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  1. Hallo zusammen, VR und ich sind leider nicht kompatibel , aus diesem Grund verkaufe ich meine wirklich wenig benutzte (eigentlich neue) Oculus Rift S inkl. Originalverpackung und Versand in D und AT um € 295,- Schöne Grüße aus Wien Stefan
  2. *** VERKAUFT *** Hallo, da ich kaum mehr fliege, verkaufe ich schweren Herzens meinen VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle Wenig benutzt, Zustand wie neu, Kaufdatum Mai 2020, funktioniert einwandfrei Hoffe ich mach jemandem eine Freunde mit der Rarität Schöne Grüße aus Wien Stefan
  3. VERKAUFT *** VERKAUFT *** Hallo zusammen, nachdem ich meinen Virpil CM2 Throttle bekommen habe (ja, es gibt ihn wirklich :D ), verkaufe ich meinen ersten VIRPIL Mongoost-50 Throttle. Wenig benutzt (vielen Dank an meinen Nachwuchs :D ) und funktioniert einwandfrei. Versand aus Wien PM bei Interesse *** VERKAUFT ***
  4. Thank you for the explanation :thumbup: After a very, very short test, it seems to work now
  5. Sorry I´m totally lost :cry: btw. the DCS-BIOS and DCSFP versions, could someone be so kind and point me to the right direction After a looooong absence from DCS I started all over again with my Switch Panel (PZ55) and here is my problem: Installed the DCS-BIOS v0.10.0 and the the DCSFP 4.0.39a.. So there is no more DCS-BIOS Folder inside the SCRIPTS Folder and I cannot find any *.exe in the 4.0.39a Folder. I tried it with an old DCS -BIOS 0.7.1 and DCSFP 3.6.22 and it somehow works but only as a KeyEmulator. What is the right way to use DCSFP nowadays? Thank you very much
  6. Hi ArthurDCS! Great news, that you are still improving your SW :thumbup: It´s one of the Must Have SW with DCS A small Feeedback, tested with latest 2.0 Alpha, 1.5.7 and DCS-BIOS v0.6.0 DCSFlightpanels_x64_2.1.699: FIP is working Performance is improved when CPU Priority is set to Highest Still laggy but its working for me DCSFIPS_x64_1.0.49: Doesn't work :( No FIP Image in the Setup Window of your SW when I try to save a setting, I get an Error message like .... something with HidLibrary.dll..... I took the dll-File from 2.1.699 -> resolved the Error message when sa
  7. Thank you! What a great mod :thumbup: I´m able to fly the A-10 with my Rift
  8. This looks great! Can you send me a copy?
  9. Yes. Both knobs are working perfectly and the needle is moving. Sometimes the FIP and the FP software stop working. I have to switch back to the desktop and start your software again. Then switch back to DCS and the FIP is working. For me its no big deal, its a great software :thumbup:
  10. Holy Moly! It´s really working :thumbup: I can switch through the screens and they show the right data
  11. Is the FIP now working? This would be great news :thumbup:
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