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  1. i may have got an answere about it.... chaft and flare was dropped out by the guy so, it is look like if he is lighter then better climb rate, dat can be the answer yep
  2. I have got a serious and scary question. is it possible to change the modelling of the plane in lock on ???? listen up, i m flying for age around, and i saw, i feld a guys increasing speed like i never saw...... i m flying gun the best pilots in HL, and trust me i never saw this, same turn same G pulling and this guys regain speed 2 time faster then me crazy ??? i just hope i m getting old, i ll prefer tht then someone tell me yes we can change some and improve the speed or other...
  3. lol , lemme clarify one. less Sexy, yes may be, but it is because we are trying to be more professionnal, that why we stop flying with on naked beauty on each knee. ah choice was hard to do .....
  4. lol , lemme clarify one. Sexy, yes we are getting old, that why we stop f/li.y
  5. 90 AoA ?????? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angle_of_attack Brackishwater, the best way to learn, is to pract against human IA suck really ;) if you like dogfight come on HL and ask for some =RvE= pilots to fly with ya , we will be free to hlp ya, if you dont have time, the less crap IA pilot on Lock on is mirage, fly against it(pick 40% and give him 50-55%) you ll find some good stuff like dat, but i repeat come against human
  6. no wind with kutz stopped , dat is what i call fun , you have to approach 180 ;)
  7. Just dunno if you guys catched this link Anyway, if you wanna see some =RvE= in action http://www.jetfly.hu/rovatok/jetfly/eu_060914/ Pics was took in hungarian kechkemet airbase with wome friend ;) when we was at the european dogfight cup Fortis one. btw the next is coming soon , subscribe guys ;) http://www.european-dogfightcup.com/a1-hirek.htm
  8. erk, i call tht promiscuity NICE DONE mon pot
  9. FINALY ty IcE it will increase the pleasure to fly your server and MOST IMPORTANT it will increase the skill of the comunity. WHy , just because pilot will past more time looking them instrument then checking position of bandit with geographic coordinate. to be honset i m fed up to make long flight and see some people going for ya when you are full invisible. or seeing plane dodging an ET when they never saw or eard anytihing about ya lol So good to see a popular server runing without rookie setting ty again
  10. Like you know the third european dogfightcup is underway >>> http://www.european-dogfightcup.com/a1-dijazas.htm this is the place where it will be take place for >> http://www.aerohotel.hu/index1_eng.html Last year, It was a great event and great organisation and it will be a lot of fun this year also. a friend of me sent the official banner , and ask if we can promote it on comunity or larger, can you sqd leader put the banner with link in your site pls, keep in touch with me i can send it to you, when you ll need it you ll find me on HL or here who is our new domain adress TY http://www.reservoirs-elite.org/communications/ http://www.reservoirs-elite.org/
  11. Sorry i m back late, Ty for the big effort, and the quality of the participating peeps TY we was thinking about it , we talked about it, But we did it and it was great, stuff and big honor to share it with ya we can see here how all those mates flew together in the same kinda persepective and dat is what impressed me the most. On blue we just talked a lil before, just few but, should be the good word because, we was providing the same feeling. and yo can apreciate tht with the tacview. I still crying coz we lose two of my team mate before flying du at warp, but inthe other hand, we didnt had get too much late on this event and you can apreciate , i flew too much stuff with more then 1.30hour latze lol. congrat of com quality, we can improve it again , but was already GJ, some interference beetween channel and wing but not two much coz all com was short and efficient. about the kill-lose, mission wasnt a cow boy one so respect, because it is rare to see this kinda of engagement in the comunity we are in. So good experience, and let do it sometime it will increase the quality of our comunity . let build a ribbon , for this kind of event. let share the responsability of event for different Sqd, each different single time,like dat we will fly different style, it can be interresting Pap see you soon in the sky TX special dedicace to the 3sqn
  12. yep you right Pil, it is the rush of LES CHEVALIERS DU CIEL MOVIE http://www.leschevaliers-lefilm.com/site/intro.html
  13. nice TuT GA. i still impressive about your mig in "superiour fighter" 1.13 m, look real that is my favorite scene in all yer movies ;) i still looking about real quality like dat now. the movie WE did with =RvE= was to line up a team comunication during a fight, but i would like to do another one with more screeshot quality in action. TY For sharing your great experience bro. nice link dart TX
  14. Blue and black huh watch this =RvE=official skin color Black n blue too ;) nice detail btw Ice
  15. Dust, i had one time only one trouble with my X52, and it was because dist below one rotator, cleaned work back.
  16. Ty Guys, ok i ll give you a link where you can pick it also THANX jaBobs guys , for all you are providing to comunity special dedicace ;) http://www.virtual-jabog32.de/index.php?section=downloads&subcat=28&lang=en and RaR files >>> http://fafnorredine.free.fr/A2fou/=RvE=%20vs%20F=A=F%202.rar
  17. Hello Guys following the link (click the pic) of our last video. It will show ya kinda way we are flying on =RvE=Airline i hope you ll enjoy it Wish you a good popcorn party... special dedicace to the <F=A=F>
  18. TX for News Wags. no worry our 1.12a still exiting, tak ethe time you need guys to come back with such good stuff it was for last add ons Peace
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