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  1. This also happens when you ripple GBU-16s or others. I've set up to drop single, 2, ripple 30ft.. Upon Pickle the plane explodes..
  2. PLease remove this thread. Found it! The reason it's not working is because the Slew controls are bound to an axis and if the deadzone is 0... it will never stabilise. Please remove!
  3. Hi, I currently can't ground stabilise the TGP anymore. Attached find the mission used for it and a track. What I did: 1) A-G Mode 2) set Bombs into CCRP 3) enable TGP 4) TMS down (free it from waypoint) 5) slew on target... and it WONT stabilise. Rechecked my binding but I am using the Warthog stick and all functions (TMS all directions) work.. Retested in TWS A2A modes.. work. In A2G it wont stabilise. Has anything changed I am not aware of? Cheers Khegrow F16_TGP.miz TGP_area_point_wont_work.trk
  4. If still possible I'd like to register -=BC=-RebeltheHusky -> F-16C (instead of an AI) :)
  5. Hello, I'd like to register 4 pilots for blue. -=BC=-Wolve -> Hornet -=BC=-Gotcha -> Hornet (that's me) -=BC=-Countvonaltibar -> Harrier -=BC=-Thezoq2 -> Harrier Cheers Gotcha
  6. No... not my intention. I was rather looking for a work-around. The init.luas of the screens for instance allow some "modification" and "tuning" and that's what I was asking for. In addition.. had no problems up to now (if we ignore that exported screens always had been darker on the Viper for instance.. and I reported this a long time ago). So all that happened now is that they applied this "darkening" to the Hornet too. And YES I trust they know how to fix it, since..it worked before :)
  7. After some toying around with the init.lua files and modding on thickness/fuzziness... I realised the problem having problems to read even the word "Step" only occurs on the SA Page only. Changing to any other page results in better readability. So: Bug? See here: Main screen (default values) and here the SA page (default values) note the fonts and the letters suddenly changing the colors.. and of course.. the exported displays are next to useless as they pitch dark..
  8. For me they're just plain unreadable. The exported ones are even more useless. Here's two screens. 1) without toying around with gain and map enabled. 2) With gain used .. On the right side your see the exported ones.. and no it's NOT the monitor ;) AMPCD is useless.. (Pictures done on native resolution) Anyone has a clue how to fix that? Would be really appreciated.
  9. the MFDS and especially the AMPCD are way worse than before. The AMPCD is so dark that even red contacts are next to invisible. I can see them only while highlighted. Stepping through them doesn't work either as the yellow bracket is invisible now. This is way worse then before. Don't even think of exporting these.. Brightness doesn't work either. If I enable map I can't read the greens...plain invisible. Maybe I am missing something but that's unplayable and useless.
  10. The MFDS/MPCDS and AMPCD are way darker then before the latest open beta. They seem to be set to "night" by default now. Worst offender is the AMPCD (center..) I can barely read it now. This is getting even more worse if you export these.. Please set that back to the old state..
  11. @Nighthawk: I was mostly comparing it to the performance of the S300 (on which the chinese missiles are based on) and therefore was amazed that they perform way different.(Short: like on steroids... ) @Grimes thanks for the explanation and for reporting.
  12. Here you go again... just in case ... Made on last build: All missiles hit.. and no damage after first 20%. Cheers Khegrow lets_do_some_betatest3_build_2_5__50793.trk
  13. Sorry if the track wasn't good. Regardless of the scripting the damage should be applied and setting this up for "beta-test" is easily done, so here we go.. Setup: Oliver Hazzard Perry Class USS Arleigh Burke Ticonderoga Skill: Excellent ROE: Weapons Free Air Weapons engage: on Alarm state red, Skill vs. Type 52C destroyer Skill: Excellent ROE: Weapons Free Air Weapons engage: on Alarm state red, Skill Result: Both "fleets" engage ONLY if closer than 25nm (so much for long range missiles..). After a while the red-ships SAMs are depleted and the Harpoons begin to
  14. Sorry for the broken link.. *clueless Have attached it now. Cheers Khegrow deka_destroyers_indestructible.trk
  15. @Bignewy thanks for your reply. I've uploaded the track. (in spoiler) There's multiple of these destroyers but you can check the ones being attacked. one is located at Harvadarya (DQ20). The other is located in the east (DQ94)
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