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  1. GA still , not understand, mate your sign , rock , it isexplaininig weel what kinda work you are doing here . tought u just have to bost a lil bit the color, idea is great , just a little too much SOUS Ex for my personal taste .
  2. welcom, i wish ya good flight , PaP See YoUin Sky
  3. Great, TeKteK. Big Tx from comunity, it is funny yesterday2 guys was looking for more info about how to fly this sim lol, here we go ;) for a pack hehheh BTW i agree with G A, let put those post sticky. with authorisaton tek we cn link him from our site, just put a post about it there >>>>>>> http://www.reservoirs-elite.com/communications/index.php
  4. 2 years with x52, hm what can i say. i ll not swith for 2 cougar aswell. i just made a lil modification , a plastic ring above the spring and tht it, i ve got the feeling i was looking for ;)
  5. it is happend when the guy who shotted , this missiles changed his payload and didnt save it. pay attention , about ET you can see smoke but those missille is much faster then his smoke so you can see the smoke and take imediatly thos rocket on nose . such an hard word lol
  6. rg rgr tx men. it seem heat trouble , i checked temperature and power with everest it seem good exept pic with my x800pro.ver 65°in lock on) i ll buy an artic cooler 5 fan to see if it will fix it , hope so. AS ,hot i m ,hot i fly ,hot my gf is, how can i manage all those temperatur peaks ;)
  7. it is ati. x800 pro about the drivers it is the stuff because i change fiew time and , pc still frozen. friend of me talked about raam. but like i told you , the strange thing is how my monitor switch in this device manager ???
  8. rgr :( i checked already heat fiew menth ago and now again it seem good. may be the raam, but it freeze only when it goes back to plug n play driver weird .... BTW MB 49° cpu 40° AUX 45° GPU 50 ° GPU ambiante 45° i think it is climbing a lil when i m playing but GPU goes only around 60 tought
  9. Guys, you know i have got trouble with Monitor freezes, soometime on game or desktop or anywhere , my screen freeze and i can not do anithing exept hiiting the main power button . May you can help me. i found a weird stuff, i have got a monitor, viewsonic 90 gf+, and i found, in my device manager, it wasnt this one, who was installed, but i did it i m sure about that. So i change driver again and now , no more freeze during two days , but today freeze came back , so i went back to those manager , and you know what....... ...... it is written "plug and play monitor" again ????????????? so i put again my viewsonic driver. and freeze are fixing again. Do you know how it can change my monitor, alone like this, and how can i fix this sht ? i think it is the main trouble of my freeze. ty by advance.
  10. I Did it, ask me next time u ll see me online ill send To ya those NP
  11. Hi Guys , just a short post to tell you we let one of our small VideO in Lockonfiles Area link is following >>>> http://www.lockonfiles.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownloaddetails&cid=84&lid=497&title==RvE=Video%20Clip#dldetails Enjoy and fasten your seatbelt ;)
  12. ty guys hehe pilotasso, may be some french pilots have bring a lil of this style, who know , may it was in the air ;)
  13. i ll be up , because it can be lot of fun.....and let fly as much we can in comunity mode BTW we need more pilot in front, if not Pilotasso will feel hisself alone :horseback PaP cu SooN
  14. hey Guys ,just a salut and i would like also to say the community that our new site is UP. Welcome there http://www.reservoirs-elite.com , you will find also our forum and our ventrilo server. PaP see you soon. and never forget i still smell your ass6 ;)
  15. GUYS the Next Fortis dogfight cup is up again . http://www.european-dogfightcup.com/downloads/FORTIS_Dogfight_Cup2005.mpg Hope to see you there men
  16. Nice video, the second was close but not close hinof good good just miss when the crew served coffee Tx for your job buddy R77 is ADDER and R27 series are ALAMO. ;) so when ADDER vs AMRAAM HEHE ;)
  17. What happend guys ? anyone have got any news about it ???
  18. lol not talking about lua files, bah it is over ...
  19. Calm down guys, Sharing is good and eveybody know that,without this kind of attitude, we still flying cesna in lock on ;) BUT... i just want to warn about that. the way walked is more improtant then the target buds. some guys worked hard from age on stuff move or strategy so let them make the decision when it will be shared. to have access at certain stuff we should be mature for that, we should not give put a gun in kid hand. :redface: comunity give help for how making your game most beautifull, playable, efficient, But we have to walk our own path and in this way catch an identity, if not we will all fly like drone clone, soon. irobot mates lol Aniway, right now about this tips =RvE=AS and =RvE=Team was in test time for that setting, it is a yound discover (talking about axis) and one of our sqd job is to practicing , testing and after this work we will put tht in sky or wait a lil. We already share a lot from age, Np with that , i just want to ask you guys to work in your own style , and be respectfull about comunity and specialy the guys who increase the comunity skill. When i jumped here after fiew years in other sim i was surprise and happy about the quality and maturity of relationship, keep it up pilots and enjoyed :icon_supe if you need hlp just make a call phone ;)
  20. ....the question is doing a great dogfight together , it is not who will win or not guys , so if u stat some rules about the weight, why changing the fuel amount or dropping fuel (u can drop ur wing too , may ull fly lighter ;) ) , i take that like a cheat ...and i have already save ****ing nise screenshot of some fat liers rofl :Flush: im not dogfighting to have got more fuel then my opponent and runing away and waiting his flameout .... but to take pleasure with my bogey (not talking bout sex :icon_redf) btw it is complety different if you are flying a official team vs team fight or other we are just talking about 1 vs 1 dogfight party :icon_pall
  21. Tx guys and Tx for the sharing PaP cu in SkY =RvE=Papoo
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