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  1. Yup, many little things to improve on older BST models, hope they’ll do it. BTW, one of the rotor blade is .. smaller for some reason 3D artist sometime should do like mechanics : check a wrench ( funky animation here ) hasn’t been left here before shipping final product
  2. Of course subject to tastes etc but why making a whole new model ( cause it is ) to make a UH-1N or Y ? The Huey I assume we all fell in love initially are model 204/205 ( UH-1B,C EFGH .. ). If you want something more modern, we’d rather go the Blackhawk/Seahawk route cause the Huey, being HU-1A or latest Bell 212/UH-1N are just better engines and avionics upgrades ( basically ) over the same old airframe, with more or less same modest performance of the good old but draggy two bladed teetering rotor.
  3. Maybe asking on the Russian forum may help ?
  4. This should be tuned I a bit. If you take a real life example ( SA365 Dauphin for instance ), you would never want to drift the tires sideways or you risk dynamic rollover. Even with little weight on it, rubber against concrete is not a very sliding combo
  5. We appreciate your helpful and comprehensive attitude BIGNEWY, I definitely understand bugs can be much more tedious to cope than it sounds.. Still I'm curious what have caused this feature to break, especially only on the Mi-8 ( and now Mi-24 ), as the Huey is still fine. Of course if it was the F-18 A2A radar or TGP that would be broken, it would be fixed in two weeks due to the customer base pressure.... unfortunately us rotorheads are a minority. Hope the older fleet won't be forgotten ( Huey and Mi-8 ) in the advantage of Blackshark 3, Apache and other killing machines. DCS has proven to be an excellent platform for anything that flies, civilian ops included. But for some reasons, blowing things up got the mass up and running, and that's what sells most !
  6. Hello Rato ! I follow your quest and it's really great so far ! Unfortunately I cannot help you in any way, but seeing as you seem to know a lot in this topic, do you think it would be possible to have a longer sling lenght : 150ft longline ? In the external load industry, we often use longer lenghts for various reasons, and this doesn't remove any precision. DCS can be an amazing tool for VRLL ( Vertical Reference Long Line ) but we need longer lenghts. Also, the ideal would be to have electrical release hook at the end of the sling, that we would just have attached all the time to the heli ( in settings ) so we would need to bring the hook to the load precisely. Let me know Hueyman
  7. Okay, let’s get this nailed down once for all, then it will be up to the developers to correct this or let it as is ( but it’s a very quick fix for a much better visual fidelity and accuracy ) Only plastic models have constant radius bending along whole blade length, when it’s not done properly. Real helicopter blades, whatever the material, are flexible. While it’s same construction along length ( except strengthened around the root/blade grip ), by physical laws it is more bending in the first quarter of the length, after this, it is almost straight down to the tips. Do the experiment of holding a sheet of paper and look where it bends the most. Another thing is blade twist. Blades are designed in order to maximize efficiency in most areas, and while it’s always a matter of compromise, a common way to try to distribute forces and lift evenly is to look for a constant Angle of Attack throughout blade length. Due to tangential velocity, the tips are traveling much faster than the roots. Because of this, any blades from propellers or rotors are twisted ( except most of tail rotors as the length is negligible and they are designed to produce thrust in both direction just by changing pitch ). For example, a typical rotor blade twist construction has an airfoil set at 0° at root and -11° at tips, or +11° at roots and 0° at tips, whatever the minimum pitch stops are set at. Right now, in the Mi-24 work in progress that was shown, the 3D model misses : - Correct blade droop - Correct blade twist ( inexistent ) This is not complicated to correct, no change in textures, only geometry and animation. For the various above shots/screens, ED did not forget about flapping hinge. The thing is, for optimization purpose, only user’s model has full calculations and visual representation of what’s physically happening. Other players and AI’s model got a simplified rotor 3D rotating object with fixed settings ( no individual blade pitch per revolution ( cyclic action ), orientation, swashplate and rods position etc ), this to save precious computing power. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t correct this “ fixed rotating rotor object “ with better coning and blade bending as default, as like you said, this is really eye hurting. I remember the Mi-8 was the same before it was a full module, the AI model got the same kind of issues. You can recognize that in the loading screen where they used this old AI model to create an illustration from. Generally speaking, I hope they are going to take benefits from their new propeller rendering technology to draw better realistic looking rotating rotors and tail rotors ( these last spins as fast as a warbird prop, they should look like a disc with variations in width and effects according to actual pitch settings and RPM, exactly like they did on the warbirds since 2.7, awesome work by the way ! ) I made some stuff in Blender to clearly illustrate all of that. Top is a perfectly straight rotor blade ( no twist nor droop ), bottom is the current Mi-24 blade ( actually an Mi-8 blade ) with no twist and unrealistic droop, and in the middle is exactly how it should be, twisted negatively from roots to tip, and physically correct droop ( most bending in the first quarter of blade length ). Eagle Dynamics, please correct this ( @PilotMi8, @BIGNEWY ) Thanks for reading, Hueyman
  8. No... ED would need to improve the mirror shaders to draw everything on it and not just user own helicopter and ground units. We miss the whole map objects and sling line. Also, would need a convenient way to set it up in site and azimuth with a 4 way hat, or pre-set it in the settings like the Warbirds control surface tabs for instance. Would really love it, and would prove useful for training.
  9. Could dev allow for longer rope lenght ( long line ) with up to 150ft like most real life operations ? Shouldn't be too hard
  10. What to do to make it UPed directly to developpers ? Not sure they are even aware of this as frequent updates brings tons of new stuff and fixes but always neglect that, @BIGNEWY, could you please check and put that on the N°1 priority of the rotorhead community ? That would be great !
  11. Up ED ! Amazing job on the latest update and all the work involved, many thanks ! But please fix that ASAP !
  12. Yes, please guys fix this ASAP ! External load operation is like 60% of my flight time in your sim and all is broken again. It has been broken and fixed several times before, would be nice if it could be fixed ( and improved ) once for all and never broke again Thank you
  13. Little up on this thread as I just saw in the pre-order video ( big THANKS by the way ! ) that this hasn't been adressed yet.
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