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  1. i just have got a new pc , and when i run lock on now i ve got a sound like a bee flying around and this even in menu screen !!! vista 32 with and SB Xfi Xtrem . anyone fixed it ??? ty by advance
  2. the longue version of the FORTIS EUROPEAN DOGFIGHT CUP video is out. it can give some info.. http://www.european-dogfightcup.com/a1-elozo-kupak.htm
  3. ha sht i can not learn anymore i m banned from 169th lol PaP >> :chair:<< ice btw short and good one Goya. please new lock on pilot, one short tips, first of all, read manual and fly practice mission it will help you a lot. you will find the manual here >>>> C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Doc
  4. http://www.european-dogfightcup.com/a1-elozo-kupak.htm new pics and download soon
  5. wish a good wind onyer wings guys, ask if you need any. GL
  6. http://www.european-dogfightcup.com/a1-hirek.htm we are. Back home, ty guys, this competition was realy exiting and i ll say the main point is the general skill level improve a lot. nice ambiance and like always ill launch a big TY for the organisation peeps, who did an amazing job. special dedicace to eemee and gronyi. you all sim pilot you have to subscribe for this event , it will push up our comunity ;) we like to feel as close is possible those fighter pilot inside them pit, this kind of flights will add the stressfull feeling,:cry: :thumbup: all the team we flew against was going less mussles and more brain, one of our =RvE= sentence is "dont fly with yer gun":gun_smilie: fly with yer brain, and was cool to see this new style, poping up. more acheive more complete, we =RvE= still heading the same this year but tis time i didnt lose my engine at the wrong moment here ;) anyway hope we will have got a lot of peep ready for the next one, COME ON GUYS support this event and it will be a world cup next year YES YES YES :thumbup: in waiting ill wait ya in HL if you have any question and let have fun in the air (hmmmm not talking about sex..) And sry but you all have to call me champ again LOL :music_whistling:;)
  7. - Flight Model: for example it was way better for the flanker on 1.02 version, you have to be an ace to stall a flanker now. - HSI Nav- fight mode : let the HSI still working, when you switch to fight mode, it is really anoying to fly a strategy properly. you can see also, rdr shut off automaticly for mig and not for flanker (multiplayer?). You have also to set back all you did before, so pls rdr Off if you decide it. -Blinking ECM shut off: all those system need time to be push ON OFF god this ecm is not a disco dancefloor light - Printscreen ON OFF option. - implement Missiles model : Madog (amraam ET..), range G capability etc... - kill the exploit: like under 10 meter flight. - 6DOF: - GUN MODDEL : let stop capability of shooting with gun a guy 2 km away , shell have got weight too ;)
  8. for sure throttle have got effect sven ;) I m working with my panel instrument, the heat inducator to dodge Alamo IR or archer, check those indicator and you ll find some interresting stuff .Like for example dodging ET with one flare only ;) . btw, about this indicator, it is pitty, coz i dont see any inertial effect on it.
  9. is Someone can tell me where is the Afterburner texture files, talking about light not the sound one. i Lost it, and any add on dont wanna be install now. if you know it , can you send to me the original texture, ty by advance paploo@reservoirs-elite.org
  10. great and congrat, dat is an active event Pity we are on the Fortis european dogfight cup http://www.european-dogfightcup.com/ this week end :cry: =RVE= wish ya the best
  11. Put this stuff on garbage , we are going to deep with something all of us disagree. :doh: "We develop what we feed " watch out this old monkey sentence
  12. Guys, for me it is a question of SPORTIVE attitude. and to be honest it is the way to learn and improve yer self, and make the comunity knowledge growing up. I M TALKING ABOUT 1 VS 1 engagement. both pilot agree for a same amount of fuel (flanker40% eagle52%, tht give balance beetween manoeuvrability and lenght of flight) after this pilots have to manage them flight, if one of them dump fuel the other one just have to fly away and wait the DUMPER to flame out, bah.... do you call that a good dogfight , me not...... for me the guy who dump fuel is a cheater, he will just try to put his nose on you each single turn and shoot shoot, bah it is a cow boy attitude , poker stuff in head on situation, tht sux for me.... you ll clearly see this kind of pilot always flying the same way, GUN GUN GUN HEAD ON release lil ,full pull GUN GUN GUN head on .....absolutly no brain , no strategy no knowledge about art of flying. dat why i think it is a crap way to fly. I saw so much pilot trying to change the fuel payload , dropping flare chafft, canopy wings lol....and to be honest they was not flying good. pity those guys arguing anything about skill after ROFL..... experience pilot feel imediatly when something is wrong in front, dont dream , i feel a 2 % difference on the fuel load ;) dat why so rude post before about what you know MEN you wanna learn you wanna have fun, fly clean :smilewink: i dont care about recording track or other , i just want fly good stuff with honest men PaP see ya soon in sky.
  13. amen centermass ;) anyway ty for the info 14thDM, i just hope peeps will not run on it, coz if yes it is the end of the fun :/
  14. realy sad. i still not understand why peeps can use those kinda shit :pain: bah, show must go on, and let those kinda guys flying alone.
  15. OK, it is over, what we are talking about isnt a mod cheat or other it is just a light weight stuff. the guys we are talking about was using childish stuff (before joining s77 btw) to get advantage i had already screen shot on his payload 25% when the rules of my 1vs1 server was 40%. anyway, i ll tell you what he is using....EASY BUT EFFICENT BUT SO crap... just brake and full afterburner then just drop fuel.... lol that is the trick ROFL.... in this case you ll merge with 2.3 tons of fuel when the other will have got 3.7 tons, then this guys is just pulling his nose full on you for head on, if you try to build range he will just unload a little and from 370km/h will reach 750 in 4 second, then head on again. so this crap dropping fuel is not any kind of knowledge. he found this coz with the burner the opponent dont see any trail, when he is dropping fuel. In RvE we are flying for age i practiced so many pilot in our team i saw them growing up, and i can tell ya , some of them rock, and when i see poor trik , or expoit give win and proudness of those kind of opponent, i m REALY disapointed. Bah , anyway it is over, ill not fly anymore with him and he lose respect for me (specialy after insult on my guys).... PS: to his sqd , i m talking about one guys not his team , Peace out
  16. It Is yes, lift come from a less air pressure due to the profile of wing, so it hive lift vector from bottom to top of wing , proportionnal of speed. you ll stall when the air goes out the sirfaces of the wing.
  17. Like i already Said -A.S- mon pot, amazing Job.:thumbup: IMERSIVE dat s is what i call a dogfight :pilotfly: special dedicace FOR the comunity, it is full of :helpsmilie: guys, now it is time to study you have got the material for it :book: ENJOY
  18. check this 4c .°) http://www.enemyforces.com/missiles/r_27.htm and this one too http://www.military.cz/russia/air/weapons/rockets/aam/r27/r27.htm
  19. nice one check this too ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tFX78bLM-Y&mode=related&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzFU6-43t7s&mode=related&search=
  20. Pilotasso we are not talking about ya. no worry ;) btw who is he is not the most important for me, the thing is i m flying sim from now 15 years and some of the game i flew was ****ed up by kinda idiots who use crap software like game accelerator or other stuff. this crap stuff kill the pleasure to share with othe guys on comunity then everybody is locking his neithbourg like a freak. dat why i m taking care about it, and dat why i m trying to make my guy fly as clean it is possible. who knoes it could be question of delay who change perception bah forget it guys
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