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  1. Okay, someone want to translate? I get that it is an advanced ir tracking system, but beyond that my Russian is a bit rusty;)
  2. I caught the last half of it and it was more about the Afghan/Soviet war than anything else. I mean, they rarely showed any footage of the plane, or even talked about it all that much. Maybe all that info was in the beginning. Hope it's on again.
  3. Well you could always volunteer and buy him one yourself!:music_whistling:
  4. If your willing to spend around $1500 I'd suggest a westinghouse 42" 1080p. Very good screen for very little considering the size. I'll never go back to a smaller screen again.
  5. *Johnny Carson voice* I did not know that! I've never heard of the Rooivalk, has it not seen any combat, or in too small numbers? I'm probably just sheltered.
  6. To me this looks like an updated version of the Italian Augusta Mangusta.
  7. Pilotasso's right, even if such "Plasma" stealth exists, I can't begin to imagine the amount of energy needed to maintain a constant field or even a brief one. From an energy/cost standpoint alone, I don't see how it is effective. As long as we're dreaming, why not take the energy spent making "plasma" and create a magical force field that is impervious to impact... Blah... Next topic.
  8. Seems to me that if you want peripheral vision, the closest you're going to get is either surrounding yourself with monitors, or using the emagin z800 vr thingie. The z800 is a low resolution, but has the potential for 3d I think. The main problem with any type of headset right now is fatigue. I can barely stand to be less than 2 feet from my monitor, but less than and inch... I can only (e)magin the the headaches. Once they up the resolution and refresh it should have more promise.
  9. Definitely the Razorworks Enemy Engaged series. It was a pretty complete sim when it realeased, and although a bit simplified, the mods keep making it more and more realistic. Arneh, just figured out how to make a decent start up sequence instead of pushing one button and you're flying. He also added autorotation. I'm amazed how much has been done every time I play it.
  10. battlefield2 choppers to me are way too touchy. Almost like I'm on the head of a pin waiting to tip over. EECH on the other hand is intuitive. I don't know if BF2 is really all that realistic though.
  11. Great work Will Bill! I wanted to say this on the touchbuddy forum, but whenever I try it tells me I don't have the access or something. But nonetheless, this is awesome!
  12. What other things do they do that are strange to you IguanaKing? Always fun to see something different but work just as well, so I'm curious.
  13. No, it's a thumbprint reader, like on the new ibm notebooks. A quick scan and everything turns on, the plane takes off, and automatically puts you on the bandit's six. :D It almost looks like some new AOA meter, but I have no idea either.
  14. I think we haven't seen a lot better is because they probably don't sell many of them. The companies don't want to risk making one with better resolution that costs another 500 dollars or so (complete ballpark figure) just to sell less of them. So, they keep putting these lower res ones out thinking that this magical time if they sell a lot, then they can make a higher res one. They just keep testing the market, and keep getting the same result. They don't get that bumping up the resolution would cause them to be far more successful than they think. And so they don't take the risk. I
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