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  1. Fantastic Bo,I always loved your F-86 bare metal skins and now your giving the P-47 the same treatment.....BRAVO Sir !!
  2. It was also a pity they did'nt fulfill their initial promise to create an ' S ' variant too,this would've opened up a whole host of possible historic skins,but like the updates,that have since stopped,this now presumably has also fallen on stoney ground. Like many others that were once interested in the MiG-23 'Flogger',I shall also not be bothering with it,knowing that it too will not be finished.
  3. I've lost the enthusiasm to navigate this tedious forum anymore......DCS are obviously not interested in it's members opinions,so I'm certainly not going to waste my time on their ridiculous forum any longer,cheerio amigos. I would just like to say a big thank you to all my old friends that I have corresponded with over the years.
  4. What's very sad,and will become quite apparent very soon,is that these days,people are lazy,they can't be bothered with things that don't suit them,so many who can't be bothered to navigate this new forum,won't complain,nor make their argument with it......they will simply just disappear,which is a real pity.....so DCS.....expect a mass exodus of many of your members. However,you hold the power to change this problem....just replace it with the old version.
  5. Preferred the old style to be honest,this new format is just tediously difficult to navigate,and.....if it ain't broke why fix it ?....just my two pennies worth,if this is the way ahead I don't think I'll be visiting as often as I did,sorry DCS.
  6. Wow !....Superb work Greg,these really are beautiful mate,thank you very much Sir.
  7. @ bephanten I could'nt agree more,but the answer to your question is,as always with these modules...they've had their money,the sale is done and bugs are are a non profitable issue,harsh reality but reality all the same. If this was not the case......the issue would've been fixed......I stand to be proved wrong.
  8. Thanks to all that offered their kind advice,I now have it all running nicely.....the problem was,as you might think have guessed,use error,well it could'nt have been anything else could it ?.....I omitted to put in the 'underscore' in the Mig-21_CP :doh: So thanks guys :thumbup:
  9. Hi,no offence taken,your offering help so thanks,but yes I do know how to change the livery in options,unfortunately I've still only got Default,Chinese and English,not the ВВС СССР option.
  10. This just is'nt working for me,sorry,I have followed your instructions Olsiv,I have only used my Open beta version in my Saved Games folder,created the folder Mig-21_CP in my Liveries folder and installed the BBC CCCP folder from the download,but in options there is no BBC CCCP. Could you please help,this looks so good,thank you :thumbup:
  11. +1 Agreed ,''some time'' :doh:
  12. +1 I too agree with razo+r's comments,unfortunately the Ai in DCS is sadly ridiculous,and it's performance is a nonsense.This makes the whole concept of any realistic dogfighting within Singleplayer missions totally pointless. When you are up against an aircraft that does'nt share the same,or even simliar flight characteristics or parameters as your aircraft,especially where it is'nt punished for over speeding or over heating the engine,and does'nt have any stall behaviour to speak of,it's just a joke. The Ai characteristics in DCS are a joke.....and are in a dire need of a serious fi
  13. Frankly,I find these' Is it worth buying 'threads nonsense,because we all have different,personal tastes,just check out the relevant videos regarding the map and work it out for yourself.
  14. So do I.....they're the best :thumbup:
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