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  1. Does the F18 have the function to set Net ID and User ID like in the A10c, and as it’s supposed to becoming feature complete soon if it isn’t implemented is/can this be done in this jet.. Cheers
  2. Noticed on my hosted Server that it’s not showing my country flag... this is looking at it from my own network... is there a setting to set this anywhere ? Thanks Jim
  3. Looks like they changed the key binding back to original key near enter....
  4. Imacken, Thanks for you pointers anyway, its what makes coming to the forums usefull… Jim
  5. Imacken, Further to your suggestion I noticed your VR is a HP Reverb Pro and not an Oculus Rift S. Trawling through the forums and support boards looks like your incorrect this program will not currently work with Rift S outside of the Steam environment, and as I run DCS outside steam looks like I’m waiting for this fix. Looks like an SDK issue .... fpsVR will only work on the Oculus Rift in games that do not force the Oculus SDK/API. Some games (Elite Dangerous, Pavlov VR, ...) will override the SteamVR SDK/API when using an Oculus Rift, and prevent SteamVR from drawing to the headset
  6. Imacken, I’ve checked and I’ve got Hide Overlay set Ok, I’ve changed the position to both to HMD, Only thing I notice is the steam VR star room is showing in a dialogue box and I can see the fpsVR in that screen and can toggle but doesn’t seem to overlay in DCS... Arrrgghhhh
  7. A quick question … are you launching the Steam version of the game ? Jim
  8. No Joy Cant seem to get it to work in DCS it does work and toggle in SteamVR… I have it bound to : Position, If Controller is On - Follow the Bottom Position Position, If Controller is OFF - Attach to HMD Other Overlays - Off Anywhere else I need to check/set.. Thanks Jim
  9. I hit the button on Steam for FPSVR but I cant get the overlay to show ingame … Its shows in steam VR and I can toggle on/off.. Can you confirm you have it working in DCS latest build .. Thanks Jim
  10. Thanks guys, So toutenglisse reading that post Afterburner overlay did work through OTT until the recent patch, and imacken, looked at that app might hit the button on it as it’s cheap..... Thanks
  11. Playing with stat and trying to get Rivatuner to display various stats inside VR... I think I've set it up correctly but pressing my shortcut toggle key does nothing to bring up stats. Any guides or helpers appreciated
  12. I agree with Coxy... game seems to be getting worse in MP. It’s over 6 months since the Falcon was in our hangers. We were promised a lot of the systems developed for the hornet would enable faster future product builds in particular the F16, yet it still hasn’t seen much smart weaponary incorporated yet ....
  13. Hello... We currently run our single server DCS instance on a Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF cost £120, second hand for base unit and spent around £120 for 500GB SSD, swapping CPU from i5 to i7 and extra 16gb mem upgrade although 16gb that came with it is plenty. Specs I7-4790 CPU @ 3.60Ghz and 32GB (DCS Server Typically using 4-5GB), Win 10 Pro, 500SSD & DVDRW, connected via Virgin Media 380dn/35up. Wireless Keyboard & Mouse. NO DEDICATED GRAPHICS, USING PROC Intergrated GFX... Used as workshop PC in garage for misc stuff whilst hosting DCS... Nice little machine only downside I would
  14. Recently got a brand new Simshaker Jetpad FSE from Andres shop.... used for a couple times but can’t really get on with it so offering up for sale.... paid over £250 including import taxes etc... looking for sensible offers ... PM me for offers and details... Dangermouse
  15. Im trying to download the Server auto restart utility but its coming up - file link broken … any help ..
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