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  1. Hey, At the end of every mission, you receive coordinates and after a while a red circle appears designating you the target building. Once you find the target take a scrnshot. You can still continue with your missions since striking suggested targets is optional. Hope the picture helps
  2. Hey, for an unknown reason, wrong files were included to a previous update. We notified ED in order to include only the correct documents. Until it is fixed, the correct files are the ones without version numbers. ex. "Operation_Pontus_Manual.pdf"
  3. Hey, could you please let us know which AIs are still problematic and their given role/task. Thanks Petritis
  4. With around 2.500 libres of taken fuel you should be ok. I will test again later and let you know.
  5. Hey, do you remember how much fuel you got? Also with the latest update you have the option to skip mission if you like.
  6. Hey, you have to take a specific amount of fuel in order to continue. With the latest update you have the option to skip the mission if you like.
  7. Hey, after your XOs debriefing you have to wait a while until the red circle containing the target appears. If you click on it should say something like "strike". Also do the coordinates match the ones of the red circle?
  8. Hey, this issue never occurred to us during testing. Could you please provide a track file so we can a have a look.
  9. Hey, new files were send to ED in the previous week that solves this issue. They should be up int the next update. Thanks for your patience
  10. Hey, no you only get the coordinates of the target once you land on the carrier. For this reason it is crucial to take a screenshot of the target and the coordinates on F10 map.
  11. JTAC doesn't give you info about the target suggested by your XO but for ground troops. Depending on the type of the target and your payload they will tell you what weapons they want you to deliver. A small tip, GBU10s works best for target buildings suggested by your XO.
  12. Hey, thanks for the heads up. This issue has already been taken care off and should be fixed in the next update.
  13. Hey, thanks for your feedback. From our part, we constantly try to improve the AI behavior. Even though you are not able to change the waypoints for the rest of the squadron, you can set there area of operations though F10 menu when you assign their tasks. This applies at the moment only for CAP roles. For more tips you can have a look here: Hope that helps.
  14. Hey, on the bottom of this message you will see the coordinates of the target. Then press F10 and in the given coordinates you will see a red circle. Zoom in in order to see the correct building and its elevation. Printscreen will help you even more. In the next mission open mission planner and set a WP to the building. Hope this helps.
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