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  1. Why is the price point ridiculous? It's only $149. That price for a low-volume, niche, highly functional device doesn't raise any flags for me.
  2. Uhh, because the Warthog HOTAS came out ten years ago: https://www.simhq.com/_technology3/technology_174a.html DCS A-10C was their first modern jet sim after the highly successful Blackshark.
  3. Good god man, that keyboard from 1987? :smilewink:
  4. Ya but at what resolution? Up-scaling can look very bad.
  5. IMO after purchasing the Index and returning it, it's the most over-rated VR headset out there. Easily lost out to my modified Vive Pro with Odyssey+ OLED panels and Gear lenses. As a 8KX backer, I have one coming in July with the foveated rendering add-on. I also have the G2 Reverb on pre-order. So I will be battling these two against my modified Vive Pro. I think the low 75 Hz of the 8KX may bother me; IMO I would say the G2 Reverb may have a slight lead based off of specs for my usage.
  6. I've had a RTX Titan since it came out. The only way the extra VRAM helps is if your current card is maxed out.
  7. I get my 8KX in July. Should be interesting.
  8. Wow, is this ever still a problem. With the Supercarrier especially, holy heck the shimmering is ridiculous. Nothing in this thread as worked for me to eliminate the god-awful diagonal line shimmering.
  9. That ~3% is only because the 10900K is clocked 100 MHz higher at stock over the 9900K. There is no IPC improvement. Just clock the 9900K appropriately. Something like less than 1% of games would utilized those two extra cores... certainly not DCS.
  10. 10900K isn't going to do anything over a 9900K. DCS uses very few threads and going from 8 to 10 CPU cores won't help. 8 core is already way overkill for DCS. DCS just wants very fast core clock.
  11. Anyone ever find out if you can overclock the TrackIR? I'd like higher than 120 FPS/Hz to match a higher refresh rate on my monitor. Right now I have DCS FPS capped/locked at 120 to make TrackIR 5 smooth but would prefer higher.
  12. Get Samsung B-Die RAM. Good RAM is all about finding the highest frequency with the lowest timings and then tweaking in BIOS. https://benzhaomin.github.io/bdiefinder/ B-Die 3600MHz at CL14 is about the best you can get. Can overclock it to 3800-4000 MHz if you're good.
  13. I'm the same. VR was cool for a little bit, but it also has huge negatives. High refresh wide-screen with TrackIR over VR for me.
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