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  1. Yes, but I believe that the HUD, as it currently is, is an accurate representation of the real thing.
  2. Cobra, please tell me there will be an option for a higher refresh rate HUD. Watching that video made me feel queasy. The contrast between the refresh rates of the HUD and the 3D world seems to be causing some kind of motion sickness in me, like I'd been spinning in a swivel chair. No game I've played has ever caused a similar effect in me. As it is, I would not be able to fly this plane. Like many here, I've essentially been waiting decades for a Tomcat sim of this quality, and I would be absolutely heartbroken if I was unable to fly it.
  3. Indeed. As I've said before, it's like the children in the back seat of the car. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?". No, we're not there yet. Don't you think I'd tell you if we were? Please stop asking. :)
  4. Personally, I never use ILS except for carrier landings, so I don't mind, but for people that want it an option would be nice. It absolutely was. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. :)
  5. Nice. From someone that doesn't use Facebook, thanks for posting. :)
  6. From May 11th: "Work is ploughing ahead on the Spitfire, Wildcat, Vampire, Meteor and of course Typhoon. There are all in various stages of development and Pete has been posting some updated pics on our Facebook page so keep an eye out over there and subscribe. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=166585 Towards the end of the month when we're back from ITEC I'll post a more comprehensive update." It's not a lot of info, but when they have more to share, they'll share it. I don't think they're waiting for someone to ask before they update us further. :)
  7. There are many different species of bird that go underwater. Here's a cormorant trying to catch lunch. [ame= ] [/ame]
  8. But, you are paying for the manual. The cost of the manual is factored in to the price you pay. Wouldn't it be great if you had the option to not take the manual, and pay less?
  9. A-6 Intruder F-111 Aardvark Tornado GR4 Sepecat Jaguar F-15E Strike Eagle Buccaneer F-105 Thunderchief EE Lightning F-4 Phantom. I'd buy them all.
  10. I know you've made your understandable position quite clear on these, but I too would love a Buccaneer and a Jaguar. And a Lightning. :)
  11. Don't you mean you thought it was younger? Or are you confused about when the Vietnam war ended? The Vietnam war ended in '75, meaning that if you thought it was a post-war model, you thought it was younger than it is. :)
  12. Glorious. Really looking forward to this update.
  13. You realise that's not what you said, right? :)
  14. Of course it does. That's precisely what it means. If it was finished, there wouldn't be any more updates. :)
  15. This warrants further explanation. EA wanted to sell DLC for Dragon-Age 2 via an in-game shop, bypassing the Steam store (and bypassing the 30% fee). Valve didn't agree to this. According to EA, it was Valve that removed EA's games from the Steam store, not EA. That's the only publicly available information on the subject. By the way, you said "big players", implying that there's another big player other than EA that no longer sells new release games through Steam. Can you name another one? AFAIK, EA is the only "big player" to ever have their games removed from the Steam store.
  16. You're far more likely to get the help you need if you post this in almost any forum other than the Community News forum. Maybe try the input/output forum?
  17. Another interesting read from Foxtrot Alpha: http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-five-maneuvers-that-were-prohibited-in-the-f-14-tom-1757179036
  18. F-15E SEPECAT Jaguar A-6E F-111D Tornado GR.4
  19. If you don't mind me asking, why does that make a difference to you? Do you not buy modules for aircraft that are no longer in service? Does an aircraft no longer being in service make it less fun/rewarding/enjoyable to fly?
  20. Perhaps one of the missile types (RB-15F, RB-04) does?
  21. Tornado was by Digital Integration (DI), not DID. DID were the guys responsible for F-29 Retaliator, TFX etc. :)
  22. Unfortunately, Flycat is mistaken. There is no setting in the Steam client software to prevent a game from updating. It's only possible to choose when a game updates - either as soon as the update becomes available, or not until the next launch of the game. The only method to prevent Steam updating a game is to launch Steam in offline mode. So, if you select "Only update this game when I launch it" for DCS World, and only launch DCS World when Steam is in offline mode, you should be good. To do this, from your Steam library screen, right-click on DCS World and select properties. Then click on the updates tab. At the top of this page in the Automatic updates section, click the drop arrow beside "Always keep this game up to date" and select "Only update this game when I launch it" from the list. Just remember never to launch DCSW when Steam is online. :)
  23. Yes, there is. You can't use your non-Steam module keys to download modules from Steam, but you can merge your non-Steam modules with the Steam version of DCS World. Just keep in mind that there are no guarantees, and it's not officially supported. If something goes wrong, ED won't help you. Here's a guide: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=135189
  24. Hmmm. Cobra's Black Sheep avatar. The Marine Corps squadron VMA-214 are known as The Black Sheep. They currently operate the Harrier II. New and unique PFM features and aerodynamic configurations New or unique methods of propulsion or force distribution Far more complex avionic and computer systems than in the MiG-21 Don't the Marine Corps' Harrier's have the APG-65 radar system? Isn't one of the APG-65's modes Real Beam Ground Mapping? Ground Mapping and Targeting Radar Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I've almost convinced myself. :)
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