry if you move your eyes left or right to look at something not in the middle of your view. It makes you turn your head directly in the direction of the thing you want in sharp focus (like a gauge). I didn't notice this when looking at the terrain, since apparently, you don't need to focus on every detail. For sure, it's not perfect, but for me it is a way better overall experience than looking at a high quality monitor. If your goal is to see the sharpest picture, I would recommend a good monitor. If your goal is to feel like you're really in the airplane, this headset wins hands down.
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