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  1. mhe

    Vulkan API

    Should be. The real question in that regard would be whether ED sees fit to port DCS to OpenXR so we don't have to mess around with multiple APIs (e.g. Oculus and SteamVR).
  2. mhe

    Vulkan API

    It is kinda scary how prophetic this post is in retrospect.
  3. Have to sell a new Sharka-50 grip and a T-50 grip. 150 for the Sharka and 90 for the T-50, both excluding shipping. The Sharka got a minor cosmetic imperfection on the right side (seems like there was a crack that they fixed with glue) but function is not affected. Located in Austria.
  4. Due to moving house (again...) I have to sell my Obutto r3volution frame. Includes the tabletops, triple monitor mounts, stick and throttle mounts, shifter mounts and a NobleChairs Icon instead of the original cheapo Obutto seat. Also comes with a 2-part pedestal on wheels to make the whole contraption a self-contained and movable simpod. Obviously doesn't include hardware. Asking price is 490 Euros excluding shipping. Item is located just outside Vienna, Austria, if somewhat reasonable close wants to pick it up, I'll help with transport (have truck, will travel).
  5. Vive Pro 2 with invoice, warranty and original packaging. Includes mic filter mod, VR Covers (original padding unused) Item located in Austria, can ship. Asking price is 520 EU shipped.
  6. @frenzonThanks for this good Sir, it looks freaking amazing! Can you elaborate more where you get those rings or which parts they consist of? Your version looks far superior to the bulky presenter solution. I'd buy some off you as well if that works for you. I just can't believe that I live in an age where this is finally all possible!
  7. Probably wait for the thing to release, I guess Casmo will bring us up to speed how to effectively work together as a crew.
  8. Works for me and gives a bit of a performance boost but I do get really bad shimmering with it for some reason, so I don't use it at the moment.
  9. https://developer.oculus.com/blog/oculus-all-in-on-openxr-deprecates-proprietary-apis/ So, in a few days, the current Oculus SDK is considered deprecated by Facebook and it won't get meaningful updates anymore and only very limited developer support. Since DCS is being transitioned to Vulkan, I was wondering how the VR side of that transition will be. Will that one ship with the by then deprecated Oculus native support plus OpenVR support like we have now or will it be OpenXR from the get-go or, God forbid, ship without initial VR support at all? @BIGNEWY can you please throw us a bone here?
  10. Nevermind then, I'll have a look there, thanks, didn't see that one.
  11. So the same guy who made our vision within VR finally sharp (via the reshade mod) now injects experimental AMD FSR support into SteamVR. I'll have to check that out: https://github.com/fholger/openvr_fsr AMD FSR should work on Nvidia cards as well mind you, so can't go wrong with that one. Hope you'll enjoy and please share your findings, gotta go and play with that myself now.
  12. Hi, love CF so far, any idea when the newly added airfields of the Syria map will be added to the map that comes with CF? Tiyas AB is missing for example.
  13. mhe

    Vive Pro 2

    Unlikely. Their setup routine literally installs steamvr if you don't have it already and if you launch the console, it launches SteamVR automatically as well.
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