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  1. ty Kodiak, but my question is from track to avi first are you using lock on tools or fraps? because , i can not us lock on with my PC it seem some codec **** up this tool. so i did it on my son PC who dont have got a good graphic card, now it is looking not good even with full frame uncompress, i m depress now lol. ty fdor any kind of help :) exept sex rofl
  2. beautifull old bear..... nice camera trajectory and good dynamism, nice work buddy. can you tell me how you compressed it bro, i m working on one =RvE=Video but my quality still crap. i was coding in lock on AVI recorder full frame then vegas then i was thinking to compress with codec like xvid, but it is not a good quality result :( 2 days coding for nothing ....
  3. is the bug about the range in navigation mode is solved . you know when you switch to Bvr mode for example the range to next Wp on your HSI dont change anymore !! i didnt read anything about it ty
  4. not a flying brick if you manage your energy statut to keep a good lift. Like i said before the eagle can outturn a flanker, but his CS is higher and even if the turn rate of the flanker is lil lower his turn radius is smoller and he can assume more AoA, so it mean eagle pilot has to fight first against G! if he do it correct he will be deadly.
  5. LoL Frostie.... when i usualy flight against guys who are working, i try to manage help with accuracy, to make the pilot in front, understand what is going on. But i ll point once, I ll not say ,even here, do that , and after do that , it take so much time to find yer own way,and RvE wrked age on it, so basic rules exist and you have to fly it with discipline but in the other hand with the knowledge you carried with experience you have to break this rules with creativity and right timing, if you fall your experience will provide a door to find back a balance position. that why i really recommend you to find yer way to fly, you will take more pleasure and you ll be more proud this way then if a =RVE= monkey say to you do that and that. But i still up for help and our guy will do the same. I m realy happy to see interest growing up for DF, it is one way to become complete pilot ;) Kula i ll be up tonight , i just have to assume a =RvE=Training beetween 1000-1200 pm UT. see ya
  6. Kula better to feel it properly join =RvE=Airline under HL :pilotfly:
  7. Ok, let clear some, it does not exist special trick or tip to take the six of yer opponent. Forget the crap tips about burning fuel sooner, poping chaft flare out to be lighter or other special set up with the editors you know. :cry: PIL you dont need to use different engines management to perform what i did ;) come back in engine balance again take to much time to help after the instataneous turn, that why i m not using it so much. it is just question of balance beetwen what you learned during your practice, or own flight :book: , and find creativity in the right timing. fly the basic with discipline and forget all when it is time :pilotfly: i like BvR specialy when you are flying with yer team mates,or aerobatic, but you ll find yerself in a good dogfight,that why i love it. to be inside or outside , ermm depend G, speed, alltitude, angle of, vertical speed , range, or other psichological pressure yuo had give to your opponent.... many way to fly , experience will increase your skill in those kinda fight, and you are welcome in =RVE=Airline PaP smell yer ass6, see ya
  8. nothing to prove GG, wanna just say, it is no brain and no heart in amraam sensor, dat is where the problem is :)
  9. lol GG. ok i m up for long fishing :) HL right now and if u come close enough pls let paint together.
  10. ART AS haros come Hl and let do some dogfight you ll feel what ART required, i met so much peep in flying and some are working a lot but miss this lil stuff, who will give the pleasure or the magic in the air lol waiting you HL my cs is PaP huk uk and like a friend of me said .... LET S DANCE
  11. Just Hard work ice, like you probably know, =RvE= still flying dogfight ;) 1st fuel: if it is a freeloadout you have to feel how react the plane of yer opponent, then go to the tactic you need. the balance for fuel beetween flanker is eagle is 40%-52%, with that all plane are flying long enough and not to much heavy, both are flying the same time, we made 1000 test lol. 2nd for sure a flanker will be dangerous in sustain, but you have to considere tht a eagle will outturn a flanker in those move, tht why we rarely engage an eagle in 2 circle fight, just ask me in HL , ill show ya. even if my favorite is my old sexy tractor, the eagle can be deadly in short kniglfe edge fight. flaps, rudder ok ok bt most important is when and how to use it , experience will give to ya the right timing for tht, anyway rules one fly with brain not with mussles, rules 2, brain dont help in gun, :pilotfly: clear enough ? see you in HL boy and lets dance
  12. key . in num pad for padlock on key verr num same num pad for padlock off what i suggest to you is FLY the training mission then come back toHL and u ll find help wlc
  13. Hey Flip, Nice to see ya back. hope all ok in yer life mate, about your project, for sure it is a great plan, it will take time, but it will give us an imersive feeling, so RvE will show up buddy ;) hope to see you soon in our VT bro.
  14. fighting a LIGHT mirage will improve your dogfighter skill for sure. put 40 % on yer flanker and beetween 50 to 60 for the frog depend how hot you want it will be heheh. But to be honest like with all plane you will meet try to not fly like a greedy monster and u ll catch his six as soon you can imagin ;) Catch me online i ll help ya PaP see ya soon
  15. north west SOCHI-ADLER, on the coast nice path G, now,GoYa, you have to try 1-2-3 ;) mig29 and my old tractor ops flanker can do it, BTW GoYa do you remember, those video FURY from XXT, our old crazy flying frog ? special dedicace at TOGA TOGA , miss ya guys :cry: , even ezekiel disepear..
  16. btw, i just shoot drbwn a frind yesterday, why, just because i was locking him with my helmet system and my RADAR was on LOL, to check IFF. i think i can be a bug, it already happend to me twice a year. was crazy lol i checked him fiew, with different system, coz i wasnt in mood for shooting, if those ass6 front my nose was an enemy it meaned the perspective of battelfield i d get was ****ed up. it was a 4th dimension time lol. anyway i shoot him down , and now i still have to take care at his lonely girl friend. So watch out, it rare, but sometime IFF acting weird# PS: no failure first coz it was a gunso , i was nacked of impact !!! bah who knoes
  17. big ty to molnar , and all great guys we met in FORTIS dogfightcup. special dedicace to the 59th sad who allowed to put our head in dream this whole day. watch that guys. http://www.jetfly.hu/rovatok/jetfly/eu_060914/
  18. when will we able to fly gunzo with it ;) http://www.airbus.com/store/photolibrary/AIRCRAFT/AIRBUS/A380/video/att00007934/media_object_file_highres_Airbusthefantastic4_320X240.swf
  19. it should depend of the first version u catch . i remenber my french one , gave to me authoristaion to carry ADDER.weird. So PiL you right if u dont know about payload you dunno nothing about tht stuff. just let him know it isnt the right way to fly , tht all
  20. for flying with 99% of comunity clean installation of 1.00 >>> FC 1.1 >>>> 1.12a you ll find all you need in lockon.ru (btw site in english, top right ;) )
  21. YOU can switch those "i" for a fonctionnal key dixit =RvE=Ekro "I became so obsessed with the fact that this button is there but we cannot use it, I decided to **** with it and see what I can do Furthermore, since IRL on Su-17 (don't know for other but I think it's the same) the button in the exact same location is used for coms, I decided to use it the same way !!!!BE ADVISED: YOU ARE DOING THAT AT YOUR OWN RISKS!!! !!!!IF YOU ARE AFFRAID - BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY BEFORE PROCEEDING!!! So if you don't use clutch button to switch profiles on the flight (I'm not really sure the use of switching the profiles like that) and you remember all key assignments (which you already should!) you can do the following: kill your SST (which will enable all buttons but prevent the programming) OR Open registry editor start>run regedit OK then search for: AviemoreCltBtn (find properties: look at Value; Match the whole string) unfortunately there a possibility that many entries will be found) The value you should see will be in decimals: 30 in hexadecimal: 1e Change it to 29 in decimal or 1d in hexadecimal. Change it on all instances of AviemoreCltBtn you'll find. Unplug and plug back the stick. Clutch button shouldn't work anymore and you can map it(NOT IN SST HOWEVER) " enjoy use lock on or SST imput to mix the fonction you want ;) (switching profile for example ;) )
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