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  1. Thanks a ton Simicro! :thumbup: That's great. Nice you are back on DCS. Best, Greg
  2. Thanks a ton for your purchase and detailed feedback :thumbup: Greg
  3. Hi, yes indeed the parking spots have changed and it impacted the mission. The new files have been sent to ED and the fix should be available in the next Open Beta update. Thanks for your patience Greg
  4. Hi, apologies if you meant something else but I see it's still correct. Mission 6: The A-10C mentions that they spotted the Mortar group in the North West and asks for your support as they are engaging the group in the south. So there are actually 2 groups in the mission but you need to engage the correct one to proceed (the trigger only works if you destroy the northern group). Mission 7: If you meant this dialog it mentions: "Maj.Karabelas: Let's go Captain, the C-130H has probably arrived at Senaki Airport. Start up and take off. The airport is a few miles to the North."
  5. Apologies, I just realized this was not a question about the UH-1H Argo Campaign :doh: I am not sure if the F10 menu to skip is available in the campaign you are referring too. Greg
  6. Hey, it's possible to skip. In the first minutes of the mission, there is the option through the F10 Radio menu. I hope this helps. Greg
  7. DCS offers the "Mission Planner" interface, in which the player will be doing most of the planning, based on the intel he receives, the status updates and the guideline that will be available. I believe the campaign, is done in the way in which the player will feel the dynamic aspect and will be able to enjoy this different gameplay style. We hope you will all like it. More details shall be available soon. :) :D
  8. Thanks, I am checking again on stable version to see what's going on here. Greg
  9. Thanks, it should need +5 seconds. I guess it's the parameters that are not working on your setup for some reason. Did you have the collective on the full down position too (try using num- too to be sure)? Thanks again Greg
  10. Thanks a lot. I tried this but in Argo's case the watt was still set. It seems it's not the solution :( I am trying to re-save the missions and see if it helps but no luck yet. For a weird reason it works well when you create a new mission but not on the campaigns which were built on older setups. Greg
  11. Just tried it and it worked for me. Could you please let me know if these steps worked for you? 1. Take out the mortars group >>> Get message to head to the FOB 2. Once you head there get the message to land on the FARP 3. Land on the FARP waiting to receive the next message 4. Next message appears It doesnt matter if you land on another square but I am thinking if you face the same issue as some guys faces on Mission 1 (engine set to idle after landing). The engine has to be to idle and wait for some seconds. Please let me know if that helps Greg
  12. I just checked and it worked after 3-4 secs. You need to land "inside" the crowd that is waiting for your arrival and then put the engines on idle. Could you please check if your engines go back to full idle? Maybe it's a HOTAS thing or so. In case it's still not working for you please let me know to check other possible reasons. Best, Greg
  13. Hi, the triggers were checking if your engines were on idle and it was ok so far. This must changed during a recent update forcing you to wait more. Will try to find a workaround as this can break several triggers in the next missions as well. Best Greg
  14. Hi, You should see the "Skip Mission" option though the F10 menu during the mission start. This will get you to the next stage. Please let me know if this didn't work. I see other reports that must be related to the latest update so will try to fix asap. Thanks Greg
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